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Endosterol is a men’s health supplement that is designed for suppository use. It’s advertising says that it is specifically formulated to help provide hormone regulation and reduce the symptoms of prostate enlargement, prostatitis, and benign prostate hyperplasia.

When prostates become enlarged or inflamed, they can cut off the urethra from the bladder, disrupting ordinary urinary function. Endosterol’s advertising says that it is useful for all men over 30 to help slow the growth of the prostate, preventing these issues from arising, while also helping to regulate estrogen production.

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How Does Endosterol Work?

Hundreds of millions of men will experience prostate issues at some point in their lives. If a man lives to be 85 years old, it is estimated that he has a 95% chance of experiencing some form of prostate issues at some point in his life.

The main issue is that as men age their prostates tend to keep growing, and if they reach a certain size then it is possible for them to start putting excessive pressure on the organs that it is next to inside the body, namely the bladder and the urethra.

This pressure can cause men to feel like they have to go to the bathroom far more often, even including times when they just went. This may also impact sleep schedules for men due to waking up in the middle of the night to pee, leading to fatigue-related issues the next day.

The main ingredient in Endosterol is a 250mg phytosterol blend that includes a variety of plant sterols including sitostanol, campesterol, campestanol, and beta-sitosterol. Plant sterols are chemically similar to cholesterol, which allows them to bond with cholesterol molecules and process them harmlessly. This can lead to lowered overall cholesterol levels, however most experts do not recommend plant sterols for heart health specifically.

Instead, they are mostly used for prostate health, according to our team of experts, and specifically for helping to reduce the symptoms of BPH. Recent studies have shown that taking beta-sitosterol can help men improve their IPS (International Prostate Symptom) score, a measurement of several factors related to prostate health and function.

Endosterol also contains a small dose of saw palmetto extract, one of the most effective herbal ingredients for prostate health products. They use only 150mg of saw palmetto, which is far below the average for products of this nature.

Part of the reason for the small dosage amounts may be due to the suppository nature of the product, which can allow for more complete absorption than orally ingested saw palmetto. Suppository insertion can be very uncomfortable for some people, making it less preferable than oral products for many users, however it is an effective method of delivering nutrients.

According to their supplement information, Endosterol only has to be taken every three days due to how many nutrients are absorbed in any one suppository dose. As effective as this method may be, 150mg of saw palmetto is still a very low dose, given how potent an ingredient it is thought to be for these purposes.

Saw palmetto has been shown to slow the growth of the prostate and possibly even shrink it. It also is high in plant sterols, as well as large doses of a variety of fatty acids, which help to soothe inflammation in the prostate and helps to reduce the symptoms of BPH.

Getting an effective dose of saw palmetto has been shown to help men reduce the frequency of their need to use the restroom, more completely void their bladders, and may even reduce the chances that men develop prostate cancer later in life.

Other effective ingredients in the Endosterol proprietary blend include pumpkin seed extract and quercetin, both of which can be excellent for urinary performance. There are very few basic nutrients and minerals in Endosterol, however, including no zinc, copper, or selenium found anywhere in their blend.

This is not considered an ideal approach to caring for the prostate, which needs a certain type and quantity of those essential trace elements in order to function properly. Going to the core of users’ prostate health and nutrition is often the most effective approach, especially, for men that may have certain kinds of nutritional deficiencies.

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Potential Benefits of Endosterol

There is a possibility that men with BPH, prostatitis, and other symptoms of prostate irritation may see an improvement in their conditions. This means that the frequency with which men have to urinate may be reduced, as may the quantity of urine that gets trapped in the urethra after peeing.

Residual urine can lead to painful, burning, or itching sensations, and may also contribute to developing infections of the bladder or urethra. It can also be socially embarrassing and may contribute to leakage, spotting, and unpleasant body odor.

There could be some long-term benefits to taking Endosterol as well, including a reduction in prostate growth over time and a reduced chance of developing more complicated issues with the prostate, bladder, and urethra. It may also help to reduce the chances that men develop cancer of the prostate at some point later in their lives.

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Are There Side Effects of Endosterol?

Our team of health and wellness experts do not expect there to be serious side effects issues related to the ingredients contained in Endosterol. There are some issues that are unique to the suppository method that are possible, however. The insertion process can unpleasant for many users, and they may also experience some side effects like leakage, constipation, and erratic absorption that can vary from suppository to suppository.

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How to Buy Endosterol

Endosterol is not available in many physical locations, however it can be found for sale from a variety of online retailers. They do not tend to be the top-ranked companies like Amazon or GMC, however, but instead are mostly less-reputable sites like Dr. Vitamin Solutions or iPlanet Health.

They are also sold through their manufacturer, Peak Health Now’s homepage, however users should know that the website is severely out of date. The prices that they quote on their homepage are as follows:

  • 1, 10-count box (30-day supply) of Endosterol: $89.00
  • 3, 10-count boxes (90-day supply) of Endosterol: $237.00
  • 6, 10-count boxes (180-day supply) of Endosterol: $414.00

These prices are far above the average for supplements of this nature. They do not use any ingredients that would lead our team to conclude that they should be priced this high, as all of these ingredients are easily found in a large percentage of over the counter prostate support products.

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Our Recommendation

It is possible that Endosterol can be beneficial for men that have certain kinds of prostate issues such as BPH or prostatitis. Those men could see improved bladder emptying capabilities, which leads to less frequent trips to the bathroom overall. They may also see some results like less urine trapped in their urethra, lower irritation levels, and possibly reduced chances of developing cancerous growths on the prostate.

The suppository method may be helpful for some men that have certain types of digestive issues, however it may also be too unpleasant for some users, and other may experience uncomfortable and embarrassing issues like leakage or diarrhea. This method can help users more completely absorb some of the nutrients in Endosterol, however they may also see inconsistent absorption or too-rapid absorption in some rare cases.

There are no basic vitamins or essential trace elements necessary for prostate function included in the contents of Endosterol. This is not the preferred approach to wellness for our team of experts, who believe that the most effective prostate products are able to blend both symptom control and core nutritional support.

Overall, their ingredients blend is relatively weak which reduces the degree to which Endosterol can be effective, even if it is absorbed with maximum efficiency. Unless users have a specific gastro-intestinal reason for preferring suppositories, then most users will get better results by using a maximally effective oral supplement.

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