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Velextra For Women is a female sexual enhancement supplement made with a blend of herbal ingredients. This is made to increase desire, passion, and overall sexual pleasure.

Their proprietary blend has a total of 296 mg per serving, and it has both common and uncommonly used ingredients. Details about it are limited but there is a full ingredients list so users can review what it can potentially offer. You can find it on multiple 3rd party websites as well as some drug stores. Our top pick for female libido enhancement was the natural supplement known as Libitrinex.

The rave reviews and overall potency of the formula was supportive enough to be a top rated supplement. Check out the official Libitrinex website to learn about what it can offer and what makes it unique.


The full ingredients are:

Fennel Seed Powder Ginger Root PE Licorice Root PE Saw Palmetto PE Maltodextrin
Microcrystalline Cellulose Silica Gelatin FD&C Blue #1 FD&C Red #3
Titanium Dioxide

Fennel Seed Powder: An herb in the carrot family that is used for medical and culinary reasons. This is rich and vitamins and minerals and is used specifically to improve colon and respiratory health.

This is considered likely safe when taken in average amounts found in food. It’s unclear what kind of female libido benefit this is meant to support.

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Ginger Root PE: A natural multipurpose herb that is used commonly to prevent indigestion, nausea, and other related digestive issues. This is also used to help reduce inflammation and to support the nervous system and brain.

When it is supplemented appropriately in the amounts often found in food it is likely to be free of any side effects.

Licorice Root PE: The compound in licorice known as Glycyrrhizin is used for different purposes including aiding digestion, but so far studies have been inconclusive. High amounts can potentially lead to:

  • High blood pressure, heart issues, and muscle complications.

The  National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health says that there is:

“not enough evidence”

In regards to it having a benefit its unknown just yet if there is any legitimate science to support the health claims made.

Saw Palmetto PE: A fruit used to help improve prostate health and the reproductive system. This has a long historical usage as a medicinal aid, and it can help support healthy urine flow and make it easier to sustain the prostate.

FD&C Blue #1: Known as Brilliant Blue FCF, this artificial food coloring is added to give the pills a blue color. Made synthetically it will often be added to processed goods such as candy and beverages.

When ingested it will often be improperly digested, leading to discolored stools which are blue in appearance. Certain users may develop sudden allergies such as a rash, gives, redness, swelling, and other symptoms which may be the signs of a major issue.

There have been issues with this ingredient that the FDA has cited such as reproductive damage in larger amounts. Though when added to supplements it is unlikely to be significant enough.

FD&C Red #3: Artificially produced food dye known as Erythrosine. This was partially banned in the 1990’s by the FDA after studies showed it could lead to cancer in rats.

There are safety groups which have called for the full ban of this instead of a partial ban, since it serves no medicinal purpose and some studies have shown it can cause side effects.

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For unknown reasons the formula focuses on a lot of ingredients which have no female libido benefits. They also add 2 forms of food coloring to their inactive ingredients which goes against the claim that this is all-natural. Food coloring is produced artificially so it’s not known why they would claim this is all-natural, it’s a blatant lie that’s easily disproven.

They also provide the 4 active ingredients in a 296 mg blend, which is significantly low as some of the ingredients would require more to be effective.

There are bold claims about how this can:

“help women safely and effectively”

Still no evidence is cited at all to ensure that they have had any sort of studies showing how they came to these conclusions. It all sounds impressive but without any evidence there is no reason to believe any of it.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Prices for Velextra For Women vary on the specific amount chosen:

  • 2 capsule pouch: $6.99.
  • 10 capsule bottle: $24.99.
  • 60 capsule bottle: $69.98.

No returns are offered unless there is an issue caused by the manufacturer or shipment process. Daily supplementation is required so their 60 capsule bottles would translate to a $1.16 daily cost.

The active ingredients are natural, but very few actual libido boosters are added to this. They also add it in such a small quantity that it’s unlikely to have a strong enough effect for change to occur.

There’s also the issue of the added food coloring which is unnecessary and 3rd party groups have also advised to avoid this as much as possible. There are links to these kinds of food coloring to dangerous potential issues such as DNA damage and serious allergies.

It would have been great had there been any sort of clinical studies to back up the great claims made about this.

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Their company name is BeaMonster and to contact them there is the following:

Email: [email protected]

Their return policy only extends to items which are defective and they must be documented within 48 hours of being delivered. The official website only has very limited information and they do not offer a terms and conditions.

After doing research on the company it was shown that they had tainted supplements which contained the prescription ingredient tadalafil, which is illegal to add to a supplement. This was inside of a female libido supplement and its unknown if it was Velextra For Women which contained this banned substance.

It’s always a bad sign when an official website is very limited on details, and they do not offer their phone number or address. After researching them it’s quite likely that they share limited details in order so customers aren’t aware of their past issues.

Another issue is the fact that they claim this formula is all-natural but in looking at the ingredients it is clear they add artificial food coloring.

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Neither the official website nor any 3rd party websites offer any user reviews. Because of this lack of details there is no way to determine for certain what can be expected, if anything.

What’s confusing about this lack of reviews is the fact that the company makes it seem as if it is already been used by many successfully. They fail to give any testimonials and no one has left a review of the product on their feedback system.

There needs to be some sort of assurance from other users to show if any benefits have been seen, and whether or not side effects are a possibility. They even claim that this:

“intensifies sexual sensations and orgasm”

Without proof of how they came up with this conclusion there is no way to know for certain how they determined this was a possibility.

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Due to thee being no clinical studies, user reviews, a low dosage active ingredient formula, and no evidence, it’s impossible to determine if this would work as it’s claimed it will. There has to be more presented in the way of facts to know what can be expected. The company has also had issues with their manufacturing process as they have either accidentally or on purpose leaked prescription ingredients. The official website is limited on information and they do not offer returns on any opened bottles.  There is no reassurance that this would be safe or effective at all.

Our reviews experts have made it their mission to find out what brands are best for female libido, and Libitrinex was favored overall. Its high potency formula and great consumer reviews made it a clear winner and it also contains highly regarded and tested ingredients.

This supplement is also rated favorably due to the amount of positive user experiences from women who noticed an overall improvement in their libido and sexual intimacy. The company responsible for this supplement ensures the quality by making it in a FDA approved facility as well. Learn about Libitrinex and what it kind of benefits it can offer you by clicking on this link.

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