NEW FemPills Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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FemPills is a female libido boosting supplement used for multiple orgasms and stronger sexual satisfaction. It’s intended to be safe without the fear of side effects, and all with a natural formula.

More sexual gratification, lubrication, and overall orgasm duration is specifically targeted. They recommend around 2 to 3 capsules 1 hour before sex. Their formula is made up of 5 active herbs, 4 of which have a direct impact on sexual function.  It’s even said to be useful for men looking to also increase their libido, since it has many common aphrodisiacs.

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The ingredients added are:

Horny Goat Weed Muira Puama Damiana Tribulis Terrestris Black Pepper Extract

Horny Goat Weed: A libido enhancing herbal ingredient that has been used traditionally in ancient Chinese medicine. This is a common ingredient in sexual enhancement aids, though typically it’s meant more for men since it may boost testosterone. This can also be used to help support cardiovascular health and overall circulation in the body.

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Muira Puama: Aphrodisiac plant used to help increase sexual desire and for healthy circulation. This has a traditional use by Amazonian tribes which have known about its potential for increasing overall virility. This can help stimulate healthy overall wellness.

Damiana: An herbal shrub extract that is used as an aphrodisiac. The chemicals within this are used to affect both mental and physical health.  Web MD has noted that it may have the potential for some serious side effects which they say are:

“Convulsions… symptoms similar to rabies or strychnine poisoning”

Because of this very serious potential side effect it’s important to know the dosage strength, which the makers of FemPills do not reveal. They also say that this may lead to side effects in pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Without knowing if this is added in a high amount, it’s impossible to certify beforehand if it would be safe to use for all women.

Tribulus Terrestris: Common sexual enhancement plant that can boost cardiovascular function, prevent premature ejaculation, and which can increase testosterone production.  This is often added exclusively to male sexual enhancement supplements as opposed to women’s.

Black Pepper Extract: The natural molecules in this spice are intended to help increase the uptake or bioavailability of any surrounding ingredients. This can help support the overall usefulness of the entire formula, supporting overall digestion.

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It’s not that this formula is bad in any way; it’s that they use basic ingredients that are basic to so many other similar supplements. There is nothing unique about this, and they add only a total of 5 ingredients, 1 of which has no effect at all on libido.

Another issue is the fact that the dosage strength is not published on the official website. You have to take up to 3 pills before sex, which is a lot for any supplement. It makes no sense since it would have been useful had they just added higher dosage strength in 1 capsule instead of dividing it in 3. Many brands offer just 1 pill for maximum effect, there’s no need to require additional capsules. This may be done this way so customers have to buy more of it to help sustain their libido.

Because you don’t know for certain what the total amount added is there is no way to determine for certain whether or not this will actually be as effective as it’s claimed. Overall there has to be more information to help determine what a likely effect may be. There’s far too many questions needed to be solved before making a decision on the overall quality.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


When purchased direct form the official website a bottle is sold for $68.95 with $9 shipping. By ordering they also have 60 pills of what’s described as:

“ThunderLoads Cum Pills… Massive Cum Shots, Huge Volume”

It’s unknown why they automatically offer this bottle since it’s meant for male sexual enhancement, not female.

Because customers may have to take 3 pills before sex, this may last upwards of 20 days’ worth of applications. There really isn’t anything useful about this which isn’t already seen in many other brands. The price is also high when you factor in what’s added, many other brands have the 4 active ingredients alongside other useful aphrodisiacs. It’s impossible to determine the quality without knowing the dosage strength. It could be that this is even more overpriced if the ingredient strength is too low.

Regardless even if the dosage strength has each ingredient added in an optimal strength, there is no indication that this would be worth the high price tag. Many other brands offer much more at either the same or a cheaper price.

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Their full name is Ultra Health and their provided contact details are:

Phone Number: (210) 807-4404

Address: PO BOX 416

Rangiora, 7440, New Zealand.

Email: Contact form is provided.

They do say returns can be made 60 days after the purchase date on one opened bottle, but it’s unknown if they honor this.  Typically companies will offer a more detailed explanation to help explain how to schedule a return. Only a PO box is offered as an address, so you won’t know for certain if they operate from a dedicated center.

They do say that when taken as directed there is no fear of side effects but that customers will require more sex and that they may:

“squirt during orgasm”

There is no proof provided on how they established this is a likely outcome. In reviewing the ingredients it does not seem likely that this is a possible benefit, none of these increase lubrication to that much of a degree.

Another strange unproven claim is that this will lead to more sex required in the user. How this is so or what this really means is unknown as they keep that description brief. This is an odd claim to make since it can’t really be proven in any legitimate studies, so it’s unknown why they would make it. Its grand claims like this which make the company seen irresponsible and not legitimate.

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There are 7 testimonials on the official website, but only 2 on their page, here’s what some customers had to say:

“not effective at all this was a waste of money”

“testimonials are fake and this is a hoax… would not recommend”

Though there are only 2 reviews, these consumers were clearly frustrated with the lack of effects. One customer also said that the reviews were forged since one of the testimonials claimed there is a white powder, when clearly the formula is brown in appearance.

Because it appears they forge reviews, it makes sense why the only independent sources claim this did not work.

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You won’t find anything in this formula which isn’t already a standard in many other similar supplements. This is also incredibly pricy for what you’re getting, and the company does not provide any real evidence why this would be preferred over any other similar supplement. Worse yet, they do not help explain the use of this supplement; instead they have a lot of great sounding claims not backed by evidence.  This requires a lot of supplementing in order for it to work, and the formula is too basic.

With many brands examined, the best one of the year according to our review team is Libitrinex. This brand has a great reputation where man consumer said they noticed great improvements in their sexual vigor and overall arousal.

The way it works is through an all-natural formula of well-regarded, 3rd party approved ingredients. This can help stimulate healthy sexual desire through the use of all-natural aphrodisiacs.

The creators have a great reputation and they offer an easy to understand description of what it offers, and how to use it. They also ensure the quality is consistent by producing it within a GMP approved facility.  Read our exclusive review on Libitrinex where we explain in detail why it was our top rated supplement for female sexual enhancement.

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