Avinol PM Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Avinol PM is an over the counter, all-natural sleep aid that is designed to help the user get to sleep faster and to wake up energized so that they can have a productive day. The product states that it utilizes melatonin and 5-HTP to help users fall asleep naturally and stay asleep throughout the night, without any interruptions.

The formula is non-addictive so that users do not have to worry about dependency and can be taken as often or as rarely as the consumer likes. Its goal is to strike a balance within the body that addresses sleep health from a variety of different aspects, and allows the user to achieve restfulness. It is a melt tablet that is placed under the tongue and dissolves, going to work in minutes.

Fenotrex is the top ranked sleeping aid that is currently available on the market. A group of review experts evaluated the product and found that its blend of ingredients, potential benefits, and strong consumer reaction couldn’t be beat. If you want to learn more about what Fenotrex can do for you and how it can help you rest peacefully through the night, click here.

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Avinol PM Ingredients and Side Effects?

The website for the product has created a list of ingredients that are used within its formula, along with a breakdown of how they function within the body and benefit the user. Unfortunately, they do not provide a look at the supplement facts or specific dosage information, which would allow the user to be more informed as to what they are putting into their bodies.

Melatonin L-Theanine Chamomile Extract Hops
5-HTP Lemon Balm Extract Passion Fruit Powder Orange Peel

5-HTP: Derived from an African plant named Griffonia simplicifolia, it is used primarily for treating sleep disorders like insomnia, as well as anxiety, depression, obesity, ADHD, seizures, and migraines. Works by increasing the production of serotonin in the brain and nervous system, which can have a profound effect upon sleep, appetite, and sexual behavior. Unfortunately, there are some potential side effects that are associated with taking the ingredient, including:

  • Heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, and sexual problems

Melatonin: A naturally occurring hormone within the body, which can also be made in a laboratory. The main purpose of the supplement is helping regulate the internal clock of users and establishing a sleep and wake cycle, which is particularly beneficial for those who have inconsistent or changing sleep schedules. Additionally, it can be used to help people who suffer from ADHD, rapid eye movement, high blood pressure, and intellectual disabilities.

Chamomile Extract: Derived from an herb that comes from a flower and is used to make medicine. There are several disorders that it can treat, including diarrhea, intestinal gas, ADHD, restlessness, and trouble sleeping. Contains chemicals that help the body and mind to relax, and can also reduce swelling or inflammation in users. Because it reduces anxiety it helps many consumers to relax their brains prior to going to bed.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven sleep aid such as Fenotrex for better results.

Avinol PM Quality of Ingredients?

There are some quality ingredients that are utilized in Avinol PM, most notably melatonin and chamomile extract, both of which are known to be effective sleep aids. Additionally, there are some good additives in the form of passion fruit powder and lemon balm extract which can help reduce anxiety in users, which is one of the leading causes of restlessness.

We are somewhat concerned with the inclusion of 5-HTP, which while it can be effective as a sleep aid, also can potentially lead to negative side effects such as nausea, heartburn, and has even been linked to EMS, a serious condition involving muscle tenderness. Though the link has not yet been proven, users should still be cautious with this ingredient.

The product website does not offer very much clinical information regarding the ingredients, and strangely only offers links to mentions of insomnia within the media, but nothing to do specifically with their product.

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The Price and Quality of Avinol PM?

It appears that the product website does not actually allow the user to purchase the product outright, but rather only offers the option of signing up for a free trial. This is troublesome because situations like this usually lead to the consumer being charged the full price of the product after the trial is over, and looking through some of the customer complaints that appear to be the case here. There is not even a price that is stated clearly on the product website which should make potential consumers wary.

That said, the product is sold through other online vendors such as Amazon, for the price of $38.99 for a bottle of 30 tablets, which is a month’s supply. That is more expensive than you will generally find for most sleeping aids, though it is much cheaper than what users who signed up for the free trial are eventually charged, which is over $70. The manufacturer does offer a 30-day money back guarantee and we have not seen any complaints about them not honoring that, so users should be able to try the product without committing to it financially.

Business of Avinol PM?

The manufacturer of Avinol PM goes by the name Advanced Nutraceuticals LLC. Their contact information is available through their website and is as follows:

Phone Number: 1-855-509-6081

Address: 398 E Dania Beach Blvd, Suite 400, Dania, FL 33004-3051

Email: No email address is provided, but there is a page on the website through which questions can be submitted electronically.

The business is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and features just one customer complaint on their page, regarding the free trial that they offer which enrolls users in an auto-pay program. It does not appear that the company is the subject of any lawsuits currently.

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Customer Opinions of Avinol PM

Here are some customer reactions to Avinol PM that could be located online:

“My husband is usually very sharp but became totally disoriented when using this product. When I used it, I woke up after a few hours with my whole body shaking.”

“Purchased these for my father but they didn’t work even though he finished the bottle. Pretty expensive too.”

“Helps you get to sleep fast, but you’re up after just 2-3 hours and can’t get back to sleep after that.”

In general, the reaction to this product was mixed to negative. There were a few who stated that it helped them, but many more found it either inconsistent or that it just didn’t do anything at all. There were also some who stated that they experienced some negative side effects with the product, most notably nausea or dizziness. Many complained about the high price as well.

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Conclusion – Does Avinol PM Work?

While there are some familiar and effective ingredients that are used in the product, there is not much else to inspire confidence in Avinol PM. First and foremost, the product website looks somewhat outdate and is not particularly informative about the product, lacking any clinical research and not even providing a clear price for their product. As it turns out, the product cannot even be purchased directly through the site, and users must either call to place an order or sign up for a free trial that will enroll them in an auto-pay system.

However, the product can be ordered directly through Amazon, but the price is higher than most competing sleep aids, and the consumer reaction is generally underwhelming. It seems that many consumers had a variety of issues with the product, from ineffectiveness, to side effects, to sleep only lasting a couple of hours. It does not seem that it justifies its high price tag.

Right now, Fenotrex is the best and most effective sleep aid that is available to purchase online, because it provides quality results and the consumer results have been overwhelmingly positive. It can help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep throughout the night so there are no harmful disruptions.

Within the product is a formula of natural ingredients that have been tested clinically by third-parties and found to be effective treatments for sleep related issues. Furthermore, all ingredients are blended in a GMP approved facility so quality standards are met. Educate yourself about what Fenotrex can do for your sleep issues by clicking here.

107 Responses to Avinol PM Review

Charles Hackley says:

Rip off to the max!!!! Not only that, but they claim, in fine print that you are signing up for a monthly membership for $79.99 – And they have the banks duped into beliving that you must pay!!! A complete huge pile of Male Bovine Excrement!!! And the product makes you feel goofey!!!

Tom Hampton says:

I agree with you, it had no effect. I bought it for $45.00 instead of the free fee shame. I tried them for a weak but no sleep. Don’t wast your money.

Diane says:

They just charged my credit card $85+ dollars when I didn’t ask for them to send me the pills, This is a SCAM!! I called my credit card company & they removed the charge & fixed it where that SCAM company can’t charge me for anything again!! I called the company first and told them I’m calling the better business bureau Monday and calling my credit card company to!!

Rixh Hill says:

We also got scammed for $80. You have to call and cancel before 15 days or they will continue shipping every month and charging $80 per month.
Do not buy anything for FREE.

Dave R. says:

I was led to believe I was only paying for $4.95 shipping for FREE TRAIL!! I was charged $79.99 …..I GOT RIPPED OFF!!

Anonymous says:

Same thing happened to me! Next thing I know, that’s an $85 charge on my credit card!……IS ANYONE EXPERIENCING: major stomach pain, high close to the sternum? Stomach pain & extreme nausea??? If there’s no clinical trial, Better Bussiness Bureau, & ALL that other stuff…what’s in it that they area hiding???!!!

SJC says:

I just tried and it worked but I too had pain high in my stomach.

Anonymous says:

I fell for the same ad. If the product WASNT free, then the disclaimer was in very fine print. It’s simply the same old rip-off!

william ludolph says:

No, you didn’t get ripped off you did not read everything.

Susan Carr says:

So did I… I called my credit card company, Capital One. They usually protect me from this sort of fraud. I never saw anything about a subscription and ensuing monthly orders. I called BS!

Katie S Allen says:

I signed up for the trial and once I found out about the price I returned the package without opening it. Now weeks later my bank account was charged 79.95. Which caused me to have returned payments on my card. Thankfully the bank and my credit card customer service reps were extremely helpful. I didn’t see anything about the very high price for this in any of the information on their site. All I can say is buyer beware.

Kim Hartbarger says:

I was charged without my consent of 79.99 and out came off my card today 3/31/18 ..i called them and she said my money will be put back on there so we’ll see if they do but if they don’t.. we are going have a big problem..i only signed up for the trial that’s it.. nothing more…
And now I’m out of about 80 bucks right now.. I’m furious

william ludolph says:

You did not read the fine print did you? You need to get sleep-aid from a DR. there is no easy fix.

Anonymous says:

Bogus product. Where is this pathetic supplement manufactured China?

Arlen Eidson says:

Am sending product back. It did not work in my case. In fact it cause more problems than it is worth. I did not see that I would be scammed in continuing the program. I am informing the CDC and the FBI of this Scam.

Susan Carr says:

It did nothing for me. It’s just a scam and we fell for it.

Bill Richards says:

This company is a complete rip off. I paid $6.90 for a “free” trial. Next thing I know they attempted to charge my American Express card $79.99, but American Express turned down the charge and would not allow it to go through. I printed off the original order page and it has no information about signing up for anything else. Stay far away from this company. Like many other companies now, once they get your card number…you “automatically” sign up for monthly charges.

Victoria Jones says:

No better than taking a baby aspirin! Customer service is rude and disrespectful! I will sue before I pay them $84.90 for 30 pills that IS A SCAM!

Beware———do not order their trial worthless product!

Ray Finfer says:

How did you find a website for these frauds? I want to return the product and get the money taken off my credit card.

Nicole Coffman says:

If anybody else is experiencing any of these symptoms please please respond!! Severe upper stomach pain, we’re almost feels like it’s up high near where the sternum ends. Stomach pain and general and lots of nausea??!! If everything in that article is true and they’re not posting on their website any clinical studies or trials, nor they connected with the Better Business Bureau…. What is it that we’re taking exactly??!!

Nicole Coffman says:

Oh and I too got scammed on the believing I was just signing up for $4.95 free trial, just to later be charged like 85 some odd dollars!! I think they should be reported to the FBI as a scam and to whoever else that does she get out there! The stop other people from ending up to be victims like we are

Harry Kerr says:

I am returning this product as it does not work. Plus I was to be charged only $4.95 for shipping, and have been charged $79.95. I do not want this. CANCEL all further deliveries and charges for a product I do not want!

Rose ludvik says:

I cant even find the place I got this to send back ,i dont know if Ive been charged ,i was only charge the postage$4,95 i did not sleep I begin to see things ,my arm was detacted and I couldnt feel it ,i was screaming most of the nite in a half sleep but awake ,I want to send them back but do not have a phone no are anything on it mine came in a box please help thank you the address on the package is Response commerce. 398 Dania Beach Blvd #400 Dania beach FL.33004-3051 thank you for any help

Anonymous says:

this is a joke never even yawned on a triple dose

Randy L says:

Avinol, I received a trial package in the mail. I have had a good experience and was really excited that I found a sleep aid that I can replace taking Ambien .. Unfortunately there is no way I can afford your product unless you can help a 65 year old who is on a monthly disability check. My sleep is very important to me but due to my ringing in my ears I need something I can depend on to get my rest at night.

Mark says:

I’ve been TRYING to get them to CANCEL my OVER-PRICED “subscription” for the last THREE MONTHS and am now trying to get it canceled by telling the credit card company that charges from this company are NOT AUTHORIZED and should be REFUSED… Maybe that will get the company to cancel my “subscription???”

Marilyn Vandekieft says:

Avinol is truly a scheme…they say you only pay for shipping and the product is free (a “trial” they call it)….BUT, and I don’t recall seeing this on the screen when I ordered it…after 17 days you get billed for the outrageous price of $79.95….and then a few weeks later, you get a second shipment for the price of $84.90 because you’ve agreed to a “membership”! I was in contact with them as soon as I saw I was charged for the “free trial” (they claimed I agreed to be a “member”) and again when I got that second shipment, fuming on email and on the phone. I now have a credit card bill for a total of 164.85 which I had to pay!!! I immediately returned the second shipment and have the P.O. receipt to prove it. I’m expecting to get the $84.90 back for the second shipment….but I suppose I’m out the original $80. To top it all off…THE STUFF DIDN’T WORK AT ALL!!!!

Mick Munoz says:

Thanks , I guess that product. Does sucks
No way I buy it

Lisa Bellamy says:


Pamela Johnson says:

Unfortunately, I sent for the trial which I saw nothing about there being a monthly charge being made on my credit card…..of course I did not authorize this. I think I was just scammed. I
have hopefully cancelled any future orders and now have to take my time and money to send this product back. I making a complaint to the Better Business Bureau immediately. What a rip off!!!!!

Larry Rueff says:

I just got a call from my bank. Fortunately the 79.95 charge was flagged as suspicious and they didn’t put the charge on my card. They gave me the merchants phone numbers to call. I can see from these prior comments that it was apparently a fine print scam. I ‘m not sure whether to call them or not.

Anonymous says:

call they will send you an email saying it is cancelled and you need to return the product Just recd hould have read the scam reviews

R Haverstock says:

Do not buy from this company. They did the same thing to me. It was supposed to be a free trial and just pay shipping. There was nothing saying I only had two weeks to try it then they would charge my card. my receipt says I only approved $6.90 shipping. The package did not come with a letter stating I would be charged more, if not returned in two weeks. I did not consent to having 79.99 taken out of my account. I called and they will not give me back my money. I only took two pills and it gave me the hives. I can’t even use the stuff. I am also filing a complaint with the FTC and BBB.

Rita H says:

The free trial somehow ends up costing you $79.99 a month. I did not sign up for auto shop every month, only the trial package. I have contacted the company and my charge card company to let them know I did not sign up for that. Don’t get caught up in this scam!!!

Russ Edmonds says:

I was also led to believe that the $4.95 shipping was the only costs for the trial of AVI, and was charged 79.95. there was nothing that said $79.95 for the 30 days trial.

marissa manfredi says:

MAJOR scam, i was charged the whole $80 even after canceling trial and have to dispute with my bank its been over a month and i am still fighting them

Lynn says:

Wow, thank you all for saving me $79.99. I always thought Dr. Oz was a big SCAM all on it self.
You all should report him…NOW.

Karen G. says:

This is a total scam! I just got off the phone with with my bank to follow up on this disputed charge for $79.95. I did not give any authorization for additional charges to my credit card account, and only thought I was responsible for the shipping charge. I had NO idea I was getting anything but a Free trial of Avinol for the $4.95. Why would I pay $79.95 for a product that is offered over the counter by Amazon for 1/10th the price???? I will NOT pay for this and I will go to arbitration through my bank if need be. I also called the AVI Sleep AID number 855-509-6081 and told the woman that they should consider anything that THEY think I signed up for as CANCELLED!! She hung up on me without providing a Confirmation # of the Cancellation. I will continue calling until I am satisfied there is NO charge. This is ridiculous!

Jane says:

I woke up with a flushed face ?? Is it from that? Only second time and 1st time I think I did too! But thought it was my B12 vitamin

Jane says:

Oh no I just paid 4.95 trial too!! I woke with the 2nd time with flushed face!! I thought it was my B12 but it’s prob the sleep aid!?

Gary Morris says:

A total ripoff. My doctor told me to throw this in the garbage. That it could cause many problems with the heart, nerves, etc. I went through the same unauthorized charges, with the free package to try out. I was not informed of any additional charges; if so, they were hidden in a mass of words and not in an area that could be noticed by the free offer. They should refund the shipping costs on return of the product, as well. The feds should be informed of the actions and guarantees to protect the consumers. I am sending a copy of the listed information by others, as well as mine, to the consumer protection agency. Hope they will take action.

P. K. Woods says:

THIS IS A SCAM!!!!! I saw an ad for a free sample of Avinol sleep aid and only had to pay $4.95 S&H. Then a month later there was a $79.95 charge on my credit card. I called the phone # and their representitave said I had signed up for a monthly membership. That is a LIE! I am not stupid and would have never done that. BEWARE of “free samples or trials”! What a rip-off!

Randolph Ashurst says:

Ye p I got banged for 79.99 as well and will see if I can get refunded. What a scam and crock for people to discover after the fact.

Isis Pastrana says:

I ordered a trial. You have to be aware this is a scam this really does not do what they say. Then they charge you $85.00 for this product that I can get in another site for $44.00 this is horrible how can this company be allowed to scam human beings I’m 66 years old and I can’t afford it and they did not care whatsoever. Be aware!!!!

Laura V says:

This is THE BEST sleep aid I have ever tried!

Ken Buntin says:

I am a victim of the same scam. Trial sample for $4.95 without knowledge that I was signing up for a monthly reorder fee of $79.95. I called and was told that it was a legitimate charge and that they would not refund the money for this product that I did NOT KNOW I had signed up for. Heed the warnings you read here and don’t conduct busines with these people!

Tim Bixby says:

Total Rip-Off
I signed up for $4.95 trial, didn’t know I was to contact them after the 1st 15 days & cancel & send remaining pills back, so they bill me $79.99, I called them to find out what was up & I was informed about the fine print. So I just paid the $79.99, I didn’t want to waste my time with a battle, so I just said F— it. I canceled my contract & was assured nothing else would be charged to my card. Well a few weeks later I received another box of pills & was billed another $79.99. I sent box back & contacted my credit card company, who put a stop on payment. Few weeks later had a 3 way conference call with them, my credit card co. & myself, they said they never received 2nd box back (I didn’t get tracking number when I sent it back), but my credit card co. wouldn’t pay. So I’m waiting on final results of there investigation. What a bunch of thieves. What goes around comes around.

G Owens says:

Don’t buy this product, unless your want to pay over $ 80.00 for a proposes “free trial”. It is a scam. They will sign you up for automatic monthly deliveries without your knowledge and bill you for the so called free trial product. “Buyer Beware”. Reply from a senior sucker!!!

Jerrod wright says:

I was scammed also. Glad I found this site too bad I was scammed first.

Betty says:

Kept me awake the whole night. My heart felt like it was fluttering all night . Will not try again. Awful feeling.

Ruth says:

I also signed up for a trial and gave my credit card number for the shipping charge which was $1.97 (on that day!!). I got my MC bill yesterday and I was charged $79.99 for another month which I DID NOT order. I immediately called them and raised a “stink” and it was not until I said I will contact my MC to dispute this charge that I was told to return what was left of those “pill” which BTW DO NOT do anything for me. I was then sent an email with a return number. So I recommend the same to anyone who was scammed like me. Tell them you will file a dispute with your credit card company. This is a Major RIP OFF! (BTW I did contact my Mastercard this am and they filed as dispute for me). They should not be able to get away with this CRAP!!!

Shirley says:

I did not see this site before supposedly paying postage for a free 4 night sample, but I did see issues with “extra charges” so I cautiously looked at everything on the site. I was told I was paying only for the postage on a free sample. Nothing on the site mentioned ongoing purchase of the product at all that is why I sent for it. As soon as my credit card was charged the $4.95, a second new charge for $1.95 to buy so called “shipping protection” was changed. That never showed on order site & I never asked for or signed up for it.

Rusty Applegate says:

Total ripoff. I got the “free” sample and got charged $84.90. I am disputing it. Had I wanted it I could the same product on Amazon for $44.99.

AlwaysGrounded says:

It is unfortunate that the product actually works for me. But I can’t tolerate the poor business practice of luring a customer in and trapping them into an unspoken monthly “contract”. It wasn’t obviously clear to me and I got scammed. I’ll find a competing functional product from a reputable source. I should have done more research before requesting a “trial” to see if it was right for me. I’m embarrassed about the mistake. Please don’t rush – make sure you know what you’re getting in to. The sad part is we are looking for medical help with a real medical condition (sleep is important) and in exhaustion make poor decisions. High stress jobs suck. But I still put bread on the table.

Joseph Moosely says:

SCAM! They charge hidden handling fees and then a $80 monthly fee – also hidden.
I threatened to report them and they credited me back.

Carol Englehart says:

Tried it and did not work am sending it back its a scam felt nauseous and tired all day and light headed

Anonymous says:

I thought we just being charged shipping charges then they bill my card79.95

Eunice Hendricks says:

A true rip-off It does not work. This is really a scam. Never, never fall for their offer.

Sleepy Angry says:

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT UNTIL YOU KNOW THE ACTUAL PRICE YOU WILL EVENTUALLY BE CHARGED $80 for a box of 30 pills! They give you a free trial without telling you what the cost is and I will say that the product works but then if u don’t cancel immediately they charge you $84.90 that includes shipping! I bought a box of it on Amazon for $44! Do not get sucked into buying the “subscription” because u don’t really even know u r buying it! Plus they won’t even refund your money or even half of it for past months even when you tell them you could buy it elsewhere for half the price!!! Good product…HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND COMPANY!!!!

Dubo Manargo says:

Man this stuff made my butt itch

Doreen F Starner says:

I thought I was trying a sample for shipping only at 4.95. The website did not state that the cost was $79.95 and in the fine print I would be enrolled into an online auto-ship program. Worse, is that by the time the sample arrived–and before being able to try it–I was charged the $79.95 to my credit card! To get a refund I have to return an unopened package–and it took me speaking to two different customer service reps that talked over me trying to defend their horrible marketing practice to get them to email me a return invoice number for the return shipment.
Incredibly they also shipped to me more than the sample size of 15 pills, so that the $79.95 charge was for the other 15 pills–because they claim it is sent out as a package of 30 pills–but the pills are packaged on a foil sheet of 15 pills –so they could have shipped only the 15 pills–this may be a product that works–I will never know–because who can afford to try a sleep aid pill that costs $5.34 per pill?

Judith A Ketner says:

You can publish this note. The product may be good, but the free trial with the following month supply sent automatically and billed the customer $79.95 plus $4.95, then another month “automatically” is a total rip off. NO MORE!!! Other customers hopefully will see this so that they aren’t taken to the cleaners also.

Evergreen says:

This is absurd! Perhaps you can cancel the credit card you charged this product on or at least file for a lost card and have the bank re-issue the card. This way the cannot charge the $79.99!

Donna Brennan says:

Yes, the infomercial stresses a trial for $4.95. Never mentions a automatic monthly sign up. Side effect I experienced was dizziness. Contacted DiscoverCard regarding.

Anonymous says:

I purchased Avinol PM and was charged $4.95 and then $4.95. I saw no contract or mention that after a 15 day trial I would be charged $79.95. I called to complain and they said I had to send back the remaining pills to get a credit. I think it is a scam and way more expensive than any sleep aid I have ever used.

Don says:

A huge rip off. Signed up for free trial and now being charged $80/month. No way to reach customer service. I have notified my bank and putting stop to charges

Frances N. Chandler says:

I thought I read all the small print to make sure I wasn’t getting ripped off before I ordered this $4.95 trial size sleeping aid for my husband but I guess I missed something because I never saw anything at all about joining a program or being charged a big price but my credit card was charged $79.95 this week. I am real upset. I’m on Social Security and can’t afford this.
Why do they hide these charges in the small print that they know old people can’t read?

Joyce Lyons says:

I only signed up for the free bottle & I do not want to be charged for more. I do not plan to take this sleep aid because of all the negative comments. Sorry I ask for a free trial bottle.

Anonymous says:

ditto what everyone said about ordering the free sample, charged $4.95 shipping on credit card, then got un ordered box of 30 days and charged on credit card for $84.90 incl shipping. Reported to our credit card complany, hoping they will not pay it!!

Betty Peters says:

My husband ordered this and was told only $4.95… Nothing more…. I just got off the phone with them and they would not take NO for an answer and kept giving me different options to stay. The package is unopened and my card will not be refunded the $4.95.. What a SCAM this is. They don’t tell you that you are enrolled in automatic refills and your card will be charged $79.00 re-occurring charge! !!!!!!!! BIG SCAM

Elaine Freeman says:

I agree with these above comments- I too believed I could try the product for $ 4.95, then saw they had charged the ridiculous amount to my CC. I am returning this product which in NO WAY lets you fall and stay asleep. Same old story with these internet websites, ALL LIES AND MISLEADING TRUTHS! I am returning the full minus 3 tablets and I expect to get my refund asap. Dont buy this product, you can just take Melatonin and get the SAME result as this farce.

Pat Anderson order #61.607121.487 says:

I received a free sample but am not happy with the product. It is not working for me so please do not send me any future shipments. I have already informed my credit card company not to approve any future transactions.

Larry Lightfoot says:

Larry Lightfoot, I was charged $79,95 without my consent, It was charged on my credit card on 06/19/19. I notified you people the first part of June that I did not want this product as it was no good. In fact it was useless. I have contacted my Credit Card Company and they will not honor any charge by your company. In the literature about this product there was nothing about a charge if you notified the company you did not want any further products from your company. I only signed up for the trial and that is it. I would expect a refund but usually companies such as yours does not refund any thing. But you are on notice.



Douglas watts says:

This avinol product is a scam, did not work and caused me nausea or dizziness.

Kimm Crandall says:

Total scam! They tell you it’s a free trial, get your credit card for shipping, and then charge you $79.00. They are taking advantage of desperate people who can’t sleep!!!

Eric Moye says:

I also tried Avinol PM, under the $4.95 trial, and it was just an average sleep aid. I did get to sleep, and averaged about 4-5 hours, with no residual effects. For all the People who did the trial, You didn’t read all of the info when You ordered it! It stated You have a 15 day period, and after that, they charge the other $75.00! I called to cancel the trial and since it was not a complete Flop, agreed to pay $20 more, which was a total of $24.95. Please do not use my email, or send me additional offers! Thank You! I will be trying Fenotrex!

Avinolpm scammed me says:

What a complete ripoff. I feel sorry for the senior citizens that fall for this click bait. I too was fooled in thinking hey I’ll try a 4.95 sample. No where in the checkout does it state you will be charged 79.95 ( ridiculous) plus 5 dollars shipping. What are they drinking over avinolpm? I sent the refill back the same day ina certified package and have not received my money back. Get this if you read the fine print they only refund money on the 1st and 15th of the month. What business does that? I have filed several complaints and will continue to file complaints until my 85 dollars is returned. P.S. The drug doesn’t work. Do yourself a favor and go to the pharmacy and get a bottle of melatonin capsules for 10 bucks. It will work better.
Very truly yours,
A pissed off customer

Carol says:

Do. It purchase. They have no indication you have to opt out and will continue to bill you for about $79! Even American Express can’t seem to get them to reverse the charges. Ant further problems with this company and I will lodge a complaint to the BBB! Do not buy!

Bob says:

Do not buy, they will continue to charge you. I too am out $79+! They said send it back but I would be paying postal fees! American Express is unable to get them to refund. This company is nefarious and dishonest. There is no indication on the site that a person has to call to opt out of automatic deliveries! Do not buy from them!

DAN says:

total scam order #67.509750.461. I canceled my order the day after I received it. there customer service would not respond to emails or phone calls.. DON’T DO THIS OR YOU WILL BE SORRY.

Southern Yankee says:

Rip- off!!!! The fine print where they automatically sign you up for monthly recurring shipments at $79.95 plus shipping is SO FINE YOU CANT EVEN SEE IT! AND IT does not work any better than CVS store brand sleep-aid (which has 365 in a bottle for $20!)

Vaughn Gonzalez says:

Shamefully, I too didn’t see any small print referencing the $79.99 fee after the initial 30 days. I read a $4.99 fee, and that was all. I was surprised to see the $79.99 fee on my credit card. They refused to return it. Don’t fall for this scam.

Gerry Wade says:

I signed up for the (free!) $4.95 trial – then my checking account was charged $79.95. When I called the number provided to my bank, the Customer Service Rep (Rogel?) stated that the fine print told me that I must cancel the recurring shipments within 15 days and that I would receive a partial (!) reimbursement by following the instructions. He said I would be provided an email instruction on how to do that within 24 – 48 hours. This business practice is beyond fraudulent! There was no “fine print” in the offer, never mind anything telling me that I would be charged $79.95 every month for an additional 30-day supply. I DID NOT sign up for recurring shipments! My next call regarding this atrocity will be to the Attorney General.

Dr. Anne Puryear says:

I ordered the $4.95 free trial Avinol (4-4-19) and it arrived- but before I could open it, a second order arrived saying my visa had been charged $84.90. I immediately called the business number they listed on my visa. They told me they would cancel future orders and refund the $79.95 (postage isn’t refunded). We were leaving for quite a few months, lecturing and doing workshops around the country, and I thought everything was taken care of and cancelled. We had a neighbor pick up our mail and we pay our bills online. When we returned recently our neighbor brought over 7 (SEVEN) boxes of Avinol in unopened packages. I opened one and saw that the order WAS NOT cancelled. I called and they said they had no record of my other call. How convenient!! They said they would not refund anything but the order due to be delivered in December to us. I explained and they said that was my fault and we would get no refunds. I have notified the BBB and several TV shows to show this fraud and scam & Shark Tank – for it IS a scam – you have NO IDEA and there was NO NOTICE of ongoing shipments. I have no idea if the product is any good or not, the way it was delivered and the way I was treated makes me NEVER want to even hear the name Avinol again. I have no idea what will happen but Shark Tank sang the praises of Avinol as do the sites that SELL Avinol but there are dozens of complaints on the internet that are almost exactly like mine. H E L P!!! What does an honest consumer who desperately needed what the product SAYS it does, do with this dishonest mess? Is there anyone in your company that can help me? I am an 81 year old minister/writer and have NEVER had anything like this happen. Shame on those who scam people this way 🙁 This could be a good product – we will never know because of the deceitful way it is advertised and shipped.)

Phil MyCracken says:





They need to shut down this SCAM

Jean says:

This is a scam!! Do not purchase it!! Put the company out of business due to charging credit card and suddenly receiving an $85.90 bill for the “free trial.”

Sandra Lee says:

dishonest false advertising, OVERPRICED
Useless, ineffective. a Scam!!!

Diane says:

Same thing happened to me three charges on my credit card in less than two months!!! $79.99 twice then $85.99 once my credit card company have me a refund but I’m waiting to see if they protest it.

Kumud C.Das says:

I got a package of free sample box 30 tab)- Ofcourse paid the shipping +tax.
Wake up after couple oh hours and did not go to sleep. Had headache, somewhat drowsy, in the morning.

I am not sure if Avinol PM is a good sleep aid?

KAREN says:

I tried this product and fell in love with it – used it nghtly for two weeks and I slept like a baby two week straight. However, I never saw the fine print about a trial period. I was charged $79.99 at the end of the trial but never received the next round. They never answered my emails or phone calls. I finally talked with my bank who got me full refund of the $79.99. I love the product and would like to know what else I can try. I tried Somnapure, however, that left me wide awake all night long so will not go that route again.

Deb Berry says:

I do not wish to subscribe to monthly order. I live on SS and can’t afford $80 a month. I will be contacting my credit card company to not authorize any transaction. I was mislead when I ordered the trial

Jerry says:

They screwed me too ! Total rip off. I ordered the trial, then they shipped another box. I called them and told them off, letting them know it was illegal for them to do so! They promised to take off the charge, but I called the bank as well. The bank is returning my money. !

Muriel Yeoman says:

This is a huge rip off!!! I called the company because I want to make sure that I won’t get any more products after the “free” trial because it does not work and they hung up on me!!! Now they will not answer the phone!!! It I get any more from them I will refuse them and contact my credit card company.

Laura Dessert says:

It is a scam! I did order the product, because it was advertise as a free trial with only shipment payment. I got the product after 29 days of the order and when I called them to check, if they did not inrole me into auto pay, they said that the free trial only 14 days.Now I have a deal with their “business”!

billy wolfe says:

WOW!!! Pay only $4.95 shipping and handling. You better start reading the fine print. How about $4.95 plus billing your card for $80.00 a month for the rest of your life. Big Time Scam. There ought to be a law against this B.S. deceiving advertisement.

Tobywon says:

I ordered Avinol PM and found that it did not work for me. I most always fall asleep quickly, so that was not a problem. Staying asleep was the problem. After a few hours of taking this product I was awake and had trouble falling back to sleep for several hours. My biggest complaint is that I did not reading that I only had 15 days to cancel a subscription and was charged $79.95. I got a Fraud Alert from my credit card company. When I called them about the charge, he informed me about the 15 days and if I didn’t cancel I would be signed up for a subscription. This person advised me that I had to call the Avinol PM company to cancel my subscription. He gave me a phone number to call. I called this number associated with the charge on my credit card only to get the same message every time, “this number is no longer in service”. How does a person cancel a subscription if the company’s number is disconnected. This made me feel like Avinol does this on purpose so people cannot cancel the subscription. Fortunately I saved the email confirming my order which had a different phone number that was in service. I was told I could cancel the subscription but must pay the $79.95 since I did not cancel within 15 days. This was in addition to what I paid for the sample to try Avinol PM. Due to the none working phone number to cancel I am going to dispute the charge with the credit card company. I do not recommend this product or the company I purchased it from.

Jan says:

This company’s “free trial” is a rip off as it leads to monthly charges if not cancelled quickly plus you must send them back the products to not be charged for the “free trial” so cost is over $70.

And my credit card was hit with a huge fraud charge within days of using my credit card to purchase on their website. The credit card company told me that the “free trial” website was not secure and this type of website is hit by hackers.
This product is not certified for the quality of the ingredients and is not out of the ordinary for many other “natural’ sleep products on the market. This company is a scam.

Gary Loeffler says:

The company is a scam, they want you to try it in a trial period with out any notice you have signed up for a continuing supply for 79.95.

Taken in Texas says:

I ordered the “free” sample on August 29 and dutifully paid the $4.95 shipping charge by credit card. I received the sample in quick order. Before opening it I thought to check my credit card account and found that they had charged me $85.90. I promptly called their customer service (that’s a separate tale) and, when I finally got through to a person, asked them what the deal was. Apparently, somewhere in the fine print, when you order the free sample you are also signing up for a long-term, monthly subscription for the pills. I said I was unaware of this and wanted a refund. The first pushback was a polite admonishment that I had ordered it; the second pushback was to keep the order and they would give me 20% off; the third pushback was to keep the order for 50% off. I insisted on a full refund and was finally given instructions on how to do this. I mailed the pills back via USPS on Sept. 8 with tracking. It was received on their end on Sept. 10. As of today, Sept. 19, my credit card statement DOES NOT yet show a credit. I will wait another couple of days and, if no credit shows up, I will call my credit card company and dispute the charge. This product may be very good – I can’t vouch for it one way or the other. All I’m saying is beware the “free” sample!

Val says:

I had the same experience with this company they are the biggest rip-off got the trial and then was charged $79.95 these companies need to be stopped got for there dishonest deception. I would like to know if there are any groups that can help us as consumers.

Steve Carmine says:

These people are scam artists! Avinol PM does not work, and then they bill you $79.95 for a $5.95 trial, and say you agreed to it by not cancelling in 15 days! Total rip off! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!!

D. Tucker says:

I too didn’t see the part where I am locked into a monthly automatic charge for future tabs.
I saw Free Trial and I thought I was getting maybe 7 tabs to try before ordering their 30 tab bottle or package units.
Short story, this product did not work for me and I called to ensure I wouldn’t be charged for any future shipments.
When I spoke to a customer services representative was told, “There is no Free Trial and and I must pay for the Free Trial tabs since I am canceling my so called membership. I reminded her that her own company’s advertising states, “Free Trial “, not “We will ship you 30 tabs at shipping costs and then you must pay the full price for them within 15 days and pay again every month for another 30 tabs until the end of time.”
Within two minutes after hanging up, I was sent 2 emails, one being the standard, “You need to pay for your free trial and a second agreeing to the canceling all future shipments and any charges.
As I said before, I am happy for those who say Avinol PM works for them and are able to pay the high price if they go directly to Avinol PM.
I am unhappy for those who have to fight to cancel the auto-ship and very disappointed that this company has to conduct their business in such a way that the majority of complaints are not about the actual product not working but how terrible its business methods are.
I truly believe that Avinol PM can be sold through its websites at a lower price point plus it can handle any returns or cancelations in a more honest and less maddening way.
I believe I am luckier than some here because my bank forewarned me of the $79.95 charge. I paid $5.95 for shipping and an addition $1.95 package protection charge (?) for my Free Trial package of 30 tabs without any hesitation hoping for my sleep issues relief. Sadly my customer rep spent more time trying to sell me discounted future orders and trying to charge me twenty plus bucks more for the initial Free Trial than listening to my, “Your product doesn’t work, I want to cancel all future orders and thank you for my FREE Trial.”
Bottom-line is be aware of what you order anytime because some merchant’s business practices resemble 1970’s movies about Loan Sharks at their dirtest.

Robert E Darwin says:

Paid for the shipping fee on the Free product on 10/20/2021, got it on 11/02/21 and on 11/10/2021 a charge for $79.95 was charge on my credit card. How can I evaluate a product in 7 days? This $79.95 is the scam. Do not fall for it.

Cynthia says:

I fell for this scam, as have lots of sleep-deprived people. The product does not work for me, which I can accept. But I cannot accept doing business with charlatans posing as a legit “business.” It’s outrageous that scams like this are so common. I insisted on a full refund from them. I’m not holding my breath waiting for them to follow through and will not pay a lawyer to go after them. Maybe we all need law degrees so we can sue these scammers proliferating as legitimate business in the US.

Doug says:

Again, this like many Sleep Related online products may or may not work for you.
First things first, the product did nothing to help me with my sleep issues.
The 2nd kick in the teeth was the terrible business practices of their automatic shipping and billing of more product regardless if it works or not.
Come on. With that business model you are going to lose potential purchasers even if your product is the greatest thing since slice bread.
I want what I buy to work. I don’t want any company to try to squeeze every penny out of its customers because they feel they can.
There can be enough satisfied customers out there to allow you to sell and refund that very small percentage of dissatisfied customer and still make excellent profits and great products reviews if your product is as good as you promote it to be.

DT says:

Tried it and it did not produced the results as marketed with me.
With that said, in my dealing with Avinol PM customer services, I should warn you to be aware of full priced auto-shipments and paying for your so called “Free Trials” when you try to cancel. Please read the fine print top to bottom to avoid a headache.
This company needs to review their business practices and really hear all their customer’s concerns both positive and those negative.
And for those who state Avinol PM works, Bravo.
And those fighting to stop additional unwarranted charges, fight the good battle.

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