Swedish Flower Pollen Review (UPDATED 2020): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Swedish Flower Pollen is an herbal dietary supplement form Source Naturals that is created by blending the pollens of several different flowers and is used to help improve prostate health and urinary function. Their advertising say that it can help increase the strength and consistency of men’s urine stream, as well as improving how completely the bladder is voided and how frequently men need to use the restroom.

Pollen is a flower byproduct that is used to help the plants reproduce, however some studies have claimed that it can be beneficial for humans in a number of different ways. Other than prostate health, it is possible that Swedish Flower Pollen can help consumers deal with the symptoms of joint pain, constipation, and other health issues.

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How Does Swedish Flower Pollen Work?

Swedish Flower Pollen is a blend of multiple types of pollens taken from several different species of flowers. They are not specific in their advertising about what types of flowers that the pollen is sourced from.

Pollen is the powdery substance produced by flowers that contains their male reproductive cells, called gametes. Depending on the species, these gametes can be spread by wind, water, or by bees, insects, and other animals. The tiny granules cling to the microscopic fibers on bees’ legs and are transferred from flower to flower and are distributed throughout the bees’ flight paths.

Pollen is consumed as nutrition for a number of species of insects and animals, and it has been consumed by people for hundreds of years as well for both nutritional and therapeutic reasons. Despite how long people have been using it, there is very little data about the actual biological effects of flower pollen on the body.

There are very few clinical studies that have even looked into the medicinal applications of bee pollen. Many manufacturers of pollen products claim that it can benefit immune function and reduce inflammation, however there is no data to show exactly how this occurs.

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There are other specific claims that are made by some pollen products, including that they may be useful for helping to decrease the size of the prostate and help to improve urinary function. There is no reliable scientific data that supports these claims, and our team of experts do not currently consider pollen to be an effective form of treatment for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis, or any other significant form of prostate issues.

There was for a period of time some thought that pollen could be useful for helping to improve athletic performance and muscle building, however that has been thoroughly disproven scientifically. Other unverified claims of uses for pollen include relieving constipation, preventing hay fever, and healing wounds.

It is possible that pollen has some nutritional value, including potentially being a good source for carbohydrates and B vitamins and possibly the fatty acid p-coumaric acid, which may have some antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential.

It is somewhat frustrating that there is no data about where the pollen in Swedish Flower Pollen is sourced from. The problem with this is that different types of flowers not only contain different helpful nutrients, but they also contain different types of histamines and allergens that could negatively affect some users more than others.

The only other ingredient in Swedish Flower Pollen is calcium, which is considered a helpful basic nutrient for prostate health. Consumers should not expect to see significant changes in prostate health and function from taking calcium supplements, however the body does need some level of calcium in it in order for the prostate to function optimally.

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Potential Benefits of Swedish Flower Pollen

There are very few proven benefits of using Swedish Flower Pollen. All of the claims that they make in their advertising are not scientifically supported, however there is some anecdotal evidence that pollen consumption can have benefits for some users.

According to unsubstantiated rumors, there is the possibility that Swedish Flower Pollen can reduce prostate size, increase urine flow, and improve bladder function. It may also help reduce inflammation in the prostate and elsewhere, as well as potentially benefiting the immune system and boosting energy and athletic performance. Our team of experts do not have enough evidence to verify any of these effects and do not recommend pollen products for these purposes themselves.

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Are There Side Effects of Swedish Flower Pollen?

There are very serious allergy concerns about Swedish Flower Pollen for anyone that has displayed pollen sensitivities in the past. Given that the manufacturers of Swedish Flower Pollen are not more specific about the exact breeds of plant that they take their extracts from, then all individuals with flower allergies are advised to avoid Swedish Flower Pollen entirely.

If users do decide to proceed anyway, they should do so with extreme caution, taking smaller doses initially and keeping on hand any emergency health equipment that may be needed in the case of adverse reaction. Other health worries that may be potentially related to bee pollen include liver and kidney damage, however these effects are less studied.

It is not currently known how dangerous or safe Swedish Flower Pollen is when taken regularly over a prolonged period of time. There needs to be more study done about the effects of daily pollen consumption, preferably over a 5- or 10-year period, before our team of experts are willing to declare it either safe or effective for treating prostate issues.

There are some other health concerns related to the cultivation and storage of pollen, which can easily become contaminated by fungi, pesticides, and bacteria if not properly cared for. There are also issues with potential parasites that can be found in bee pollen, however more study has to be done before it can be established exactly how dangerous this can be to humans.

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How to Buy Swedish Flower Pollen

Swedish Flower Pollen is readily available from most of the major online supplements distributors and can be found in quite a few physical locations throughout the United States as well. Depending on which outlet users purchase it from, the price will tend to fall anywhere in this range:

  • 1, 45-count bottle of Swedish Flower Pollen tablets: $9.95-$19.95

This is relatively inexpensive for a prostate health supplement, however given its minimal ingredients list this is unsurprising. It is also not considered a good value given how little evidence there is that it could be an effective product.

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Our Recommendation

Source Naturals’ Swedish Flower Pollen is a natural health and wellness product that claims to be effective for helping men improve the health of their prostates, however it lacks the clinical background that would encourage our team to agree with their claims.

There does not seem to be any reason to think that Swedish Flower Pollen can be an effective prostate health product beyond the claims of the manufacturer themselves. There are also some significant allergy issues that may affect many potential users, and the long-term healthiness of Swedish Flower Pollen is in question as well.

Overall, there is not nearly enough positive data about the potential effects of Swedish Flower Pollen to justify its claims. Our team of health and wellness experts strongly encourage our readers that are looking to find an effective form of prostate support to seek out supplements that utilize saw palmetto, pygeum, and other ingredients that have more established clinical histories of success.

One of the products that meets the exacting standards of our team is Prostatrinex. It bases its blend on saw palmetto and pygeum, as recommended, and they also use a number of other effective secondary ingredients to help provide the maximum possible level of support for their prostate and bladder health.

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