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Prost-X is a nutritional supplement that is designed to help encourage healthy prostate gland function. Their label says that it also can support bone, muscle, and nerve tissue health by using glandular therapy, hormone support, and inflammation control.

Their advertising claims that it is helpful for men that are experiencing the symptoms of prostate inflammation, irritation, and mild cases of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and chronic prostatitis (CP). They say that it may have some secondary benefits beyond prostate function as well, including helping to promote healthy cellular, reproductive, and tissue development functions.

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How Does Prost-X Work?

Prost-X claims to be formulated to help support ordinary prostate function in its users. They do not do this by using any of the ingredients that are more traditionally used in prostate health products, but rather with a very unusual combination of Spanish moss, calcium, and extracts taken from the prorate glands of cows.

The only one of these ingredients that has actually demonstrated in clinical trials that it can have a positive effect on prostate health is calcium, which is one of the fundamental core nutrients that the body uses to help support healthy prostate function. Our team does encourage users to avoid taking excessive amounts of calcium, however, as it becomes highly concentrated in the prostate and can cause issues later on in life if abused.

Spanish moss is the common name of tillandsia usnedoides, a tropical flowering plant that resembles a moss or a lichen but is in fact a bromeliad that grows on the branches of other species of tree. It is also often referred to as grandpa’s beard due to its hanging, tangled, beard-like appearance.

It was cultivated first in Bermuda and the Bahamas islands, before spreading to South and Central America and then later the Southeastern US. Its most common uses do not tend to be medicinal or therapeutic in nature, but rather as a packing material, insulant, or as a component of the type of evaporative cooling device that’s most often called a “swamp cooler.”

There is much less study that has gone in to the effects of consuming Spanish moss on the human body, and none of the existent data seems to indicate that it may have applications for prostate health. There has been a study that showed it may help improve blood glucose levels, and another that showed it may contain chemicals that could be extracted for use in skin care products to help prevent cellular breakdown.

The advertising and promotional materials for Prost-X do not explain what effects they hope to see from the use of Spanish moss. Most likely they are reluctant to go into many specifics about how they expect the product to work due to FDA regulations that prevent manufacturers from making unproven health care claims about their products.

There is also very little reliable data that shows that the bovine prostate extract Cytosol can have a significant positive effect on men’s prostate function in any way. The advertising for Prost-X seems to imply that it may be able to help men with hormone regulation or prostate function overall, however there is no reliable data that can confirm this.

Overall, there is very little reason to think that any of these ingredients can make a significant impact on the health, functionality, or long-term well-being of the prostate. Our team would have difficulty recommending this product until Standard Process, their manufacturer, is able to furnish some form of meaningful data that demonstrates both the safety and effectiveness of their unusual ingredients blend.

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Potential Benefits of Prost-X

The labeling for Prost-X list its potential benefits as encouraging healthy prostate gland function and supporting the health of bone muscle and nerve tissue. Based on all of the research that our team has done, there is very little chance that the ingredients in Prost-X can live up to their claims of benefitting the prostate, however it may have some tangible benefits for bone, skin, and muscle tissue health.

Calcium is best known for its role in supporting bone health, and some of the initial research in to the biological effects of Spanish moss show that it may have some benefits for bone growth as well. Spanish moss may also be able to stimulate the growth of new skin tissue and helping to increase the strength of the membranes of those skin cells.

It is possible, though not proven, that Spanish moss could also help in the maintenance of prostate tissue growth as well. This may have benefits for helping the prostate avoid irritation and excessive enlargement rates, but again, these effects are purely speculative.

There are no proven benefits to ingesting bovine prostate in any form, and it is not an ingredient that our team tends to recommend. Consuming animal organ meat does not necessarily benefit the corresponding organ in the human body directly, though often it may have some secondary nutritional benefits.

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Are There Side Effects of Prost-X?

There is disturbingly little safety data about ingesting either Spanish moss or bovine prostate extract on a prolonged regular basis. There have been no reported immediate side effects directly related to Spanish moss, however it is a potential allergen, especially for individuals with sensitivities to certain types of flowers. Individuals that are concerned with potential allergic reactions should discuss the practicalities of taking Prost-X with their health care providers before beginning to take it regularly.

There are far more concerns about the usage of bovine prostate extract which, like any animal byproduct, carries with it a certain amount of risk. The most pressing concern, especially with consuming organ tissues, is that it exposes the consumer to the possibility that if the animal had some sort of bacteria, virus, or other disease or impurity in their body that the consumer is exposing themselves to those health threats.

Users should also be aware that one of the inactive ingredients in Prost-X is honey, which is also considered a potential allergen for some people. There is no indication of the quantity that it is used in, and it is unlikely to be significant, however as with Spanish moss, individuals that have shown sensitivity to honey, pollen, or bee byproducts in the past should exercise caution or consult with their medical care provider before beginning to take Prost-X.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prost-X

Prost-X is available through several different outlets online. It can be purchased through the Standard Process homepage, as well as through several other third party distributors.

The price for Prost-X can vary greatly depending on the outlet that it is purchased from. Potential consumers should be able to find Prost-X for sale in the following price range:

  • 1, 90-count bottle (90-day supply) of Prost-X capsules: $24.00-$57.17

Depending on the price that users purchase it for, Prost-X is either one of the more cost effective supplements on the market or one of the more expensive. Regardless, anyone that decides to purchase Prost-X is encouraged to do their research to ensure they are not paying more than is necessary.

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Our Recommendation

Prost-X does not provide the traditional type if support that we have come to expect from a prostate health supplement. They do not use any of the ingredients that one typically expects to find in prostate support products like saw palmetto, pygeum, zinc, selenium, or any of the other dozens of other potential additives that have been clinically proven to have some sort of concrete effect on the health and wellness of the prostate, bladder, or urinary function.

Prost-X, however, uses a largely unproven combination of ingredients that has not shown enough reasons that they should be included in a prostate health product. When this is combined with the added risks of ingesting largely untested animal byproducts, then there is no way that our experts are able to recommend Prost-X to our readers, especially as the only prostate health product that they’re using.

The product that they do recommend as a base for any man experiencing prostate issues is Prostatrinex. It is a potent blend of herbs, antioxidants, amino acids, and other key nutrients that all have long histories of study behind them.

Men with CP, BPH, and prostate inflammation have all seen improvement in their symptoms, particularly in regards to urinary performance. Click here to read testimonials from past users about their experiences with Prostatrinex.

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