NEW Making Whoopie Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Making Whoopie is a water-based topical cream sold as a sexual pleasure enhancer and orgasm stimulant. It is meant to be applied directly to the genitalia, and can be tasted or consumed as a part of the sexual act.

Making Whoopie claims to create a “tingling” sensation when applied to the clitoris or vagina, and promises to generate greater sensory stimulation which is supposed to lead to more sexual arousal. It is also intended to heighten the actual act of sex as well, and also to increase the intensity of orgasms in both men and women. It is edible, water-soluble for easy clean-up, and intended to taste sweet and creamy.

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Making Whoopie is not very forthcoming on its ingredients. The only ingredients that we could find listed anywhere were the following:

Vitamin E Cocoa Butter

Vitamin E: A common vitamin found in oils, meat, eggs, and vegetables, it is associated with being able to treat high blood pressure, premenstrual syndrome, and painful periods experienced by some women. Potential side effects from consuming too much include:

  • Nausea, stomach cramps, and diarrhea
  • Blurred vision, headaches, and fatigue

Cocoa Butter: A vegetable fat derived from the cocoa bean, it is used as a flavoring in foods, as well as a base for certain medicines and toiletries.

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Making Whoopie is a mystery. It is only listed as containing two ingredients, neither of which have to do with the purported functions of the cream. This means either that the company does not want us to know what is in the product, or it does not think that the average customer is interested in what’s inside.

Vitamin E is a necessary vitamin, which is essential to the proper functioning of several organs in the human body, and when consumed, it is known to have certain positive effects on the body. However, this cream is meant primarily as a topical application, and while it has been associated with positive effects when applied to the skin (with some considering it an anti-aging treatment), there is no evidence that we have found supporting the idea that it has any effect on sexual functions. Why it is included in this product, then, is not clear.

Cocoa butter is a simple food product, commonly used, and while it was certainly included for its flavoring (the flavor is marketed as “Creme Brulee”), it likewise has no known effect on increased sexual pleasure or the libido.

Products marketed as having a beneficial effect on the sexual experience generally include information about the ingredients and their specific functions, with the aim of convincing the customer that the product will work based on the efficacy of its make-up. Making Whoopie, on the other hand, includes no information about any ingredient which is supposed to do anything remotely sexual, with most such products affecting hormones, stimulating blood flow, or increasing skin sensitivity.

The product claims to cause a “tingling” sensation, but it isn’t clear what sort of ingredient is supposed to cause that reaction. This may be caused by some unlisted ingredient. Otherwise, it’s hard to tell why the company wouldn’t list it on its own website or any other retailer’s.

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Making Whoopie is priced low: $9.99 on its product website, $7.26 on Amazon, and $5.99 at Another site called Forbidden Lust has its regular price listed at $19.99.

There are no indications at any retailer that there are discounts for purchasing multiple tubes, which is a common offer with many sexual stimulants. It is unclear why there is no such deal with this product.

Given that we don’t know exactly what’s in Making Whoopie, and that all we know is that it contains a vitamin and a flavoring agent, whether the price is worth it is subject to speculation. For all the customer knows, they’re paying ten dollars for the equivalent of a vitamin-infused candy bar, and that is not a good deal.

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BUSINESS OF Making Whoopie

Making Whoopie is made by My Joy Collection, a purveyor of a variety of adult-themed lubricants, cremes, and edible sex toys. Their contact information is:

Phone Number: (800) 255-2441

Address: None provided.

Email: [email protected]

The website does not contain any mentions of a return policy, and so it appears that it is primarily through 3rd party retailers that customers will have any chance of a refund. This is unusual, as a money-back guarantee demonstrates confidence in the quality of what they sell. Lack of a guarantee may imply the opposite of that, which is why businesses would do well to provide one.

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My Joy Collection’s website leaves a lot to be desired. It is sparse, simplistic, and offers no information on the company itself. Their “About Us” section is completely blank, which is a huge oversight when it comes to communication and transparency.

In addition, none of the products on the website have any details about what they are, where they’re made, or what they’re made of. The site basically just offers a picture of a product, a sentence or two describing it, and then a button to select and pay for it – that’s all.

This company produces products purported to have an effect on people’s bodies,  specifically their genitalia, and with such a sensitive subject as their main focus it is unusual and concerning that they would totally forget to put any information in their “About Us” section, or to put any information about what is contained in their products. Efforts like these can make businesses seem more trustworthy, well-meaning, and legitimate.

Customers will likely want to know what they are buying and that the company they’re buying from is to be trusted, and so it is a shame that My Joy Collection hasn’t paid any attention to their products or their website.

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Customer opinions can make or break a company, making it vital that businesses concentrate on getting customer feedback to back up their assertions about their products.

That said, Making Whoopie’s product page contains zero reviews of the product, and there are only three reviews available on Amazon:

“It’s not very stimulating, but it does give you some sensation. Not too sugary.”

“Works great!”

“The product that arrived was not the one in the picture.”

All in all, it is hard to make a judgment on a whether a product works when all there are are three lackluster customer reviews to draw from. If a product was effective at what it did, and customers enjoyed it, surely there would be more reviews touting its effects. As things stand, however, it does not appear to be a popular product at all.

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There is no clear indication that this product does what it says it does. With no listed ingredients that are known to arouse sexual stimulation and improve orgasms, and with only a couple of lukewarm or negative reviews, it seems that Making Whoopie is not a successful sexual product.

A weak sex drive is not something that can easily be solved, especially not with a candy-flavored cream. There are fundamental biological issues which cause it, having to do with the reproductive and endocrine systems, with hormones and blood flow, and with overall body health. Sexual potency and quality of orgasms are better addressed with supplements and pharmaceuticals which are formulated to balance, counteract, and revitalize those functions.

Making Whoopie may taste great, but the important thing is whether or not it works. From the company’s lack of presence, lack of customer reviews, and lack of evidence about its ingredients and their ability to help people have better sex lives, it is doubtful that it does.

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