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Femininity is a vaginal moisturizing supplement that is intended to support skin health, decrease dryness, and make it easier to engage in sex when needed. Other non-sexual benefits include the improvement of nails, hair, and even skin.

They say that the support of vaginal moisture was not an originally intended benefit, but that it was a pleasant surprise. It’s marketed as the number 1 brand of its kind, and they say it can make women feel sexier while making one have the potential for spontaneous sex.

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Their supplements facts list reveals:

Organic Sea Berry Oil Non-GMO Starch Glycerin
Carrageenan Maltitol Water

Organic Sea Berry Oil: The only active ingredient within this which has omega 7, omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 fatty acids as well as carotenoids, tocopherols, and tocotrienols. This is made using CO2 technology according to their official website, and it is free of GMO’s.  They add a total of 1000 mg of this per 2 soft gel servings.

These fatty acids are known to help support many body functions including aiding the brain, nails, hair, skin, and overall mood.

Sea berry is another name for Hippophae Rhamnoides, a kind of flowering plant that is found in parts of Europe and Asia. This has vitamins, fiber, amino acid, minerals, and is known to be nutritious.

Web MD has looked at this additive and they say:

“not enough is known about the safety”

This does have fatty acids which can be useful for improving moisture in the vagina, but it can also be sourced from multiple other sources.

The most effective supplements which can raise libido and sex drive for women have been listed here.

Maltitol:  Hydrogenated corn syrup that is used as a sugar alcohol, meaning it can be used for to sweeten foods, without the risk of casing tooth decay. It has less of an effect on blood sugar levels, and this is added as an inactive ingredient which can give a slight sweet taste.  There are mixed findings on whether or not this can be useful for diabetics.

This is unlikely to be added in a high enough amount to be a notable sweetener however.

Carrageenan: A seaweed extract that is used to help promote thickening and binding effects, it is used as an inactive additive to help support the overall consistency of this formula.  It has also been used to help reduce inflammation and swelling.

Web MD has expressed caution and found it to be:

“POSSIBLY UNSAFE… might cause cancer”

There have been mixed findings on its overall safety and actual effects.

Glycerin: Commonly used ingredient which is inactive and intended to help provide a slightly sweet taste. This is considered non-toxic and safe to use according to multiple studies.  This is also added frequently to typical aids as it can be used on sensitive sin types, and it is also known to have a laxative effect with high enough doses.

Non-GMO Starch: Taken from non-genetically modified food, this carbohydrate is a large combination of glucose. This is found in many foods such as corn, rice, potatoes and wheat. In its pure form it is an odorless and flavorless powder which is used often in processed foods as a stable sugar source. This can also thicken and bond together ingredients.

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The inactive ingredients ae likely to be safe and the formula is vegan friendly and kosher friendly. As far as the sole active ingredient, they do add it in a high amount, and it does have many fatty acids which are rich and potentially helpful towards overall health. As far as it having any deep or unique libido enhancing effects, this is unlikely. Fatty acids are helpful for supporting libido, but it can also be found in many other kinds of foods.  This is also not a very deep or lasting effect, as it’s more to help those who have a deficiency.

As noted by the company, the female moisturizing effects were a pleasant surprise, but nit a truly intended consequence. This is meant more to support nerve, bone, and connective tissue than to actually improve sexuality. His can improve moisture in the vagina but it’s not likely to deliver any other female sexual enhancing changes. This is meant more as a way to help support those who have a natural deficiency.

There is also lacking studies about the long-term effects of taking this kind of oil.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


They sell a one moth supply direct from the official website for $39.95.  They advise to take 2 soft gels daily. They do allow for a 30 day return as long as one prides a receipt, and one has to pay for the shipping costs.

They do say that this is free of any GMO’s, and that it is natural and considered safe. It would have been helpful if they cited studies to showcase how they discovered that this ingredient would be truly side effect free.

It’s said in their FAQ section that a 2024 study saw that many women saw a great benefit from this supplement. They fail to cite their findings however.  Without these findings it’s not possible to truly know what this brand can offer, if anything at all.

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They are known as Sibu and they list their contact details as being:

Phone Number: (877) 393-8542

Address: 1098 E South Union Ave

Midvale, UT 84047

Email: Provided is a contact list for communication and they also site the following [email protected]

In their terms and conditions they outline their returns policy. Outside information from any 3rd party website does not have any detailed information about this company.

Other than a social media page and they claim on their website, there are limited details about the company and their practices.

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The found customer reviews reveal the following:

“glad I found it my hair and nails are vibrant”

“Helped prevent vaginal dryness”

“Went for the whole month long supply and it did not help improve me”

“Made me break out real bad. I must be allergic to this”

They have a few positive reviews from consumers ho enjoyed the fact that their skin, hair and nails looked more healthy. Overall users commented on its lack of abilities for female sexuality.

Most people didn’t even comment on whether or not it had any affect. There were people who felt it prevented vaginal dryness however. Still, this does not mean it will affect things like blood flow, libido, sexual drive, or any kind of other sexual improvement.

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There are healthy fatty acids provided which are beneficial for overall health, and there are many favorable reviews about the overall formula. But unfortunately people did not mention female libido or sexual enhancement as a benefit. Only some said it supported vaginal moisture, and most others had reviews about other aspect to this brand which is not tied to sexual support. This is notable in the fact that the company did not intend for this to improve vaginal moisture, but happened to be a benefit. Not all users liked this as well, as some said it was not enjoyable to use.

After analyzing countless female libido brands our review experts have determined that Libitrinex was by far the best overall. The company was rated favorably, and the formula is provided in a high enough dosage to help support blood flow, sexuality, and overall libido. This is made possible via its natural aphrodisiac which can make it easier to enjoy oneself in the bedroom.

This supplement is also highly touted by customers who added how it helped make their sex lives much more enjoyable. Each ingredient is made in a GMP certified facility which is the best way to ensure routine 3rd party inspections are held. For more information about the top ranked Libitrinex, read reviews and check out a brief description of tis formula by looking at their official website.

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