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OptiProstate XTS is a daily nutritional supplement that is formulated to help men that are experiencing the symptoms of enlarged prostates and benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). This may include men that have seen a significant increase in the frequency with which they go to the bathroom, needing to urinate again directly after a trip to the bathroom, and weak or inconsistent urinary streams.

OptiProstate XTS’s promotional materials also recommend it to men in their 30s and 40s that have not started to experience prostate issues yet but that want to ensure their long-term health into the future. Its secondary benefits may also include increasing hair and skin health, sexual benefits, and general immune health.

The prostate support product that has shown the most benefits for men with BPH and other issues with inflamed and aging prostates is called Prostatrinex. It uses a unique and sophisticated combination of all-natural ingredients that has impressed our team of experts and other professionals in the health and wellness industry. Prostatrinex was named to the number one spot on our team of experts’ top ten list of the best prostate health supplements on the market; click here to see how the compared to the other brands on that list.

How Does OptiProstate XTS Work?

OptiProstate XTS uses a very basic blend of ingredients for prostate support, and they use very small quantities of those ingredients. Overall, it is one of the most minimal prostate health blends that our research team has ever reviewed.

They do use two of our experts’ most highly rated ingredients in saw palmetto fruit extracts and pumpkin seed oils, as well as some helpful fatty acids that can be of use for overall prostate function. Their dosage amounts for these ingredients, however, is very small – both in relation to other products of this nature, as well as in relation to medical and health professionals’ recommendations for optimal effectiveness.

Saw palmetto is the most prevalent ingredient in their blend at 320mg per serving. That quantity is far below the amount that our experts would recommend in order to see maximum effectiveness from saw palmetto extracts, which they consider to be the single most effective herbal ingredient for overall prostate health.

The saw palmetto, also sometimes called the dwarf palm or American seranoa repens, is a tree native to North America that has been used by humans for medicinal and therapeutic purposes for centuries. The Seminole Indians in Florida realized very early on that it had some benefits for urinary function, and the Mayans of Mexico and Guatemala used it as a medicinal tonic for a variety of purposes.

The berries are not used in many food products due to their unpleasant texture, taste, and scent, however they are also densely packed with a variety of helpful nutrients for the prostate, bladder, and men’s health in general. They contain a number of plant sterols, fatty acids, and antioxidants.

Saw palmetto may help men reduce the size of their prostates, naturally relieving some of the symptoms of BPH including overactive bladder and incomplete emptying. It is also thought to have some benefits for hair and skin quality, cholesterol levels, and immune function.

The other main ingredient in OptiProstate XTS is pumpkin seed oil, which is known within the supplements industry for its effectiveness in male enhancement, heart health, and blood sugar control products, as well as for its common appearances in prostate health products. Pumpkin seed oil is also very high in fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation, control cholesterol levels, and help to block the enzymes that damage the prostate and contribute to its gradual swelling as men age.

It is also possible that pumpkin seed oils could help to inhibit some of the factors that can contribute to prostate cancer, reducing the overall risk that men will develop it down the road. Pumpkin seed oils are regarded as one of the top overall additives for prostate and male health supplements according to our team of health and wellness experts, however they would generally encourage users to find a supplement that includes more than the 75mg that is found in OptiProstate XTS.

One of the major issues with OptiProstate XTS is that it totally ignores all of the basic vitamins and core nutrients that are usually the foundation of more successful ingredients blends. Rather than simply attempting to address the symptoms of BPH, prostatitis, and other physical problems, it is more effective to also ensure the prostate has the key nutrients that it needs to function effectively.

Zinc is especially key to prostate function, and the premier brands of prostate health supplements tend to also include some combination of selenium, copper, and B, D, and E vitamins. The root of many men’s prostate issues can be nutritional deficiencies, and for that percentage of men looking for prostate relief OptiProstate XTS will not be a particularly effective product.

Click here for information about how to choose the prostate health product that will be the most beneficial for you and your specific needs.

Potential Benefits of OptiProstate XTS

There is little chance, given the minimal dosage amounts of OptiProstate XTS, that most users will see significant changes in their prostate and bladder health and performance. The ingredients that they do use tend to be of a high quality, so it is possible that men with more specific issues or that are more sensitive to these herbs will see some positive results from taking OptiProstate XTS.

Potential benefits may include a reduction in the symptoms of BPH, prostatitis, and inflammation of the prostate including a reduction in the frequency of trips to the bathroom, reduced urinary urgency, and an improvement in the strength and consistency of their urinary streams.

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Are There Side Effects of OptiProstate XTS?

There is very little chance that many users will have a negative reaction to OptiProstate XTS. The ingredients that they use tend to be very well tolerated and have a minimal risk of side effects in general, and the fact that they use so little of each ingredient means that if someone does experience some adverse effects they will tend to be very mild in nature.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy OptiProstate XTS

OptiProstate XTS can easily be found for sale by a variety of online distributors, as well through the website of their manufacturer Stop Aging Now. The last posted prices on their website before this article was published are as follows:

  • 1, 30-count bottle of OptiProstate XTS softgels (30-day supply): $19.95
  • 3, 30-count bottles of OptiProstate XTS softgels (90-day supply): $56.85
  • 5, 30-count bottles of OptiProstate XTS softgels (150-day supply): $107.70

These prices are somewhat below average for most effective prostate support products, however they also have fewer ingredients included in their blend as well so this is to be expected. Despite the low cost of OptiProstate XTS, there are some significant issues with their product and its marketing that concerned our research team

The most common rating for OptiProstate XTS on Amazon.com is 1 star, the lowest score possible. Stop Aging Now also has fairly mediocre ratings as a company, with 3.5 star ratings on both Amazon and Trustwerty. These numbers are also potentially inflated somewhat, given that the review site Fakespot has found that as many as 10% of their positive reviews are fakes that have been planted by Stop Aging Now themselves.

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Our Recommendation

Our team of experts strongly encourage our readers to seek out a prostate health product that uses some similar ingredients as those found in OptiProstate XTS. Saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oils, and basic fatty acids are all effective for reducing the symptoms of BPH and restoring prostate functions to their previous levels.

Unfortunately, OptiProstate XTS uses very small quantities of those ingredients and does not choose to surround them with any other secondary ingredients that can be effective. They are especially lacking in basic core nutrients, and include zero zinc, copper, selenium, and vitamins B, C, D, E, and K. Our panel of experts does not believe that most customers will see significant benefits from using OptiProstate XTS, and that it should be fairly simple to find a product that gives them better results.

The top prostate health product according to the judgement of our panel of experts is Prostatrinex. It has quickly established a reputation within the health and wellness industries for its potent effects on the symptoms of BPH.

Prostatrinex can help men reduce the frequency of their trips to the bathroom, improve how fully they’re empty to void their bladders, and restore the strength and consistency of their urinary stream. Click here to learn more about the various benefits that Prostatrinex can have for its users and to see if it is right for your needs.

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