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ProsCure is a suppository supplement that is used by men to improve the health and functionality of their prostate gland. This may include helping to reduce the symptoms of conditions like benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) or chronic prostatitis (CP), such as weakened urine stream, pain in the lower abdomen or pelvic floor region, and increased frequency of trips to the bathroom.

The advertising for ProsCure claims that its anal application helps users to more rapidly and thoroughly absorb the nutrients that are contained in their suppositories. They also claim that it can help men’s long-term prostate health and size, including potentially lowering the chances that they will develop prostate cancer later on in life.

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How Does ProsCure Work?

ProsCure is a suppository supplement that is inserted anally every night before users go to bed so that as they sleep their body is able to absorb its contents. Their promotional materials claim that the suppository’s proximity to the prostate may help the gland to better access the nutrients in ProsCure, however there is little clinical data that actually shows this method to be significantly more effective than oral prostate supplementation.

Its lead ingredient is saw palmetto, which is generally regarded within the prostate health industry as the single most effective herbal ingredient for products of this type. It has been shown to reduce the growth rate of the prostate and, in some cases, may even be able to shrink its size somewhat.

Decreasing the prostate’s size can significantly reduce the severity of the symptoms of BPH and CP, however saw palmetto also provides additional nutrients that can help to improve some urinary functions, as well as also possibly decreasing inflammation and irritation – both in the prostate and throughout the body in general.

Pygeum is another ingredient found in ProsCure that has been shown to actually affect the size of the prostate directly. It is also strongly recommended by our experts for use in products of this nature.

Quercetin and pumpkin seed are elements in their proprietary mix that can have positive impacts on urinary function without actually impacting the prostate itself. They help men start and maintain a strong, healthy stream of urine without the pain or discomfort that can be caused by prostate enlargement.

One issue with the formula for ProsCure that stood out to our review team was the fact that it provides very little in the way of core-level nutrition. The only essential trace element that is found in ProsCure is zinc, and there are no amino acids or basic vitamins that can be found in their blend either.

Treating only the symptoms of prostate issues is not as effective an approach to prostate health as ensuring that the gland has all of the tools that it needs in order to function at its optimal levels. The best prostate supplements are able to do both, and our team cannot in good conscience recommend a product that they know will not provide a basic level of core nutrition.

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Potential Benefits of ProsCure

ProsCure uses some of the more effective herbal ingredients for helping men to overcome the effects of prostate swelling. This may include a reduction in the frequency with which they have to go to the restroom, the urgency of those impulses, and a lessening of the pain that can sometimes be associated with prostate swelling and urinary blockage.

The advertising of ProsCure claims that its suppository nature help it to more efficiently deliver the nutrients in their product to the bloodstream, which can improve their uptake. While it is certainly true that the anal mucus membranes are particularly absorbent, and it may take less time to get the ingredients into users’ bloodstreams, there is no evidence to suggest that this can lead to better overall prostate health in the long term.

Prostate health supplements do not tend to be considered “boosters” that have an immediate effect, but rater they are meant to be used on a daily basis over an indefinite period of time. As such, there is very little benefit to how rapidly they are absorbed as the difference of several minutes or even hours is insignificant in the long run.

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Are There Side Effects of ProsCure?

The nature of the suppository insertion alone makes ProsCure a less appealing option for some men. Anal insertion is generally safe and effective in most cases, assuming that products are taken as directed, however there are some instances of men having health effects related to misapplication or improper absorption.

The only other major concern that some users have had about the suppository nature of the product is that leakage can occasionally be an issue. This is not a health concern particularly, however it is somewhat of a sanitary issue and many users find it to be embarrassing. In general, however, leakage related issues should be rare if the suppositories are sufficiently well manufactured.

Aside from these issues, there are very few side effects concerns that our experts have about ProsCure. All of the ingredients in their blend tend to be well-tolerated by most humans and present no major concerns to our review team in either the short or the long term.

Our team did want potential users to note the inclusion of valerian root in ProsCure’s blend, which is not typically associated with prostate health. It is generally associated with sedative effects that make it popular for sleep-aids, relaxants, and anti-anxiety supplements.

Their inclusion of valerian is most likely related to why ProsCure is designed to be taken at night, however users should be aware that this can have impacts on their energy levels and sleep schedules in general. After taking valerian root some people have difficulty regaining consciousness or feeling fully awake the next day, and it can lead to issues related to sluggishness, low energy, and depressed mental performance.

Most users tolerate valerian root well and it is generally thought of as a helpful sleep aid, and ifficulty regaining consciousness and general fatigue lasting throughout the next day are uncommon . If users do experience side effects after consuming ProsCure it may be related to allergies or food sensitivities, however the causes of these effects are not well understood at this time.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy ProsCure

Curiously, there is no home page for either ProsCure or their manufacturer, Restores Science Health Supplements, LLC. They are sold exclusively through third party dealers like, where the last price that was being quoted before this article went to publication was as follows:

  • 1, 30-count box (30-day supply) of ProsCure suppositories: $42.99

Users should know that the product review site Fakespot found that up to 20% of the 5-star reviews on Amazon were actually placed by the company themselves. Their ratings were already not particularly impressive before that is taken in to account, and with that in mind their overall score is very low.

Our Recommendation

The main difference between ProsCure and most other low-quality over the counter prostate health supplements is that ProsCure is delivered anally rather than orally. It is debatable whether that is a better method of absorption, but it ultimately does not matter due to the supplement’s weak ingredients blend.

Most of the ingredients that they do use are considered high quality, however they also tend to be ingredients that address prostate problems and their symptoms. They offer very little in the way of core health ingredients that can provide the daily support that prostates need in order to avoid enlargement and inflammation.

Given the fact that their blend includes saw palmetto, pygeum, quercetin, and pumpkin seed extract, there is a very reasonable chance that ProsCure can help men reduce some of the symptoms related to prostate enlargement and irritation. Ultimately, however, it will not provide as much support as most consumers are looking for, especially in relation to core nutrition.

The supplement that our team believes has shown the most usefulness for men that are in need of prostate health support is Prostatrinex. It has a diverse and well-rounded ingredients blend that is useful for helping men with a wide variety of prostate health needs.

Prostatrinex combines traditional herbal ingredients like saw palmetto and pygeum with key amino acids, basic vitamins, and essential trace elements that combine to help shrink the prostate and restore lost urinary function. Click here to learn more about the ingredients in Prostatrinex.

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