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Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support is a dietary supplement that is designed to improve prostate health and sexual performance in its users. Its advertising says that it is able to reduce the size of the prostate and soothe the symptoms that are associated with prostate irritation, inflammation, and conditions like benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and chronic prostatitis (CP).

This can involve reducing the frequency with which men have to use the restroom, increasing the strength and consistency of their urine streams, and soothing the pain and burning sensations that prostate swelling can cause in the pelvic floor and lower abdomen. Their promotional materials further state that they can help provide long term prostate health support, including reducing the chances that users will develop prostate cancer later in life.

The supplement that our team of experts believes has the most application for supporting prostate health and boosting urinary performance is called Prostatrinex. It is a blend of all-natural herbal ingredients, amino acids, essential trace elements and basic vitamins that are formulated to provide complete prostate care. To read our team’s complete review of Prostatrinex to see if it might be applicable for your personal prostate care needs, just follow this link.

How Does Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support Work?

Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support is designed to offer the basic nutrients that the prostate needs in order to stay healthy and functional, control the growth rate of the prostate – if not reverse it – and also help to improve general urinary performance to help men overcome the symptoms of prostate swelling. The prostate will generally continue to grow throughout men’s lives, especially if users have certain types of nutritional deficiencies, bacterial infections, or conditions like BPH or CP.

It is estimated that by the age of 50 more than half of all men will have experienced some form of difficulty related to their prostate. This number only continues to rise as men age, and by the time a man reaches 85 years old the likelihood of this is better than 95%.

One of the aspects of Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support’s ingredients blend that our review team approved of was their use of the amino acids L-Alanine, L-Glutamic acid, and L-Glycine. L-Alanine and L-Glutamic acid especially are critical for daily prostate health and functionality, and have even been shown to decrease prostate size in certain instances.

L-Glycine is less directly related to prostate health, however recent studies have shown that it may have potential for helping to prevent the development of prostate cancer. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may be useful for general bodily wellness and may be able to benefit the prostate peripherally.

Other ingredients in their blend that have actually been shown to impact prostate size include saw palmetto and pygeum, two of our team’s highest rated herbal ingredients for prostate health. They are both rich in fatty acids that can soothe swollen prostates and a variety of phytosterols that can boost urinary performance, including the powerful beta-sitosterol.

Beta-sitosterol is so potent for products of this nature that most of the top brands will include an extra dose separate from that which is found in other ingredients, however Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support does not choose to add this extra level of support. Other helpful urinary aids that they do choose to include however are pumpkin seed oil, juniper berry powder, and marshmallow root powder.

Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support provides some core level nutritional support, however there are also some significant omissions from their ingredients list as well. They have very effective doses of zinc, copper, and vitamin B6, and yet they totally ignore vitamin E and selenium, which are considered just as important for daily prostate health.

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Potential Benefits of Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support

Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support may be able to offer several different benefits to men that are currently dealing with symptoms related to prostate enlargement or irritation. It has the potential to help reduce the pain and discomfort that many men with enlarged prostates feel while urinating, and may also help them overcome any difficulties that they are experiencing with starting and maintaining their urine streams.

Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support may help men more completely empty their bladders each time they go to the restroom, which in turn reduces the overall number of trips that men have to make in a day. This also may reduce the number of times in the night that men need to get up to pee, which can improve energy levels and mood throughout the next day.

It can help men avoid getting urine trapped in their urethras after emptying is completed, which may seem like a small issue but can actually have a more significant impact on men’s health and lifestyle. Residual urine can cause a burning or itching sensation in the urethra and may even lead to infections of the urethral tube or the bladder.

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Are There Side Effects of Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support?

Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support uses a selection of natural ingredients that includes a number of substances manufactured by the body itself or that are required for proper biofunctionality. These are unlikely to have any sort of negative impact on any human users, and all of their herbal additives tend to be mild and well tolerated by most consumers.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support

Strangely, Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support does not have a working website. The website for their manufacturer says that it is being repaired and will be operational again on June 15, 2020, however that date has long since passed and there is no other information offered about when the website might be up and running again.

Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support is still available through some third-party distributors, though many independent retailers have recently ceased their relationship with the company. The price for Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support that was being quoted by as of the date of this review’s publication is as follows:

  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-day supply) of Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support capsules: $59.99

Customers should also be aware that Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support has an “F” rating on Fakespot, a website that analyzes the trustworthiness of online customer reviews. They found that as many as 60% of the reviews for Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support could be placed by the company themselves.

This means that their ratings, which are already somewhat below average, are actually far lower than they appear. Other review sites back up this analysis, including the online business watchdog group Trustwerty which gives them only 1.5 stars out of a possible 5.

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Our Recommendation

There are a number of positive aspects to Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support and their ingredients blend, however there are also a number of factors that concern our experts as well. One of the largest issues that our team has is the high quantity of negative reviews that Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support has received from consumer watchdog groups, as well as from their own previous users.

They do use quite a few potent and effective ingredients in their blend, such as saw palmetto, pygeum, zinc, and copper, however they also ignore other effective ingredients and use oddly small amounts of others. Overall, there is a chance that men that are experiencing prostate related urinary issues will see an improvement in their symptom, though it might not be powerful enough for some individual’s needs.

There are plenty of more effective prostate health supplements that are available to consumers, and most are manufactured by companies that have far better reputations than Alpha Rise. Our panel of health and wellness experts encourage men that are looking for prostate support to continue looking, as it should not be difficult to find a superior brand online.

One prostate health supplement that will almost certainly be more effective than Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support is Prostatrinex. It uses all of the ingredients that are found in Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support in its blend as well, however it also combines them with other core health ingredients, helpful urinary aids, and herbs that can help control prostate size like lycopene and green tea extract.

Prostatrinex has an excellent reputation within the supplements industry, and it has also received the best responses from its past users of any supplement that our team has reviewed. Click here to read testimonials from previous customers and to see if Prostatrinex is effective at treating the specific symptoms that you are currently dealing with.

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