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Schiff Prostate Health is a daily nutritional supplement designed to provide support for men that are experiencing issues related to their prostate and bladder functions. This may include men that are experiencing an increase in the frequency and intensity of their needs to urinate, weak or inconsistent urinary streams, and urine left trapped in the urethra after urination.

Men that could potentially experience benefits from taking Schiff Prostate Health may include those with prostatitis, benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and other issues related to swelling and inflammation in the prostate. It also may have some preventative value, helping to inhibit further prostate growth and possibly reducing men’s risk of developing more serious conditions, including cancer of the prostate.

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How Does Schiff Prostate Health Work?

Schiff Prostate Health is designed to help improve men’s urinary issues by shrinking the size of the prostate and reducing inflammation and irritation. The prostate is a small gland that, if enlarged, can put pressure on the bottom of the bladder and the top of the urethra, disrupting ordinary urinary function.

The prostate can also get so large that it starts putting pressure on the nerves that connect the genitalia and the brain. This can cause erectile issues in some men, as it blocks effective nervous communication between the two.

The main ingredient in Schiff Prostate Health is saw palmetto, one of the most prominent prostate health product ingredients on the market today. There are 667mg of saw palmetto in their proprietary blend, accounting for the vast majority of Schiff Prostate Health’s ingredients blend.

Saw palmetto trees, also known as dwarf palms, are a North American tree found most frequently in Florida and the Southeastern United States. It has been used by the native Seminole Indian tribes for centuries to help with urinary issues and as a general health tonic.

People do not tend to eat the fruits of the saw palmetto, as they are said to taste like spoiled, heavily peppered cheese, however they are also high in a number of different potentially useful nutrients for prostate health. Saw palmetto extract has a high quantity of free fatty acids in it, such as oleic, lauric, myristic, linoleic, and linolenic acid.

Fatty acids help to block 5a-reductase, an enzyme that the body uses to process testosterone that may contribute to prostate growth. They may also block tumor growth and the symptoms of BPH. Saw palmetto is also high in plant sterols, and other basic vitamins and nutrients. It is one of the top rated nutritional supplements on the market.

The secondary ingredients blend in Schiff Prostate Health is somewhat substandard. They use only small doses of some basic vitamins and minerals, as well as a minimal amount of lycopene.

Lycopene, an extract taken from tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables that is responsible for lending them their red coloration, is also a well-regarded ingredient for prostate health products. Lycopene has potent anti-oxidant effects and is also used in the body’s synthesis of beta carotene and other important carotenoids.

Lycopene can help slow the growth of the prostate, which also lessens the frequency and severity of the symptoms of prostate issues. It may also help reduce pelvic pain, certain types of bladder issues, and may reduce the chances of developing prostate cancer later in life.

There is a decent selection of vitamins and minerals in Schiff Prostate Health, including vitamin D, zinc, selenium, copper, and calcium, however they tend to use fairly small quantities of these nutrients. Most of the leading brands of prostate health products have between 2-3 times the dosage levels of these core health elements, which reduces the chances that Schiff Prostate Health will be able to provide the basic necessary support that the prostate needs in order to be healthy and functional.

There are no other ingredients included in Schiff Prostate Health, which makes for an unusually small proprietary blend. It not only limits the overall potency of the supplement, but it means that it will be effective for a much smaller percentage of men, as those men with issues that are less benefitted by saw palmetto will not see much improvement from taking Schiff Prostate Health.

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Potential Benefits of Schiff Prostate Health

As limited as the ingredients blend for Schiff Prostate Health might be, saw palmetto is still a potent ingredient that will help many men to at least some degree. Saw palmetto is most known for helping to slow the growth of the prostate, if not even shrink it, which can have a dramatic effect on bladder function and the symptoms of BPH.

Men that take Schiff Prostate Health may see a reduction in the amount of times per day that they need to use the restroom. It may also help with how intense urinary urges feel, how completely the bladder empties during urination, and with the strength of users’ streams.

It may also have preventative value, helping to inhibit the spread of the chemicals that lead to issues like infection, irritation, prostatitis, and even prostate cancer. Other potential health benefits can include stronger hair and skin, improved immune health, and possibly even helping to relieve sexual issues in some men.

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Are There Side Effects of Schiff Prostate Health?

There is very little chance that someone will have a negative reaction to Schiff Prostate Health. It has very few ingredients in its blend, which reduces the chances that users will experience side effects or other adverse reactions.

Lycopene can cause allergic reactions in people that have sensitivities to tomatoes and other nightshades, and so any users with pre-existing conditions should discuss their options with their medical provider. Schiff Prostate Health is not appropriate for women or children, however it will be well tolerated by adult most men that take it according to its directions.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Schiff Prostate Health

Schiff Prostate Health is widely available online and in physical locations across the united states. Its price can vary somewhat widely between retailers; however the lowest posted prices seem to be on Schiff’s own website. As of the date of this article’s publication, the price that they were quoting for Schiff Prostate Health was:

  • 1, 60-capsule (30-day supply) bottle of Schiff Prostate Health capsules: $9.99

This is far below the average price for most products of this nature, however that is also in keeping with its very limited ingredients profile. Their ratings from previous customers average in the 3-4-star range on most of the sites, however this number is somewhat inflated given that the review site Fakespot has found that up to 10% of the 5-star reviews for Schiff Prostate Health could have been placed by the company themselves.

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Our Recommendation

Schiff Prostate Health has a very good sized dose of one of the top prostate health supplement ingredients on the market. The 667mg of saw palmetto alone is enough to believe that Schiff Prostate Health could have some positive effects on some men’s prostate issues.

Unfortunately, they don’t support their dose of saw palmetto with enough vitamins, minerals, or secondary ingredients to make Schiff Prostate Health as effective as it could be. Lycopene is an effective ingredient, however there is no pygeum, green tea, quercetin, stinging nettle, or any of the other traditional herbal ingredients that have been shown to help prostate function.

It is very easy to find prostate health products that use saw palmetto, as it is a top-rated additive for products of this nature, and most of them have much more effective ingredients blends than Schiff Prostate Health. Our team of experts encourage our readers to seek out prostate health products that have more complete nutritional profiles, as they will have a much greater chance of being effective for most users.

The top prostate health product that our team of experts has analyzed is Prostatrinex. It has shown remarkable results in regards to slowing the growth of the prostate and possibly even reducing it in size.

It is excellent at helping to alleviate the severity of the symptoms of BPH, prostatitis, prostate inflammation, and other prostate health issues. Click here to see more information about whether or not Prostatrinex can be an effective supplement for you and your specific needs.

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