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ViProsta is an herbal nutritional supplement that is used by men to improve their urinary performance and prostate function. It’s advertising says that it is helpful for reducing how frequently men have to urinate, as well as the intensity and suddenness of their urinary urges.

This can potentially help men get better, more restful sleep at night because they may not have to wake up to go pee as many times, or at all. Their promotional materials say that it may also have some benefits for helping men that are experiencing pain, inconsistency, or difficulty starting and stopping their urine streams.

The prostate and bladder health supplement that has impressed our panel of health and wellness experts the most is Prostatrinex. It has a superior blend of ingredients that addresses both core prostate health and the symptoms of prostate conditions like benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and chronic prostatitis (CP). Follow this link to see the exact formulation and dosage amounts for Prostatrinex and to get help deciding if it is right for you and your particular needs.

How Does ViProsta Work?

It is difficult to say exactly how ViProsta works, or exactly how potent they may be, because they do not publish their complete ingredients list and supplement facts on their website. Not only does ViProsta not publish their ingredients, but there are third-party distributors and other review sites that publish competing accounts of what exactly goes into ViProsta.

ViProsta’s website does highlight some of their ingredients and even provides corresponding dosage amounts, however it is hard to trust that data unless you can see the actual label on the side of the bottle. That will always be the most complete, accurate account of what goes in to any given supplement, and without it it’s difficult to trust a supplement to be both as safe and as effective for the purposes it claims it is useful for.

Assuming that the ingredients posted on their website are both accurate and complete, then it is possible that ViProsta could be effective for helping to reduce the effects of a number of different prostate symptoms related to BPH and CP. These may include symptoms related to pain, discomfort, and disrupted urinary function, including overactive bladder.

When the prostate swells, it can start to put pressure on the urethra directly at the point where it connects to the bladder, often causing the nerves that connect the entire region of the body to the brain. This can make it harder to urinate normally, including disrupting the signals that get sent to the brain regarding how full the bladder and urethra are.

This nervous disruption may take the form of sudden and insistent needs to urinate that the user may not have as long to act on as they are used to. This can lead to embarrassment as users have to stop driving or interrupt activities to pee, and they may experience leakage or even loss of control.

One way to try to control this is to attempt to shrink the prostate, which continues to grow as men age. The speed of this growth may be exacerbated by inflammation, irritation, and nutritional deficiencies, sometimes forcing men to undergo surgery or to start taking prescription prostate health drugs.

Many men do not want to undergo surgery or take the prescription medication option, as these choices can often have unintended and potentially serious health consequences. There can be alternatives to this, however, such as using herbs, vitamins, and other natural ingredients to help the body heal itself naturally.

One of the most potent ingredients for prostate health is saw palmetto, which ViProsta uses 300mg of. Saw palmetto is the single most frequent additive found in over the counter prostate support products, due in part to the fact that it has shown in some studies to slow the growth of the prostate and potentially even shrink it.

Saw palmetto contains healthy amounts of fatty acids and plant sterols, both of which are thought to help reduce symptoms of BPH and the swelling of the prostate. The most effective form of plant sterol for these purposes is beta-sitosterol, which ViProsta also includes another secondary dose of.

Beta-sitosterols have demonstrated that they can help men more completely empty their bladders during urination, which can decrease the total number of times that they have to use the restroom overall. It can also help men avoid getting urine trapped in the urethra, which can lead to itching, burning, and potentially even cause infections and other more serious issues.

Other top rated ingredients in ViProsta include pygeum bark and lycopene, both of which are thought to help slow the growth of the prostate. They also feature other ingredients that are not directly related to prostate size, but are thought to improve inflammation, pain, or urinary function in general.

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Potential Benefits of ViProsta

If the ingredients list and dosage amounts provided by ViProsta are accurate, then there is a very good chance that it can be useful for helping men with CPH, CP, and other issues related to prostate swelling and inflammation to reduce the frequency and intensity of their symptoms.

This may include fewer trips to the restroom overall, including fewer instances of incomplete emptying of the bladder and urine trapped in the urethra. Men may also have an easier time getting their urine stream started, and they may find that it is stronger, more consistent, and less painful.

There may also be some long-term applications to ViProsta’s blend, helping men to reduce the rate of growth of the prostate, if not reducing it in size, as well as helping to prevent more serious conditions from developing in the future, such as infections or cancer of the prostate.

Follow this link to learn more about the most effective ways to reduce prostate swelling, inflammation, and enlargement in general.

Are There Side Effects of ViProsta?

Most of the ingredients in ViProsta are well tolerated by the majority of healthy humans, however their ingredients list is so extensive that there is always a chance that a consumer could react negatively to one or more of the contents. These reactions will tend to be mild and are generally gastro-intestinal in nature.

Individuals with specific allergies should consult with their health care provider about how safe ViProsta may be for them individually. Specific allergies that may be impacted by the ingredients in ViProsta include mushrooms, tomatoes or nightshades, broccoli and cruciferous vegetables, raspberry, cayenne, and pumpkin or squash.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy ViProsta

ViProsta is sold exclusively through their own website, and there are no authorized third party distributors. These are the various pricing options that they offer on their home page:

  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-day supply) of ViProsta herbal prostate support capsules: $39.95
  • 3, 60-count bottles (90-day supply) of ViProsta herbal prostate support capsules: $79.95
  • 5, 60-count bottles (150-day supply) of ViProsta herbal prostate support capsules: $119.95

These prices are fairly standard for the prostate health industry, especially given the somewhat long list of ingredients that are included in ViProsta’s mix.

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Our Recommendation

ViProsta claims to have a very effective ingredients list with healthy-sized doses of each of their additives, however they do not provide any images or links to their actual nutrition information panel. This makes our experts skeptical that the product that users receive will have the same formula that is discussed on their website, especially given the differing accounts of their contents that can be found online.

It is unfortunate that the product is not more trustworthy overall, because there are a number of positive factors related to ViProsta and their ingredients list. They use some of the top-rated herbs, amino acids, and other natural ingredients for prostate health, making it possible that it could have a beneficial effect for some users.

The prostate supplement market is crowded, and as effective as ViProsta’s ingredients list may seem, there are many other products that utilize similar formulas that also have more reliable marketing and labeling practices that make them easier to trust. Overall, ViProsta has potential to be an effective prostate support supplement, however they have not done enough to prove their trustworthiness for our team of experts to be able to recommend their product.

The supplement that our panel does recommend, Prostatrinex, uses a similar selection of ingredients, however they have a much better reputation within the health and wellness industry. This is due in part to their consistently positive feedback from both past customers and other professionals within the industry.

Prostatrinex is suggested for use by individuals that are currently dealing with the symptoms of chronic prostatitis and benign prostate hyperplasia and that are looking to restore lost urinary or erectile performance. Click here to read our experts’ full review for Prostatrinex to see if it might be helpful for you and your specific prostate health needs.

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