Prosta-Q Review (UPDATED 2020): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Prosta-Q is a prostate health supplement blend that is used to help men that are experiencing prostate and bladder issues, particularly those related to benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). Its advertisements also say that it is formulated to help relieve the symptoms of prostate inflammation and infection, particularly painful or inconsistent urination.

They say that their proprietary blend has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects, and that it may help relieve certain types of pelvic pain. Their promotional materials say that it is also recommended for older men that are dealing with the normal symptoms of aging and prostate swelling.

The prostate health supplement that has shown the most utility for actually reducing the size of the prostate as well as decreasing the symptoms of BPH is Prostatrinex. It is the single best-reviewed product by our panel of experts, who mentioned its ability to help men reduce the frequency of their trips to the bathroom and the intensity of their need to urinate. Click on this link to find out if Prostatrinex can be useful for your specific prostate health needs.

How Does Prosta-Q Work?

Prosta-Q has a very small ingredients list, both in terms of number of ingredients and in terms of overall dosage amount. The way that they list their proprietary blend does not show how much of each individual ingredient that they use, however with only 545 total milligrams per serving, it is very unlikely that it uses adequate quantities of all of their ingredients.

Quercetin is their top-listed additive, and it is generally considered an effective ingredient for prostate health supplements by our team of experts. Quercetin is a flavonoid that is found in a number of different foods, including green tea, red wine, apples, onions, several kinds of berries, and a number of different herbs.

It is especially useful as an anti-inflammatory agent and for fighting infection in the prostate. It is high in antioxidants and is considered the top natural supplement for combatting the condition known as prostatitis.

It is also thought to be most effective in doses that are larger than the entire ingredients list combined. This means that as useful as quercetin can be generally, it is not likely that the quercetin content in Prosta-Q is not likely to have a particularly significant impact.

The second ingredient that is listed on their nutrition panel is cranberry, which is also well-regarded by our experts but is thought to be most effective in quantities higher than those that are likely to be found in Prosta-Q. The common fruit is high in antioxidants and can have benefits for vascular function if it is taken in appropriate amounts.

Cranberry is especially helpful for helping to fight the symptoms of urinary tract infections and other symptoms of bladder and urethra irritation. It is not thought to benefit the prostate directly, however it can have a positive effect on many of the symptoms that affect men with BPH and other prostate issues.

The next ingredient on Prosta-Q’s list is the number one ingredient for overall prostate health according to our research team, the herb known as saw palmetto. It is the single most potent herb known to science for actually reducing the size of the prostate, as well as reducing inflammation and irritation.

Saw palmetto berries are generally considered inedible for humans, however their extracts are rich in beta-sitosterol, fatty acids, and other basic vitamins and nutrients. It can be exceptionally effective at reducing the symptoms of BPPH and prostatitis, but as with cranberry and quercetin this is not likely to be an effective quantity of saw palmetto in order for getting optimal results.

The last two ingredients in Prosta-Q’s blend are not generally considered as effective for prostate health as their first three additives. Bromelain and papain are the names of the ingredients, and neither one has demonstrated clinically that they can be effective for prostate health.

Bromelain is an enzyme that is derived from common pineapples and may have some anti-inflammatory effects. While this may be generally beneficial for prostate health and size, it is not specifically shown to improve prostate health at all.

Papain is a papaya extract that may also have some anti-inflammatory effects, however there is very little concrete data about papain in general. It may also have the ability to break down certain kinds of proteins in the body, however it also lacks concrete data that proves its effectiveness.

One of our experts’ major issues with the ingredients blend of Prosta-Q is that it has very little core level support for prostate health in terms of basic vitamins and nutrients. They do not use any of the essential elements selenium or copper, and their quantity of zinc is far smaller than the vast majority of prostate health products.

Many prostate issues come from nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, and for these individuals Prosta-Q is not likely to have a significant impact on their problems. Our panel of experts recommends that users start with addressing core level issues before looking at supplements that only address symptoms – although the ideal prostate health product will have applications for both.

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Potential Benefits of Prosta-Q

Based on the ingredients that Prosta-Q uses in their blend and the dosage information that they have provided, our panel of experts believe that it is possible that users suffering from BPH and other issues related to prostate enlargement and irritation may see some very mild relief for their symptoms. It is very unlikely that Prosta-Q will be able to address any significant health worries, and more serious cases of BPH or prostate enlargement will need more effective forms of support.

The most common benefits may include relief of urinary symptoms including painful or burning urination, weak stream, and difficulty starting a stream. Users may also see a slight decrease in the frequency with which they need to use the restroom as well as in the suddenness and intensity of the urge.

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Are There Side Effects of Prosta-Q?

Most of the ingredients that are used in the proprietary blend for Prosta-Q tend to be well tolerated by most users. There are very few serious side effects that are related to any of their contents, and the most common types of issues that people have had in the past are related to gastro-intestinal issues that tend to be mild and pass naturally.

The issue that they have the most worries about is papain, which may potentially lead to more serious issues such as throat damage and more severe allergic reactions than the other ingredients. For the most part, however, there are few significant health issues that are possible from taking Prosta-Q.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prosta-Q

Prosta-Q is readily available online, either through their own website or through some of the larger third-party supplements distributors. As of the date of this article’s publication, these are the base prices for Prosta-Q quoted on their website:

  • 1, 60-count bottle of Prosta-Q capsules (30-day supply): $49.99
  • 2, 60-count bottles of Prosta-Q capsules (60-day supply): $79.98

Potential customers should note that purchasing the discounted 2-bottle option also signs them up for an automatic renewal program that sends them two more bottles every 60 days. Even with the discount, however, Prosta-Q is still more expensive than most supplements of this nature. This was surprising to our research team, given the incredibly limited ingredients profile that they use.

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Our Recommendation

Prosta-Q uses some effective ingredients for improving prostate health and dealing with the symptoms of BPH such as quercetin, cranberry, and saw palmetto. Unfortunately, they use very small quantities of these additives, which severely limits their abilities to impact the health and wellness of its users.

The people that will get the most use out of Prosta-Q are those that are specifically dealing with prostatitis, however even they will easily be able to find more potent supplements for their needs. When the unusually high price of Prosta-Q is factored in to the equation, there is very little reason for our team of experts to recommend it to our readers.

The supplement that our team does recommend for prostate health and the reduction of BPH symptoms is Prostatrinex. It is a potent blend of ingredients that includes saw palmetto, cranberry, and quercetin, but that also has much more significant dosage amounts of each of these additives.

Their blend also includes a variety of other top-rated ingredients to provide additional support, including pygeum, beta-sitosterol, and an extensive collection of the most important core vitamins. Follow this link to learn more about the proprietary blend for Prostatrinex and the specific benefits that it can have for the health and wellness of your prostate.

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