Solaray Pygeum Africanum Review (UPDATED 2020): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Solaray Pygeum Africanum is a single-ingredient nutritional supplement that is used to help men improve the size, health, and functionality of their prostate gland. It has the potential to help reduce the severity of symptoms of prostate swelling and irritation like abdominal pain, difficulty starting and maintaining a healthy urine stream, and overactive bladder.

Solaray Pygeum Africanum may also have anti-inflammatory properties, beneficial effects on hormone regulation and production, and may potentially help the body to produce healthy new prostate cells. This both limits the growth rate of the prostate over time while also reducing the chances that men will develop cancer later on in their lives.

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How Does Solaray Pygeum Africanum Work?

The only active ingredients in Solaray Pygeum Africanum are extracts taken from the pygeum africanum tree, as the name implies. There are several other inactive ingredients that are used in their blend, however pygeum is the only additive that is thought to have any sort of medicinal, therapeutic, or nutritional benefit.

Pygeum africanum, also often listed as prunus africanum, is a kind of tree that is most commonly found growing in central and southern Africa. It is considered a canopy tree due to its incredible size, which can frequently reach to over 40 meters in height. The tree is often called an African plum or and African cherry tree due to the small, dark fruits that grow on it, however it is the bark of the prunus africanum tree that is most useful for health and wellness purposes.

The bark of the pygeum tree has been shown to contain a variety of different chemicals and compounds that can potentially be useful for a number of different applications. This may include preventing malaria, kidney disease, fever, and gastrointestinal issues.

The most beneficial effect of pygeum bark extracts for products of this nature is that it can help to reduce the rate at which the prostate grows, and in some users it can even reverse this growth and shrink the size of the prostate overall. This can be incredibly helpful for a number of urological and sexual reasons, including a reduction in the symptoms that are associated with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and chronic prostatitis (CP).

While pygeum itself tends to be one of the more effective ingredients that are found in prostate health ingredients, it is rare that a product that uses just pygeum will be able to provide the full amount of prostate support that most men are looking for. The most effective prostate health products tend to use a variety of nutrients with a number of different biological benefits, so as to maximize the number of people that the supplement can help, as well as how much it is able to benefit those individuals.

Using just pygeum means that the men that take Solaray Pygeum Africanum have to have both a certain type of prostate issue and a biological makeup that reacts well to pygeum. This is a limiting factor that severely reduces the total amount of men that will get the type of prostate support that they are looking for from Solaray Pygeum Africanum.

One of the odd things about Solaray Pygeum Africanum is that they do not even use a particularly large dose of pygeum. Given that it is the only active ingredient that they are using, it would make more sense if they had a fairly significant dose in their pills, however each one is only 25mg each, or 50mg per serving.

This is less than half the amount of pygeum that tends to appear in most prostate health supplement blends, let alone when compared to other pygeum-only supplements. This further limits the overall impact that Solaray Pygeum Africanum can have on users’ prostate health and bodily wellness in general.

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Potential Benefits of Solaray Pygeum Africanum

The main reason that pygeum is so popular for use in prostate health products is that it has been shown to potentially shrink the size of the prostate. This can take pressure of the bladder, urethra, and nerve fibers that are connecting the region to the rest of the central nervous system.

The most common benefits to shrinking the prostate are restored urinary and sexual performance, including an improved ability to more completely empty the bladder. Being able to totally void the bladder each time you use the restroom helps to decrease the total amount of times that men have to go to the bathroom.

This is not only more convenient and may save men the embarrassment of having to excuse themselves so frequently, but it can also help them to get better rest as they do not have to get up to use the bathroom so frequently throughout the night. This can have a number of secondary benefits such as increased energy throughout the day and an improvement in mood, mental performance and subjective well-being.

Are There Side Effects of Solaray Pygeum Africanum?

Our review team has no significant concerns about any dangerous side effects related to pygeum. Most people tend to tolerate it very well, it is not a known allergen, and the quantities of it that are used in Solaray Pygeum Africanum are very small.

The inactive ingredients also bear minimal allergy risk to consumers, so though Solaray Pygeum Africanum may not be a particularly strong product, it is at least unlikely to hurt anyone either. It should still be taken as directed, however, and should generally be avoided by women and children under the age of 18.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Solaray Pygeum Africanum

Given that it is just a single ingredient, the most useful application of Solaray Pygeum Africanum would be as a secondary supplement that is used to compliment a different brand that is using a more effective overall blend that lacks a significant enough dose of pygeum.

This use is unfortunately compromised by the relatively high price of Solaray Pygeum Africanum, which is especially surprising given their minimal contents. The price can vary somewhat from distributor to distributor, however they all tend to be far higher than our experts would expect for such a small amount of pygeum. The general range of prices that Solaray Pygeum Africanum falls in to is as follows:

  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-day supply) of Solaray Pygeum Africanum capsules: $14.09-22.66

Even the lower range of these prices will make it difficult for many users to afford to add Solaray Pygeum Africanum to their supplement regimen, and there are quite a few products that are far more cost–effective and use far larger doses of pygeum.

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Our Recommendation

Pygeum is one of our team of health and wellness experts’ top rated ingredients for use in prostate health blends due to its beneficial impacts on the health, functionality, and size of the prostate. It has relatively few risks that are associated with it, and can also have a number of other potential benefits for the body aside from what it can do for the prostate.

Unfortunately, it also tends to be much more effective when it is used as a part of a larger blend, preferably one that offers more in the way of core prostate health. Pygeum itself is not needed by the prostate in the same way that alanine, glutamic acid or zinc are, and though it is one of the top herbal ingredients available, it is far more effective at addressing existent prostate issues than it is at preventing them in the future.

Solaray Pygeum Africanum not only fails to include any of the many other effective prostate health ingredients that are readily available, but they don’t even use a very large dose of the one ingredient that they do use. Ultimately, this makes Solaray Pygeum Africanum an ineffective supplement, and our team encourages our readers to find a blend that features pygeum in its mix but supports it with a better compliment of secondary ingredients.

The supplement that our team suggests most frequently to our readers with prostate and urological issues is Prostatrinex. It uses an incredibly potent blend of ingredients that work together from core level out to help improve the health and wellness of the prostate.

It features pygeum in its blend, however it also uses other critical ingredients that are key to prostate health like alanine, glutamic acid and zinc. Click on this link to find out more information about Prostatrinex.

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