Prostatrol Forte Review (UPDATED 2020): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Prostatrol Forte is a dietary supplement that is used by men to help promote urinary flow, improve hormone regulation, and support the health and functionality of the prostate. The prostate is a small gland located at the base of the bladder by the opening of the urethra, which often means that if it swells or becomes irritated it can impact the body’s normal urinary functions.

This can include dramatically increasing the amount of times per day that a man has to go to the bathroom, making it difficult or painful to urinate, and lowering the amount of warning about and control over their need to urinate. They say in their promotional materials that it can also help men regulate their hormone cycles, which may help improve their health, energy levels, and sexual performance.

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How Does Prostatrol Forte Work?

Prostatrol Forte uses a formula that is somewhat generic for an over the counter prostate health product. It also does not tend to use the number of different ingredients, nor the dosage levels per ingredient, that would allow it to compete with the more effective brands of prostate-oriented health and wellness products.

The limited selection of ingredients that they do choose to include are considered to be relatively high quality, including saw palmetto, our experts’ top rated additive for non-prescription prostate products. Saw palmetto is used in supplements of this nature to both improve the size of the prostate and treat the symptoms that are associated with its enlargement.

The most common symptoms of prostate enlargement or irritation tend to be related to bladder, urethra, and urinary system performance. This is because if the prostate swells to a certain size it can start to put pressure on both the bladder and the urethra itself, as well as also potentially crushing the nerve fibers that connect the entire region to the brain.

Putting too much pressure on the nerve fibers can lead to the brain having trouble communicating with the bladder and the urethra before, during and after a man’s attempts to void his bladder. It can even, in extreme cases, lead to men experiencing issues with erectile dysfunction or general decrease in sexual function or performance.

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Pygeum is another ingredient in Prostatrol Forte that has been helpful for reducing prostate size. There are enzymes in the bark of the pygeum africanum tree that can inhibit the impact of negative growth factors on the prostate. A recent study found that men that took pygeum on a daily basis showed a 19%-23% reduction in their BPH symptoms, particularly in the occurrences of nocturia (waking up to pee).

Nocturia can be a greater problem than many might imagine, as its effects are somewhat far reaching. Waking up in the middle of the night often impacts the overall quality of the rest that a man is able to get, which then leads to issues like fatigue, depression, and weakened immune system.

Prostatrol Forte provides some small doses of the essential trace elements that are most useful for prostate health and functionality, however they do not have any of our experts’ most recommended core vitamins, such as B6 or E. This limits how effective Prostatrol Forte can be on both a day-to-day basis and in the long-term.

Potential Benefits of Prostatrol Forte

Prostatrol Forte is one of the weaker prostate health products on the market and is unlikely to be particularly effective for most serious prostate issues, such as benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) or chronic prostatitis (CP). The limited ingredients that they do use are thought to be effective for prostate health purposes, so they may help men with very mild symptoms related to prostate inflammation and swelling.

This could include a decrease in the frequency and intensity of urinary urges, as well as stronger, healthier, less painful urinary streams. Its best use, however, may be for attempting to prevent further prostate growth, which may not decrease the symptoms that men are currently experiencing, however they could potentially prevent them from getting worse.

Prostatrol Forte could also have some mild benefits for reducing the likelihood of users developing prostate cancer, however most other quality prostate health supplements will tend to be more effective at this than their limited blend is. Men may also notice some potential secondary benefits like lower inflammation levels throughout the body, improved skin texture and strength, and increased hair growth that also may feature stronger, healthier strands.

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Are There Side Effects of Prostatrol Forte?

One of the positives aspects of having such a minimal ingredients blend is that it severely reduces the chances that users could have a negative reaction to Prostatrol Forte or any of its ingredients. There is nothing in their blend that has concerned our team of experts, and all of their additives have been well studied for both their short and long-term effects.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prostatrol Forte

The availability of Prostatrol Forte is somewhat inconsistent right now. There are a variety of outlets that used to carry it that do not any longer, and the sites that still offer it are not necessarily known as the most reputable distributors in the industry. To further complicate matters, the manufacturers of Prostatrol Forte only sell their products to medical industry professionals and products distributors, and not to individual consumers.

The price for Prostatrol Forte is both very high and not very consistent between distributors. Here is the general range that interested consumers will find Prostatrol Forte selling for:

  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-60-day supply) of Prostatrol Forte capsules: $92.95-$124.44

Even at its cheapest, this is two or three times more expensive than the vast majority of prostate health supplements on the market. This is especially surprising given their incredibly basic ingredients formula, which uses a small number of ingredients, small amounts of those ingredients, and further, they tend to be the exact same ingredients that are found in most over the counter prostate health supplements. There is no reason that our experts could find for Prostatrol Forte to cost as much as it does.

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Our Recommendation

While there is very little chance that any of the contents included in Prostatrol Forte will be able to hurt any given user, there is also very little chance that they will be able to help much either. This is due both to their small dosage amounts, as well as their incredibly short list of ingredients.

It is unlikely that any users that have even moderate cases of CP or BPH will get the kind of support that they need from Prostatrol Forte. It may help men improve their urinary function to some degree, however it will be much less than what our review team tends to expect from a quality professional product.

Prostatrol Forte’s best use is as a mild prostate support pill that could be useful to younger men that have not yet begun to experience prostate issues and wanted to prevent them from developing in the future. The main obstacle to its being effective for this purpose is the exceptionally high cost of Prostatrol Forte, which is far larger than what seems justified given its minimal contents.

Most of the top-rated prostate health products on the market today are going to use larger quantities of the ingredients that are included in Prostatrol Forte, healthy doses of several other effective secondary ingredients that are ignored by Prostatrol Forte, and they will probably cost less too. Given all of these factors, it is very hard to think of a reason that our team could potentially recommend Prostatrol Forte to our readers.

The product that they do encourage users that are looking for enhanced prostate support to try is Prostatrinex. It has an ingredients blend that is incredibly diverse, using a wide variety of products that have different beneficial effects on prostate and urinary functions.

This variety makes for more complete prostate care that is more likely to be effective for a higher percentage of users than products with more minimal blends. Click here to see the exact contents of Prostatrinex and to learn more about just how effective it can be for helping users overcome their own unique prostate issues.

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