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Prostasan is a men’s health supplement that is designed to help reduce the symptoms of prostatitis, benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), and the general swelling and inflammation of the prostate. These symptoms may include too-frequent urination, needing to urinate again directly after just using the restroom, and urine getting trapped in the urethra.

It may also have some applications for improving hair and skin quality, immune function, and restoring sexual function in men with a specific form of erectile dysfunction (ED). Their advertising recommends it to all men over 40, whether they have started to experience prostate issues or not, given the high likelihood that men will develop these issues at some point in their lives.

The prostate health supplement that has shown the most utility for helping men overcome the bladder and urinary issues caused by prostate swelling is called Prostatrinex. It has the most reliable ingredients blend that our team has analyzed, and has received the most positive feedback from its past users as well. Click here to see our experts’ complete review of Prostatrinex, including its full ingredients and dosage information.

How Does Prostasan Work?

As mentioned above, men have a very high likelihood of experiencing some form of prostate problems at some point in their life. It is estimated that by the time men reach 40 they have a 40% chance of experiencing symptoms related to BPH, and that number rises to as high as 95% if you are lucky enough to live to be 85 years old.

The main problem is that as men age their prostates continue to grow, and the larger they get the more pressure they put on the urethra and bladder, which can start to disrupt ordinary urinary function if it gets large enough.

Prostasan is designed to slow the growth of the prostate, helping to stop symptoms from getting worse while also working to improve urinary function. This allows many men to overcome the swelling and return to their normal bathroom usage habits.

Prostasan is essentially just a saw palmetto supplement. That is the only active ingredient in their capsules, however it does also use several inactive ingredients as fillers. Saw palmetto is one of our team’s most highly rated ingredients for prostate health, however it is far more effective when used as part of a blend that also provides basic nutritional support and uses other complimentary herbal ingredients.

Our panel of experts do not tend to recommend prostate health supplements that do not provide basic core-level support as they do not tend to be as effective, especially in the long term. Nutritional deficiencies are one of the most common reasons that men experience prostate issues in the first place, and it is a far more effective strategy with these cases to provide the basic core level nutrients that they are missing than to try to fight their symptoms.

Zinc, copper, and selenium are all essential trace elements that are needed by the prostate in order to function properly, as are vitamin B6 and vitamin E. Zinc especially is important for prostate functionality, and anyone that chooses to purchase Prostasan may want to seek out some secondary forms of supplementation.

That said, saw palmetto is considered exceptionally useful for prostate support. It has been shown to help slow the growth of the prostate, and in some cases it may even decrease its size. This can ease pressure on the urethra and bladder and allow them to function normally again.

Saw palmettos are a form of tree that are found most frequently in Florida and the Southeastern United States. They are also known as dwarf palms due to their short, palm like appearance, or by their scientific name seranoa repens. The name saw palmetto is taken from the sharp, tooth-like edges of their leaves.

Saw palmetto extracts have been used by humans for health purposes for centuries. They were first cultivated by the Seminole and Inca tribes that were native to the area who would use it to improve urinary function or as a general health tonic.

The first clinical studies of saw palmetto’s effectiveness go back as far as the late 1800’s and it has continued to be analyzed for its many different uses. Currently it is being studied for its potential applications for restoring hair growth, improving immune function, and even respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis.

Saw palmetto is rich in several different useful chemicals, such as plant sterols and fatty acids. Plant sterols, especially the highly useful beta-sitosterol, have been shown to help lessen the severity of the symptoms of BPH, including more complete emptying of the bladder.

Fatty acids are also useful for reducing BPH symptoms, as well as helping to prevent inflammation and irritation of the prostate. They are chemically very similar to cholesterol, which allows the fatty acids it to bond to the cholesterol molecules and process them harmlessly, improving the body’s overall cholesterol levels.

It is also possible that saw palmetto can help some men that are dealing with specific forms of erectile dysfunction regain their erectile functionality. If the prostate gets too large, it can begin to put pressure on the nerves that connect the genitalia and the brain, cutting off their essential communications. Shrinking the prostate can restore this connection and allow those individuals to perform sexually again.

Saw palmetto is also thought to have some benefits for long-term prostate health. In addition to preventing growth of the prostate it may also reduce the chances of more serious issues like infections, hormone irregularities, and even may inhibit the spread of pre-cancerous enzymes, reducing the chances of tumor formation.

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Potential Benefits of Prostasan

The potential benefits of Prostasan are limited by the fact that all they use is saw palmetto, and by the fact that their dosage level for that saw palmetto is not even particularly significant. That said, saw palmetto is still considered to be one of the top ingredients for improving prostate health, so there is still a good chance that it will have some benefits for users.

This may include helping men to more completely void their bladders when they urinate, which reduces the overall frequency with which they have to go to the bathroom. It also helps them to avoid the irritating and embarrassing issue of urine trapped in the urethra, and can improve the strength of their urinary stream.

Are There Side Effects of Prostasan?

There is very little chance that Prostasan users will experience and serious side effects. Saw palmetto tends to be well tolerated by the vast majority of users, though it is possible that in some rarer cases there are some people may have mild allergic reactions to it.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prostasan

Prostasan is a product of A. Vogel Herbal Remedies, a subsidiary of the UK-based company Bioforce Ltd. Their products are widely available online, and their prices tend to fall into this range:

  • 1, 30-count (30-day supply) box of Prostasan capsules: $19.99-$29.95

This is about average for products of this nature, though it is somewhat expensive for what is essentially a single-ingredient supplement with a very small dosage amount.

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Our Recommendation

Our team of experts recommend products that use saw palmetto as a part of their nutritional blend, however they tend to believe that it is far less successful when taken on its own instead of with a full complement of secondary ingredients. Our team will rarely recommend any supplement that focuses on treating only symptoms instead of also addressing core-level nutritional needs, as its effectiveness tends to be severely limited, especially over the long run.

Our team recommends that our readers seek out a supplement that utilizes a healthy dose of saw palmetto as well as other helpful additives like zinc, copper, pygeum, green tea, nettle root, or any of the other many helpful ingredients that are traditionally found in prostate support supplements. They do not recommend Prostasan to our readers as it is not potent enough to address the needs of most men that are experiencing prostate issues.

The most complete ingredients blend for any prostate health product that our team has analyzed is Prostatrinex. The use a large dose of saw palmetto as the foundation of their proprietary blend, however they also utilize a variety of other ingredients that support the prostate, reduce the symptoms of BPH, and provide the core nutritional support that prostates require for healthy function.

They also provide long-term prostate support by slowing the growth of the prostate and preventing more serious issues from being able to take hold in the body. Click on this link to read more information about the different ways that Prostatrinex has shown that it can help benefit men’s prostate health and functionality.

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