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ProTeva Plus is a nutritional supplement that is formulated for older men in particular to help them maintain or restore proper urinary function and prostate health. As men age, their prostates continue to grow and can reach the point where it can start disrupting normal biological functions.

Many men use surgery or prescription medications to control the swelling of their prostate, however ProTeva Plus claims in its advertisements that it can help to reduce the size of the prostate without resorting to these more extreme options. They say that taking ProTeva Plus on a daily basis can help men pee less frequently and more completely void their bladders when they do go after just a few weeks of regular consumption.

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How Does ProTeva Plus Work?

ProTeva Plus uses a proprietary blend that is a combination of two very common prostate health supplement ingredients, and three very uncommon ingredients as well. The two common ingredients, saw palmetto and lycopene, are thought to help slow the growth rate of the prostate and improve the symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia and chronic prostatitis.

The three uncommon ingredients, lindera root extract, horsetail stem extract, and three leaf caper stem bark extract, have not demonstrated clinically that they are capable of improving prostate health or urinary performance. Given that they may also pose some potential side effects risks as well, these are not considered to be effective ingredients for a product of this nature.

All three of these ingredients are more popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) than they are in western medicine. TCM is a practice that is thousands of years old and has been shown to have some potential benefits for the health of its practitioners, however much of its philosophy and traditions have been discredited by clinical scientific experiments.

Saw palmetto has a much more reliable history of usage in products like this, where it has become our experts’ top-ranked herbal ingredient. Saw palmetto has been shown to help soothe inflammation in the prostate, reduce the symptoms of CP and BPH, and possibly even slow the rate of the prostate’s growth over time.

Lycopene, the phytochemical that gives tomatoes and many other fruits and vegetables their red pigment, has also been linked to slowing or stopping prostate growth. It is another one of our experts top-rated ingredients for supplements of this type.

ProTeva Plus also uses some very small doses of zinc and selenium, which are considered two of the most important basic nutrients for the health and functionality of the prostate. They are so important, in fact, that our team of experts generally recommends that they be used in much greater quantities than those found in ProTeva Plus.

ProTeva Plus uses less than half of the zinc that our panel recommends, as well as an even smaller percentage of selenium. Our team also tends to prefer products that provide at least a minimal quantity of copper, vitamin B6, and vitamin E, however ProTeva Plus ignores these key nutrients entirely.

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Potential Benefits of ProTeva Plus

ProTeva Plus has the possibility to help relieve some men’s prostate issues, however the chances of this are not great, especially when compared to other products that are used for the same purposes. That said, saw palmetto is still considered exceptionally effective for reducing the size of the prostate and the symptoms that are associated with its enlargement.

Men that take ProTeva Plus according to their instructions for a period of weeks or months may start to see improvements in the strength of their urine streams and in the frequency with which they need to go to the bathroom. Men may also see fewer instances of urine getting trapped in the urethra after elimination, which may help them to avoid embarrassing issues like leakage, spotting, and urinary personal odor.

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Are There Side Effects of ProTeva Plus?

Lindera root, one of the TCM ingredients, has also not been tested to the degree that our experts are comfortable with, especially given that there seems to be potential long term side effects that are not being examined. Lindera contains a chemical called boldine that has been potentially linked to liver, gallbladder, and kidney disease.

It also contains a highly toxic alkaloid called ascaridole that can lead to nausea vomiting, vertigo, and the loss of sight and or hearing. It is not usually an issue if the lindera is consumed directly, however its essential oils can be potentially dangerous.

Even more concerning to our team than lindera, however, was ProTeva Plus’s usage of horsetail. Horsetail, also known as snakegrass or puzzlegrass, is an ingredient that is used in TCM to treat conditions like kidney stones and incontinence, despite the fact that it has not been shown to be effective for those purposes.

Horsetail can potentially have some very serious health consequences for its users. Horsetail can cause the body to flush important nutrients such as thiamine and potassium. If horsetail is taken with any regularity it can start to lead to thiamine or potassium deficiencies, which can manifest symptoms like loss of motor control, nerve damage, confusion and stupor.

If thiamine or potassium deficiencies are left untreated they can potentially lead to blindness, heart failure, and death. Our team does not tend to recommend any supplement that uses either lindera or horsetail.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy ProTeva Plus

ProTeva Plus is currently only sold through their own website. They used to be carried by other distributors, however those relationships all seem to have ended. There is no indication for why this may have happened that is offered by either ProTeva Plus or their former associates.

  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-day supply) of ProTeva Plus softgels: $66.90
  • 3, 60-count bottle (90-day supply) of ProTeva Plus softgels: $179.85
  • 6, 60-count bottle (180-day supply) of ProTeva Plus softgels: $359.70

These prices are considerably more expensive than the average prostate health supplement. Even if purchased at its most cost-efficient price, ProTeva Plus still costs nearly $2 per day. This is most likely due to having to import some of their ingredients from China, which is a disappointing choice given their lack of effectiveness.

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Our Recommendation

ProTeva Plus is not considered an effective prostate health product for a number of reasons. The first one is that they use more unproven ingredients than proven ones in their proprietary blend.

Neither horsetail, lindera, nor three-leaf caper have an established clinical history of effectiveness for prostate, bladder, or urinary benefits, and both horsetail and lindera are associated with some potentially significant side effect concerns. None of these ingredients are recommended for products of this type, and our team does not even encourage the consumption of horsetail or lindera for any reason.

They do use saw palmetto and lycopene in their blend, two of our team’s top rated ingredients, however they do not provide them with an effective complement of secondary ingredients or key vitamins and nutrients. There is no vitamin B6, vitamin E, or copper in ProTeva Plus, and their zinc and selenium doses are far less than what our team recommends in order to provide optimal support.

Despite this lack of potential effectiveness, ProTeva Plus is still one of the more expensive supplements of its kind. For the money that users would spend on ProTeva Plus they could easily purchase a larger quantity of a supplement that is more likely to be both effective and safe for its users. For all of these reasons, our review team strongly encourages our readers to peruse other options for their prostate health supplementation needs.

One option for consumers that is likely to be an improvement over ProTeva Plus by almost any metric is Prostatrinex. Prostatrinex has demonstrated to our panel that it can be exceptionally effective at helping men to reduce the size, inflammation, and pain levels of their prostate gland.

It has the top-rated ingredients blend of any brand that our team has analyzed, mixing effective prostate health boosters with potent urinary aids, antioxidants, and strong doses of the most critical core nutrients. For more information about the contents of Prostatrinex or to read testimonials from its previous users, just click on this link.

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