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Dr. Formulas Prostanew is a daily nutritional supplement that is formulated to help men improve their prostate health and urinary function. Their advertising recommends it to men that are dealing with the symptoms of chronic prostatitis (CP), benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), and other conditions related to the swelling and irritation of the prostate gland.

They advertise their abilities to promote a healthy inflammation response with multiple anti-oxidant and other anti-inflammatory ingredients. They also claim that it has long-term benefits for prostate health, including slowing its growth over time and possibly preventing the development of certain types of precancerous cells.

The men’s health supplement that our experts have found to have the greatest impact on prostate and urinary function is called Prostatrinex. It has an ingredients blend that is more diverse and effective overall than any of the other over-the-counter supplements that they have reviewed. Click here to see everything that goes in to the proprietary formula for Prostatrinex to see if it could be effective for your personal prostate health needs.

How Does Dr. Formulas Prostanew Work?

Dr. Formulas Prostanew uses both herbal ingredients and basic vitamins and mineral to help provide both core level nutrition and symptom control for men with BPF, CP, and other forms of prostate conditions. Many men prefer to try using over-the-counter supplements like  Dr. Formulas Prostanew before trying prescription drugs or invasive surgeries as it is often possible to resolve their issues without resorting to those more severe options.

Men’s prostates continue to grow over time, and this growth rate can be increased by factors like poor nutrition, irritation, infection, and illness. Dr. Formulas Prostanew is designed to slow the natural rate of growth while also reducing any swelling that may be the result of inflammation or other easily controlled factors.

Reducing prostate size relieves the pressure that it puts on the bladder and urethra, which is often the source of the urinary disruption that men experience. Ingredients like saw palmetto, lycopene, pygeum and green tea leaf extracts have all been connected to the slowed growth or even the shrinking of the prostate.

The urinary disruption that these conditions causes can take many forms, but the most common are overactive bladder, difficult or painful urination, and weak, inconsistent urinary streams. In addition to improving these symptoms by focusing on the prostate directly, they can also be controlled with ingredients that target urinary function more directly.

Ingredients that Dr. Formulas Prostanew uses that focus on improved bladder, urinary, and urethral performance include quercetin, uva-ursi, pumpkin seed oil, and buchu leaf extract. These are all top-rated nutrients that our experts strongly recommend for inclusion in products of this nature.

The most effective prostate products are able to address all of these factors and combine effective core level nutrients, additives that affect prostate function, and additives that affect urinary performance. Assuming that the ingredients lists and dosage amounts posted for Dr. Formulas Prostanew are accurate, then there is a very good chance that it can have a positive impact on all three of these factors.

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Potential Benefits of Dr. Formulas Prostanew

Dr. Formulas Prostanew will be most effective for men that are suffering from mild-to-moderate severity prostate health issues like benign prostate hyperplasia and chronic prostatitis. It can help them to restore ordinary urinary function, which can also improve their overall quality of life.

Specific symptoms that could see improvement after regular use of Dr. Formulas Prostanew include difficulty with starting, stopping, and maintaining a consistent urinary stream, and pain, itching, irritation, and tickling sensations in the prostate, pelvic floor, and urethra.

Dr. Formulas Prostanew can help men with more completely emptying their bladders, which can then decrease the frequency with which they feel they need to use the restroom. It may also help men to more completely empty their urethra after urination as well, which is important for avoiding pain, infection, and the need to immediately return to the restroom after using it.

Furthermore, it is possible that Dr. Formulas Prostanew may even be able to slow the speed of the prostate’s growth, and possibly even reverse it. In addition to improving the urinary symptoms already mentioned, this can also improve sexual function in some men.

If the prostate gets so large that it begins to put pressure on the nerves that connect the genitalia to the brain, potentially causing erectile dysfunction in men. If Dr. Formulas Prostanew effectively reduces he size of the prostate in these individuals, then they may see their previous levels of erectile responsiveness return.

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Are There Side Effects of Dr. Formulas Prostanew?

As diverse as the ingredients list for Dr. Formulas Prostanew is, the vast majority of their ingredients are considered healthy and safe for human consumption. Minor side effects like stomach discomfort and diarrhea are a possibility, however those chances are relatively slim.

They do pose an allergy risk to users, including to anyone that has displayed sensitivities toward pumpkins and gourds, mushrooms or other fungi, or to cruciferous vegetables like broccoli. Dr. Formulas Prostanew also uses an ingredient called bromelain that can provoke reactions in people with a number of different types of allergies including:

  • Pineapple
  • Latex
  • Wheat and gluten
  • Grass or flower pollens
  • Celery
  • Carrots

Dr. Formulas Prostanew is not recommended for use by women or children. It is formulated specifically for adult men to deal with prostate health issues and may cause further complications if it is not taken according to its instructions.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Dr. Formulas Prostanew

Dr. Formulas Prostanew is available for sale through their own website and through several of the more well-known online supplements retailers as well. Their prices tend to be somewhat low for products with their ingredients profiles and dosage quantities, and there is no specific explanation for this given by Dr. Formulas Prostanew.

The prices for Dr. Formulas Prostanew quoted online can fluctuate slightly, however they tend to fall within this range:

  • 1, 120-count (30-day supply) bottle of Formulas Prostanew Advanced Prostate Support capsules: $19.95-22.95

Users should be aware that Dr. Formulas does not have the best reputation as an organization. Their products get consistently low ratings from their previous consumers, and they have very poor scores with many online review agencies.

Fakespot, a consumer rights group that analyzes product reviews on Amazon and other retailers to determine how authentic they are, has rated Doctor Formulas an “F” overall. They found that as many as 60% of the positive reviews for the Dr. Formulas products were potentially faked, further dragging down their already unimpressive numbers.

This is unfortunate to learn, given how promising their ingredients list is. Given these ratings and their suspiciously low price for a product with this quantity of ingredients, it is reasonable to question the accuracy, sourcing, or processing of the ingredients that they list for Dr. Formulas Prostanew.

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Our Recommendation

It is difficult to recommend a product to our readers that has such a bad reputation online. Between the large quantity of negative reviews, untrustworthy marketing practices, and low ratings from other review sites, it is hard to trust that Dr. Formulas Prostanew will be as effective as their advertisements claim.

Dr. Formulas Prostanew’s published ingredients list includes quite a few of our team’s top-rated ingredients for prostate health products, including saw palmetto, pygeum, lycopene, and green tea leaf extracts. They also utilize several of our top-rated urinary function aids as well, including quercetin, juniper berry, and uva-ursi leaf.

Despite using these potent and effective ingredients, Dr. Formulas Prostanew has poor scores with many third-party distributors, even without taking in to account that these scores could be dramatically inflated by hundreds of fake positive reviews placed by the company themselves. Fortunately, there are other supplements on the market that use proprietary blends that are similar to or better than the one that’s listed for Dr. Formulas Prostanew that have much better reputations. For these reasons, our team cannot encourage our readers to purchase Dr. Formulas Prostanew.

One supplement that uses a similar, though slightly superior, formula to that listed on Dr. Formulas Prostanew is Prostatrinex. They include heavy doses of all of the effective ingredients listed above, however they also use more zinc and more copper – two of the most potent core nutrients for prostate health – than Dr. Formulas Prostanew.

Prostatrinex and their manufacturers have an excellent reputation in the health and wellness community with customers and fellow industry professionals alike. To read our experts’ full review of Prostatrinex, including their full ingredients lists and dosage amounts, just click on this link.

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