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Golden Lion is a male enhancement supplement that also claims to provide prostate support for its users. Its promotional materials claim that it nourishes the male reproductive system and the prostate gland, which can help to reduce the effects of chronic prostate issues.

They say that it is recommended for men only, and that it can help them increase their energy levels, potency, and possibly boosting their fertility rates as well. Their advertisements specifically suggest Golden Lion for older men, including those that are currently going through andropause, however it can have potential benefits for men of all ages.

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How Does Golden Lion Work?

Golden Lion is one of the many health and wellness products that’s available from notorious supplements manufacturer Sir Jason Winters. Sir Jason Winters is a brand of products that was founded and named after the semi-famous and controversial figure that is believed to have passed away in 2004.

Sir Jason Winters was known during his life as a fabulous character with a habit of telling tall tales. This includes his most famous story: that he was able to beat cancer through the help of natural remedies instead of western drugs, specifically with a unique blend of herbal tea. This experience, he claimed, led him to create a business selling different herbal remedies and nutritional products on the internet, including his own branded version of the tea that he says saved his life.

Golden Lion was developed by Winters and his team as a way to help men maintain their vitality, energy, and health as they age, which also includes providing a degree of support for prostate function. Their advertisements claim that it can help men continue to perform sexually as they enter their later years, however they do not provide many details about how they expect to accomplish this scientifically.

Their proprietary blend is a rather small 600mg combination of fenugreek seeds, parsley leaf, Asian ginseng root extract, and oat straw herbs. Some of these ingredients are among our experts’ recommended ingredients for male enhancement products, however others have not shown as much effectiveness.

Ginseng is one of the more generally beneficial herbs on the planet, with applications that can include increased energy, blood flow, mental performance and immune function. Our team recommends it specifically for inclusion in male enhancement and erectile function supplements, though it has shown only minimal applications for prostate health.

Oat straw, scientifically known as avena sativa, is used in health and wellness supplements as a testosterone booster, and it may also have some applications for providing cholesterol function and heart health support. Like ginseng, oat straw is included among our experts’ recommended ingredients for male enhancement products, however it has not shown any usefulness for helping to support prostate function.

The ingredient in their blend that has shown the most usefulness for prostate support is parsley. While not one of the most potent prostate health ingredients in the world, parsley has demonstrated some effectiveness in helping to prevent prostate cancer and maintain long-term prostate functionality.

It contains a specific flavonoid called apigenin that can help regulate the hormones testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol. This can potentially improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the androgen cycle, however these benefits are generally fairly mild.

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Potential Benefits of Golden Lion

Given the small overall dosage size and minimal ingredients list, potential users should expect the benefits that they experience from using Golden Lion to be fairly mild. It has some slight applications as a male enhancement product, and potentially some very minimal benefits for prostate health as well.

Thanks mostly to the oat straw and ginseng in their blend, Golden Lion has some slight potential for improving erectile function and libido, with the oat straw also helping to boost testosterone function as well. Ginseng and parsley both contribute some mild benefits to prostate health and function, though their effects will tend to be more preventative than curative or therapeutic.

Are There Side Effects of Golden Lion?

Most of the ingredients in Golden Lion tend to be well tolerated by most people, and if they do experience side effects of any sort they are most often gastro-intestinal in nature and tend to be fairly mild.

The ingredient fenugreek is not as effective for male enhancement purposes as many manufacturers have claimed, however it is generally considered healthy. There is one odd side effect that is associated with the consumption of fenugreek, which is that people may see odd changes in the smell of their sweat, breath, urine, and body odor.

Fenugreek has a distinctive sweet taste and smell that can start to appear in the byproducts of people that ingest it, particularly over a long period of time. This effect is not harmful in any way, and some people find the scent to be sweet and somewhat pleasant. Other people, however, do not enjoy the smell and have made less favorable comparisons about what it reminds them of.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Golden Lion

Many sites no longer sell Golden Lion. Amazon, Lucky Vitamin, and other more reputable retailers have stopped carrying the supplement, however it is still available from lower-tier distributors such as Affordable Natural Supplements, Herbal Love Shop, and through Sir Jason Winters’ homepage.

While the price can vary somewhat depending on the distributor, in general users can expect to pay something in this price range for Sir Jason Winters’ Golden Lion:

  • 1, 100-count bottle of Golden Lion capsules: $14.95-$22.95

This is much less expensive than the vast majority of male enhancement and prostate health supplements, however given the very short ingredients list and small dosage size, that is to be expected. Most users specifically seeking prostate support will probably need to take an additional supplement in combination with Golden Lion, which would significantly reduce its cost effectiveness.

Our Recommendation

Golden Lion is a daily nutritional supplement that is designed for improving male sexual performance, energy levels, and prostate health, however it is not likely to be particularly effective in any of these categories. Some men will be able to see a slight increase in energy and erectile function, however the vast majority of Golden Lion’s benefits to the prostate will most likely be preventative in nature and as such will not be particularly noticeable to most users.

There is a reason that Golden Lion is no longer carried by most of the larger profile distributors. It is the type of supplement that was much more successful in the days before the internet when consumers did not have such widespread access to real clinical data about the effects of the products that they are ingesting.

Sir Jason Winters was not a doctor or scientist of any real accreditation, and he was not always considered to be a trustworthy individual during his life. The company that he founded continues to sell products that bear Winters’ name, however they are not considered to be one of the more reputable supplements manufacturers in the industry.

Golden Lion provides very minimal amounts of nutritional support, due mainly to the fact that they only have 624 total milligrams of contents. While dosage levels are relative depending on the ingredient and the purpose that they are being used for, this is an exceptionally small quantity for these specific ingredients and is much lower than the vast majority of other products of this nature.

While it is unlikely that Golden Lion will be detrimental to users in any capacity, it is very easy to find products that are more effective. Ginseng and oat straw are helpful ingredients for male enhancement purposes, and parsley is recommended by our experts for use in prostate health support products.

Most people men will find more benefits in picking either a specific male enhancement or prostate health supplement or both, depending on their needs. Golden Lion is not likely to be as useful as consumers may expect for either of the purposes that it is advertised for.

If readers are looking for male enhancement products specifically, the brand that our team recommends is Viritenz, and for prostate health supplements it’s Prostatrinex. Prostatrinex has quickly developed a reputation within the health and wellness industry for the results that it has shown regarding its effects on prostate size and symptoms.

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