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ProstaVen is a prostate health and wellness product that is used by men that are looking to restore lost levels of urinary performance. This may include reducing the severity of symptoms of conditions like benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and chronic prostatitis (CP), as well as ordinary cases of inflammation and irritation.

Their advertising especially recommends it to men that have seen a recent increase in the frequency of their trips to the bathroom, or that may be experiencing pain or discomfort while urinating. They also make several claims about ProstaVen’s effects that are more unusual for products of this nature, such as that it can help users enhance their cellular resonance, achieve quantum coherence, and that ProstaVen is totally excipient free.

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How Does ProstaVen Work?

As men age, their prostate gland can grow in size and begin to obstruct normal urinary performance by putting pressure on the bladder and urethra. This can cause men to start to have difficulty with formerly effortless biological functions like starting their urinary stream, maintaining it, and stopping it when finished.

Men with swollen prostates often times have difficulty starting their urinary stream and may experience pain or discomfort as they urinate. It can also be much weaker in terms of volume and velocity as it used to be, and it may not stop effectively, leading to dripping or even urine becoming trapped in the urethra.

Residual urethral urine can have a number of unpleasant consequences itself, including pain and itching in the urethra, or even infection if left uncleared for too long. Residual urine can also leak out slowly during the day, staining clothes, creating unpleasant personal smells, and even leading to embarrassing spotting issues.

These prostate problems can generally be resolved through prescription medication or surgical options, however many men can also find the relief that they need through less-invasive herbal supplementation. There are quite a few different ways to control prostate size and restore previous levels of urogenital performance, including by simply ensuring that you are getting the correct amount of vitamins, essential trace elements, and amino acids that the prostate needs for daily function.

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There are three different proprietary blends that are used in ProstaVen which they call their Prosta-Pro blend, Palmetto-Pro blend, and Beta-Pro blend. These different blends contain a mixture of ingredients that our team rates very highly, as well as some that they do not consider to be as effective for products of this nature.

Their Palmetto-Pro blend, for example, combines saw palmetto, one of the most effective herbal ingredients for prostate health, with fermented cordyceps extract, a form of fungus that has not clinically demonstrated any usefulness for improving the health or functionality of the prostate, bladder, or urinary system. The two are listed under the same dosage entry, so it is impossible to say what quantity of that blend is composed of the higher quality ingredient, and which percentage was the lower quality ingredient.

Cordyceps has shown some minor antioxidative functions which could possibly benefit the prostate in some secondary ways, however saw palmetto has been linked to helping control prostate size directly. It also has shown some antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, plus it contains a large dosage of plant sterols, like beta-sitosterol.

Beta-sitosterol is so potent that many brands, including ProstaVen, choose to include an additional dose of it in their supplements beyond what is found in the saw palmetto extracts. It’s the main ingredient in their Beta-Pro blend and is considered especially helpful for improving the urological symptoms of prostate swelling, such as overactive bladder, difficulty starting or maintaining a strong urinary stream, and pain while urinating or in the pelvic floor region.

Like with the Palmetto-Pro blend, the Beta-Pro blend pairs one known effective ingredient with another ingredient that does not have the same kind of history of effective use in products of this nature. The other additive in the Beta-Pro blend is turmeric, which is an Indian spice that is known mostly as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is possible that turmeric could have some benefits for men whose prostate issues are the direct product of inflammation, however that is a very small percentage of men when compared with all of the other various potential factors that can cause prostate swelling or urinary dysfunction.

Their lead proprietary blend is the Prosta-Pro blend, however it is not composed of ingredients that have particularly strong histories of improving prostate or bladder health and wellness. The only ingredient in the Prosta-Pro blend that is included in our research team’s list of recommended products is juniper berry, however even that is more of a urinary function booster than a prostate health supporter.

The other ingredients in their Prosta-Pro blend are red algae, olive leaf, milk thistle, and yerba santa leaf. These are not well studied ingredients, especially for prostate health effects, and our team does not tend to recommend them for use in supplements of this type.

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Potential Benefits of ProstaVen

Some of the herbal ingredients in ProstaVen are thought to be particularly helpful for controlling prostate size or reducing the symptoms of conditions like PBH or CP, while others are less likely to be of use. Based on the way that they list their ingredients, it is hard to say sometimes what the ratio of effective ingredients to ineffective ingredients is, however optimistically it seems possible that ProstaVen could help to reduce the symptoms of prostate enlargement in some men.

It seems unlikely that it could be able to have a particularly dramatic effect on prostate size, as saw palmetto is the only ingredient that they use that has ever shown any indications that it could directly impact the gland in that way. That is not our experts’ greatest issue with the potential effectiveness of ProstaVen, however, as they were far more concerned by its total lack of the most basic vitamins and minerals that the prostate uses to maintain its size, health, and effectiveness on a daily basis.

They do not include any zinc, copper, or selenium, nor do they include a single basic vitamin or amino acid. In general, our team has a hard time suggesting any prostate health product to our readers that does not include some minimal levels of these ingredients, but they especially recommend that they use a product that at least contains some amount of zinc, alanine, and glutamic acid.

Are There Side Effects of ProstaVen?

Many of the ingredients in ProstaVen lack the level of safety testing that our team would prefer to see before being able to recommend them for inclusion in products of this nature. This includes cordyceps, milk thistle, and yerba santa.

They had some more specific concerns related to red algae, which can potentially cause digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, and flatulence, as well as issues related to proper blood flow and blood pressure. Most concerning, however, are reports that suggest it could possibly lead to kidney and liver damage, blood clots, and even increase the likelihood of users experiencing serious health events like heart attack or stroke.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy ProstaVen

ProstaVen is not available in many physical locations, however it is widely available online, both through the website of their manufacturer, Premier Research Labs, and through a number of independent dealers. The price tends to remain fairly consistent across platforms, and is generally similar to this:

  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-day supply) of ProstaVen capsules: $24.95

Users should note that ProstaVen is a relatively new name for this product, which was originally called Premier Prostate Complex. There is no publically stated reason for the name change, though some of the more common reasons that companies make this choice is to improve their search engine efficiency or to avoid negative reviews or associations that their brand has developed.

Our Recommendation

ProstaVen has several major issues that make it difficult to recommend as a prostate health supplement to our readers. Their most glaring issue is a total lack of the most fundamental ingredients that our team would expect to see in a prostate health product, including zinc, copper, selenium, and all basic vitamins and amino acids.

Additionally, the herbal ingredients that ProstaVen uses are not thought to be particularly helpful for controlling prostate size, with the notable exception of saw palmetto which our experts do recommend. Overall, there is very little reason to think that ProstaVen could provide the level of prostate support that most men are looking for out of a supplement of this nature.

The product that they recommend instead is Prostatrinex. It has the most complete set of basic ingredients of any over the counter supplement that our team has analyzed, and uses two exceptionally potent proprietary blends of herbal ingredients to support them.

It has shown utility for improving prostate size, urinary function, and helping to relieve the other symptoms of CP and BPH. Click on this link to read testimonials from Prostatrinex users about their experiences.

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