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Prostate Plus is a prostate health supplement designed by Dr. John Christopher, the somewhat well-known American herbalist. Their advertisements recommend Prostate Plus to men that are dealing with prostate inflammation, irritation, and the symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

They particularly mention that they believe that men over 40 will benefit from taking Prostate Plus, as that is the time that prostate problems most commonly start to appear. Prostate Plus may also have applications for preventing further prostate growth, helping men to avoid those issues in the future.

The most effective prostate health product that our panel of experts has analyzed is called Prostatrinex. It is a potent blend of top-rated natural ingredients that our team has found to be exceptionally useful for helping to provide support and relief to the prostate. Click here to read our panel of experts’ full review for Prostatrinex to see if it may be beneficial for your specific prostate health needs.

How Does Prostate Plus Work?

Prostate Plus only uses three ingredients in their proprietary blend. This is an incredibly small selection of ingredients, especially considering that only one of the three, saw palmetto, that has actually demonstrated that it can have a beneficial effect on prostate health.

Saw palmetto is our experts’ top-rated herbal ingredient for prostate health supplements. It is rich in plant sterols, including the potent and effective beta-sitosterol, and it also includes over a dozen different forms of fatty acids, which help soothe inflammation, irritation, and the symptoms of BPH.

Saw palmetto has clinically demonstrated an ability to help men with BPH reduce the frequency of their trips to the bathroom, improve the emptying of both the bladder and the urethra, and help strengthen users’ urine streams. It is debated whether or not saw palmetto can actually shrink the size of the prostate itself, however men may see a reduction in size due to less swelling and irritation, as well as a decrease in the rate of its growth over time.

The ingredient in Prostate Plus that is listed second on their supplement facts panel is called mullein. It is a flowering plant also known as verbascum or velvet plant from the figwort family. It is not thought to have any beneficial effects on the prostate.

Mullein has historically been used by Native American tribes as an herbal remedy for respiratory, vascular, and gastrointestinal disorders. Our research team could not even find anecdotal evidence that it may help men with prostate, bladder, or urinary issues.

It may potentially have some anti-inflammatory properties, however this has not been demonstrated in any sort of clinical sense and is not even mentioned in many accounts of folk remedies that feature mullein. It is not considered a useful ingredient for products of this nature by our team of experts.

The final ingredient in Prostate Plus is ginkgo biloba, a well-known nootropic aid that is not typically found in prostate health products. Ginkgo is thought to help boost circulation in general, and especially to improve blood flow to the brain. It has not been linked to prostate health in any published studies that our research team is aware of.

Prostate Plus lists their ingredients in a way that hides how much of each ingredient they use specifically. Each serving of Prostate Plus is 920 total milligrams, however they do not specify dosage amounts for the ingredients individually.

This is especially frustrating when they have both more useful and less useful ingredients in their mixture. If ther blend is mostly saw palmetto, for example, then there is a much better chance that Prostate Plus will be effective than if the majority of their blend is mullein leaf or ginkgo biloba.

Regardless of how they separate out the dosage amounts of these ingredients, there is still going to be a substandard amount of basic vitamins and minerals in their blend. They do not include any of the most important core nutrients that are usually associated with prostate health such as copper, selenium, B, D, and E vitamins and especially zinc.

This is frustrating because many men’s prostate issues stem from a lack of these basic chemicals needed to maintain proper health and function. Treating only the symptoms of prostate enlargement, irritation, and inflammation without addressing their root causes means that those issues can potentially continue indefinitely.

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Potential Benefits of Prostate Plus

Depending on how much saw palmetto is actually used in their blend, it is possible that Prostate Plus can have some beneficial effects on prostate health. It may be of particular aid to men with BPH, prostate inflammation, or the symptoms of prostatitis.

It is possible that these individuals will see increased urinary function, including stronger, more consistent urine streams, more complete voiding of the urethra, and fewer instances or urine becoming trapped in the urethra. It may also have some applications for long term prostate health including preventing the growth of the prostate and possibly limiting the spread of pre-cancerous cells.

Are There Side Effects of Prostate Plus?

Both saw palmetto and ginkgo biloba are safe for the vast majority of humans. While adverse reactions are always possible for any ingredient, they are unlikely to be unrelated to these additives in the vast majority of cases.

Our team did have some concerns about the safety of mullein, especially in the long term. Mullein seeds contain a chemical called rotenone that some Native Americans used to make a kind of poison that they used to paralyze fish.

It is rare that rotenone is fatal in humans, however it is considered toxic and can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and other gastro-intestinal issues. More concerning to our research team, however, are studies that suggest that the regular consumption of rotenone can lead to the development of Parkinson’s-like symptoms.

Given that Prostate Plus is suggested for daily use indefinitely, our team was very concerned about the potential long-term side effects of rotenone. Our team does not currently recommend any supplements that contain mullein or other ingredients high in rotenone.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prostate Plus

Prostate Plus is available through their manufacturer, Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop, as well as through some other second-tier online retailers. This is the price that was being quoted on their webpage:

  • 1, 100-count bottle of Prostate Plus capsules: $20.25

While this seems like an excellent price for a supplement of this nature, potential users should be aware that the serving recommendations for Prostate Plus call for six capsules a day. This means that if Prostate Plus is taken as directed it will only last 16-17 days. This means that Prostate Plus is actually about average in terms of price, if not slightly above.

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Our Recommendation

Dr. Christopher’s Prostate Plus has several major flaws and areas of concern for our team of experts. Primarily, they were worried by how limited the ingredients list of Prostate Plus is. Saw palmetto is an excellent ingredient for prostate health products, however it is most effective when paired with other useful ingredients like pygeum, beta-sitosterol, stinging nettle, or any number of other more traditionally effective ingredients.

There is also no way to tell exactly how much saw palmetto is found in their blend due to the way that they list their ingredients. Given that the other two ingredients in their blend are not nearly as effective as saw palmetto, this makes it hard to know that Prostate Plus will be even moderately effective for most users.

Our panel of experts suggest that our readers find a prostate health supplement that provides more core nutritional support than Prostate Plus does. Vitamins B6, D, and E are all helpful for basic prostate support, as are the essential trace elements selenium, copper, and especially zinc. There is very little chance that our team of experts would ever endorse a prostate health product that didn’t include zinc and at least some amount of other core health products as well.

Lastly our research team was concerned about the possible quantity of rotenone found in Prostate Plus. Some studies have shown that rotenone can lead to Parkinson’s-like symptoms in their users, which is very concerning for a product that is designed to be taken six times per day.

The prostate health product that does meet all of our research team’s high standards is Prostatrinex. It also uses saw palmetto in its proprietary blend, however it is only one piece of a diverse and effective collection of other top-rated additives.

They use pygeum, green tea extracts, quercetin, stinging nettle, plant sterols, and other highly effective additives for prostate and bladder functions. Click here to see everything that goes into Prostatrinex’s formula and to learn more about how it can potentially benefit you.

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