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IsoSensuals Tight is a topical gel that is intended to help improve tightness in the vagina. This is sprayed on the tip of one’s finger, and then massaged inside of the vagina.

They advise to use it within 30 minutes or 30 seconds from engagement in intercourse. It’s said to be free of any taste or odor. Each bottle has a total of 60 applications. Other than these provided details, the official website is lacking much information about how it works.

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Their ingredients are outlined as:

Deionized Water Manjakani Extract Witch Hazel Extract
Organic Aloe Vera Vegetable Glycerin Cellulose
Xanthan Gum Squalene Potassium Sorbate

Manjakani Extract: An infected oak tree extract which appears as a small ball, this is native to Malaysia and it is known to have tannins. These tannins can help constrict cells and this is a main active ingredient in vagina tightening remedies.

While this effect is claimed, there is no actual scientific evidence to show whether or not this would be safe and effective. This can get rid of bacteria, but this is not a selective process, so it can actually get rid of beneficial vaginal flora which is needed to sustain the health of the vagina.

Though there are many beneficial claims made about this ingredient, this often comes from groups looking to sell supplements with this in it. Due to a lack of studies it’s unknown what this can do, if anything.

In analyzing countless female libido brands, our experts were able to determine which the best were truly.

Witch Hazel Extract: Natural astringent which is taken from a shrub. This is used to soothe skin irritation, hemorrhoids, and it has even been used to treat acne. This is often used by women to help reduce swelling which can occur after childbirth.

This has a possibility for skin irritation in certain users. It is also advised not to swallow this as it can lead to gastrointestinal side effects which can be uncomfortable.

Organic Aloe Vera: A desert plant extract which has been used on skin to increase the healing process, and to also help fight against sunburn.

Vegetable Glycerin: A standard cosmetic ingredient which us known to help trap moisture. In its vegetable form it is often taken from things like soy, coconut oil, palm oil, or other similar fatty sources.

Cellulose: A fiber found within the cell walls of plants which can help provide structure to other ingredients.

Squalene: Used naturally by the human body to help synthesize many things including vitamin D. This is used to help support health cholesterol, and it was often used to prevent aging.

Potassium Sorbate: Preservative extracted from sorbic acid that appears as a white salt, and which is soluble in water. This is said to potentially cause:

“damage in DNA”

This was according to a study in Toxicology in Vitro.  This serves to protect the formula in IsoSensuals Tight by limiting the effect microbes and fungus can have.

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Many of the ingredients in this are very cheap to find elsewhere. Some ingredients also have no real benefit towards vaginal tightening such as xanthan gum a thickener, potassium sorbate a preservative, glycerin a moisturizing agent, and aloe vera.

It then appears that the only ingredients which are meant to deliver support are witch hazel, squalene, and Manjakani. It’s unknown if any of these can support vaginal tightening as there are no studies to support this. Witch hazel while healthy, can lead to irritation in some. Squalene can help with anti-aging support, but it’s unclear if this translates to any beneficial vaginal improvement.

The controversial Manjakani is often touted as a helpful ingredient, but no studies have shown whether or not it would actually deliver any changes.

The list here highlights our expert’s selection for the best female libido brands.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


A container sells for $49.95 from the official website, and each container has a total of 60 applications. This does last a while but it’s much more expensive than similar brands.

The formula in this is highly questionable as there is no proof to show whether or not it would actually be safe and effective. Most importantly the claims of it tightening the vagina are unfounded, since there are no clinical reviews of any kind which ever went into the key active ingredients within this.

The company has also been outed for making unproven controversial claims about this brand which were found to be false. This raises doubts about what this product can actually do. The cheap astringents within this can be sourced elsewhere for a far cheaper cost.

Other ingredients in this are also cheap, and it’s clear this is heavily marked up in price for what is being offered.

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IsoSensuals is the name of the official company and their contact details offered are:

Phone Number: (888) 633-9083

Email: [email protected]

Refunds are allowed for returned bottles sold on the official website within 60 days. This is allowed for a two month supply and one must also pay for shipping and handling to and from.

The company states that they make their products in a GMP certified facility to help ensure that the integrity of the ingredients is maintained.

They had controversies in 2024 by the National Advertising Division said that there were questionable claims made about the benefits of their products. This included the claim that IsoSentuals Tight would be beneficial for reversing the loss of elasticity, and that results could be permanent. Because of this the company has decided to:

“permanently discontinue advertising claims”

It was marketed as a proven product but after failing to deliver any clinical studies, the company was forced to withdraw their claims.

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Various reviews can be found online, here is an outlined of the most prominent opinions:

“caused my husband to itch”

“Used it for about a week and I’ve experienced some benefits”

“Reviews for this are fake. This is not going to do anything… False advertising. It made by face break out real bad”

“Did not make me any tighter this is such as waste of money”

On there are 341 negative reviews and 2,025 positive one’s. Those that didn’t like it said it either didn’t work at all, that it caused side effects, or that it was unpleasant to use.

It’s also strange to note how many of the first couple reviews for this product are all negative, and only recently was there a sudden increase of positive reviews.  Some who left negative reviews have claimed that the company paid for these reviews, and that cannot be trusted.

It’s unknown if this is true or not, but the company did lie about the so called proven claims made about this brand.

In the quest to find the best female libido supplement our review experts determined which were the most beneficial.


Due to a lack of evidence, cheap ingredients, high price, and questionable business history, it remains to be seen what this brand can truly do. When using astringents in the vagina there is a fear that this can potentially destroy the healthy bacteria that it needs to thrive. The company was also caught lying about the claims that their product could deliver permanent lasting effects. Since they failed to produce evidence and they willingly stopped making these claims, they then made their website bear with only a few words to describe the product. It also means that the company willfully lied to customers about how effective this brand could be.

The number 1 rated female libido supplement that our review experts saw all year was Libitrinex. This was rated highly due to its all-natural stimulant free formula, use of 3rd party reviewed aphrodisiacs, and the great support from customers.

User testimonials on the official website show how women saw great improvements in their sex lives, and how they were able to remain sexually stimulated. The company who makes it also produces the formula within a facility approved by the FDA. To further examine Libitrinex for yourself and to get a hold of it, review their official website found here.

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