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Prostara is a prostate health product that is designed to help minimize the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, including the frequent and urgent need to urinate. It is formulated to help provide antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, and hormone support through a blend of all-natural ingredients.

The advertising says that it can help men shrink the size of their prostates overall, which reduces instances of incomplete emptying, difficulty starting the urinary stream, and overall urinary irregularity. They claim that it is most effective for men over forty that are experiencing the symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia (PBH) or that are looking to prevent prostate issues in the future.

How Does Prostara Work?

Prostara is a daily dietary supplement that may, if it taken regularly for a period of several weeks to several months, begin to reduce the size of the prostate and reduce other factors that lead to urinary regularity problems. They say that it can help optimize nutrient levels, help to regulate estrogen function, and help to prevent oxidation and other forms of cellular damage.

As men age, their prostates continue to grow, and the chances that they will experience prostate-related complications slowly increase. It is estimated that by age 40 up to 40% of men will have started to experience issues related to prostate performances and that if a man lives to 85 he is thought to have up to a 95% chance of experiencing prostate issues of some form or another.

As the prostate gets bigger, it begins to put pressure on the bladder and the opening to the urethra. This can start to affect the regularity and effectiveness of normal urinary function. The prostate can put pressure on the nerves that control the bladder’s ability to communicate normally with the brain, leading to missed or inaccurate signals.

This forces many men to seek out prostate support in some form or another. Some men use prescription drugs to help control prostate function, however, those can have a number of side effects including potentially altering some other basic biological processes.

This, in combination with the high price of the drugs and their accompanying doctors’ visits, leads many men to think that the prescription medication route is not worth it for them. Fortunately, there are a number of fairly reliable options that exist for men that want to attempt to control their prostate issues with herbal supplements.

Of the ingredients that they highlight, there are some very potent, high-quality herbs and nutrients in the blend. The lead ingredient that they highlight is saw palmetto, one of the more commonly utilized herbs for prostate health supplements and also occasionally found in some male enhancement products.

Saw palmettos are a breed of the tree also known as the dwarf palm that is cultivated most frequently in Florida and the rest of the southeastern United States. They are known for their large, distinctive leaves that feature sharp, saw-like teeth that lend the tree its names and small berries that can be useful for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

The berries are not typically eaten as a food product, as they have a tough, oily texture and a flavor that is described as being like an intensely peppered spoiled cheese. They are, however, rich in a number of different fatty acids, phytosterols, and other ingredients that can be particularly useful for helping to improve prostate function.

Saw palmetto can help to decrease the size of swollen or inflamed prostates, due in part to its ability to block the spread of prostate-specific antigens (PSAs). These enzymes are present in the serum of all men, however, if their numbers rise too high they can start to impact the size of the prostate and may even contribute long-term to incidents of prostate cancer.

Saw palmetto also has other uses for improving urinary tract health and may impact hair regrowth and possibly even improve sexual function in some men. Saw palmetto has become one of the top herbs that our experts recommend for use in men’s prostate health products.

Their blend also features beta-sitosterol, one of the top ingredients for controlling the symptoms of BPH, as well as pygeum and lycopene, two other effective prostate health aids. The second ingredient on their list is garlic, which may possibly reduce the likelihood of developing prostate cancer.

Potential Benefits of Prostara

It is possible that Prostara can help men with prostate issues in a number of ways. It has several ingredients that can help improve urinary function, bladder emptying, and other symptoms of BPH. Additionally, it has saw palmetto in its blend, which may actually help reduce the size of men’s prostates overall.

There may be some other applications for prostate health regarding the prevention of prostate cancer and other long-term issues. Other possible benefits that users may experience after taking Prostara can potentially include regulation of hormone function, improvement in heart health and circulation, and general benefits for the immune system.

Are There Side Effects of Prostara?

For the most part, the ingredients in Prostara tend to be well tolerated by most individuals. There are some minor possibilities that users could have some digestive discomfort or allergy issues as a result of taking it, however, those concerns are relatively minor. Potential consumers that have serious food or plant sensitives should consult with their medical care provider to ensure the safety of Prostara.

How to Buy Prostara

Prostara is not for sale through any third-party retailers’ websites and is only available through its manufacturer directly. There are several different pricing options available on the Prostara homepage including:

  • 1, 120-capsule bottle of Prostara Proactive Prostate Support: $44.95
  • 5, 120-capsule bottles of Prostara Proactive Prostate Support: $179.80
  • 8, 120-capsule bottles of Prostara Proactive Prostate Support: $269.70

The directions for use for Prostara say that users should be taking approximately two capsules per day, making each bottle about a two-month supply. This is slightly less expensive than the vast majority of other brands of male enhancement products.

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Our Recommendation

Prostara has the potential to be an effective prostate support product. It uses saw palmetto as its number one ingredient, which our team of experts approves of, and they support it with an effective combination of other useful herbs and nutrients.

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