Prostacet Review (UPDATED 2020): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Prostacet is a prostate health supplement used to nourish and soothe inflamed or enlarged prostates and for reducing the symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). Its advertising says that it is effective for improving urinary frequency, bladder emptying, and the strength of users’ urine streams.

They say that it can help to improve users’ overall quality of life in a number of ways, including improving their sleep patterns thanks to reduced instances of getting up to urinate in the middle of the night. The promotional materials for Prostacet say that it is most effective for men in their 30’s and 40’s that have started to see changes in their prostate and urinary functions, or older men that are looking to restore old levels of performance.

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How Does Prostacet Work?

Prostacet is designed to both reduce the size of the prostate itself, as well as mediating the symptoms of BPH and improving overall bladder functionality. They do not provide any sort of clinical data regarding the exact type of effects that Prostacet can have, or how powerful those results might be.

Another matter of concern for our review team is the fact that the website for Prostacet does not display their supplement facts, complete ingredients list, or dosage amounts. Our team was able to find images of their nutrition label that were posted by previous customers, however the fact that they would attempt to keep customers from seeing that information before purchasing their product is concerning.

Assuming that the labels published by their past users are accurate, then Prostacet has a very small overall dosage amount. Prostacet’s label lists ten different ingredients in their proprietary blend, yet it is only 400 total milligrams.

While every ingredient requires different dosage amounts in order to be safe and effective, this is an exceptionally small size for products with this purpose and ingredients profile. For comparison, other leading brands may use up to 400mg of only saw palmetto, Prostacet’s lead ingredient. This may be why Prostacet is reluctant to publish their dosage amounts, although it is impossible to say for sure why they made that choice.

As mentioned, the top ingredient in Prostacet is saw palmetto, one of the most effective natural ingredients for prostate health known to science. Saw palmetto fruits are not typically eaten, as their smell, texture, and flavor are generally described as unpleasant, however they are nutrient rich and have a number of beneficial effects for the prostate, bladder, and body overall.

Saw palmetto is high in beta-sitosterol, a natural anti-inflammatory product that has shown remarkable use for reducing the symptoms of BPH. It also has a number of different fatty acid compounds and helpful nutrients that are found in its extracts, making it one of our experts most strongly recommended ingredients for prostate health formulas.

Their blend also features some basic minerals that are useful for core-level prostate health, like zinc and selenium, as well as some other useful herbs including stinging nettle and the tomato derivative lycopene. The rest of their ingredients list, however, is mostly composed of additives that do not have proven histories of prostate support.

Corn silk, echinacea, cranberry, beta-keratin, parsley, and curcumin are all included in their proprietary blend, despite the fact that there is little to no scientific evidence that any of these ingredients can have a beneficial effect on the prostate. They are not likely to be particularly harmful or to hurt users’ prostate performance, but they also make up a certain portion of the already lacking 400mg total size of their servings, further reducing its effectiveness.

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Potential Benefits of Prostacet

Given how small their dosage amounts are, there is very little chance that any users will see particularly significant benefits from using Prostacet. That said, they do use some amount of saw palmetto, lycopene, and nettle leaves, so there is some chance that it can have some positive effects.

It is possible that some men will see some amount of shrinkage of the prostate, though to what degree exactly is uncertain. There may also be some slight benefits to the force and regularity of users’ urine streams, how completely they empty their bladders, and a reduction of inflammation and irritation for the prostate, bladder, urethra, and the rest of the body in general.

There may also be some preventative benefits to taking Prostacet early on, as it may help the prostate from becoming enlarged to begin with. Furthermore, it may have some use for helping to reduce the instances of prostate cancer in its regular users, however there is not as much data confirming this as our team of experts would prefer.

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Are There Side Effects of Prostacet?

All of the ingredients in Prostacet are natural products that tend to be well tolerated by most individuals. There is always a chance that users could have an allergic reaction to some of their ingredients, particularly cranberry, so any potential customers that have major food sensitivities should consult with their doctor or allergy specialist about how likely they are to have a negative reaction to Prostacet.

Barring users having any specific allergies, however, there are few potential short- or long-term side effects that users need to be concerned about. If users do have a negative reaction to any of these additives they are usually gastro-intestinal in nature and tend to be fairly mild.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prostacet

Prostacet is available both through their home site and through and other online supplements distributors. Potential customers should note that Prostacet has an incredibly low rating with previous customers on Amazon, where 75% of their responses rated them as 1-star, the lowest possible rating on the site.

The base price for Prostacet is similar on most of the platforms that distribute it, however their home site often offers special or reduced pricing, plus bulk rates for larger quantities. The pricing structure quoted on their webpage is as follows:

  • 1, 60-count bottle of Prostacet capsules (30-day supply): $56.90
  • 3, 60-count bottles of Prostacet capsules (90-day supply): $99.90
  • 5, 60-count bottles of Prostacet capsules (150-day supply): $149.85

This price is well above average for products of this nature. This seems unreasonable, given the nature of their ingredients and how small their overall dosage amount is.

Potential customers should also be aware that the manufacturer of Prostacet is a company called Pacific 298 Ltd. They are not a well-known company nationally, however they are infamous within the supplements and nutrition industry for their lower quality products and deceptive marketing strategies.

They are one of the most common users of the “Free Trial Offer” strategy, which tricks customers into signing up for a free trial of their products, but actually enrolls them in an overpriced monthly subscription program. Our readers are strongly encouraged not to sign up for any free trials from Prostacet or any of the other Pacific 298 Ltd. products.

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Our Recommendation

Prostacet uses a few quality ingredients and several less useful additives. This limits its overall effectiveness, as does their relatively small overall dosage amount. Their manufacturer, Pacific 298 Ltd., hides this information on their website, which is not the type of marketing that our team approves of. In general, Pacific 298 is not thought of as one of the more trustworthy manufacturers by our team of experts, who have reviewed many of their products in the past.

It is easy to find prostate health products from more respected companies that also use saw palmetto, lycopene, and stinging nettle in their ingredients blend, and in much more useful quantities as well. Our team of experts recommends that users explore other options instead of Prostacet, as it should not be difficult to find a prostate health supplement that is both less expensive and more effective than Prostacet.

The product that our team of experts recommends to our users looking for assistance with BPH and other prostate health issues is Prostatrinex. Their proprietary blend includes a significant dose of saw palmetto, as well as lycopene and stinging nettle, but it also supports those ingredients with other top-rated prostate health additives.

They include secondary ingredients like pygeum, beta-sitosterols, green tea leaf, and quercetin – all well-respected ingredients within the supplements industry. Click here to learn more about the different ways that Prostatrinex may be able to help you with your specific prostate and bladder issues.

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