NEW Natural Passion Woman’s Libido Supplement Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Natural Passion Woman’s Libido Supplement is a sexual enhancement supplement that is meant to provide a healthy boost in sexual function. It was specially designed to help meet women’s requirements for healthy libido.

It is blended in a hypoallergenic and vegetarian formulated mixture without the use of common allergens or artificial additives. This is also intended to help deliver noticeable changes without any side effects. All that’s required is 2 tablets daily to stimulate healthy sexual function.

After examining many supplements for female libido, overall Libitrinex was favorited for its quality formula. Consumers and our review experts agreed that it could deliver great benefits though its natural ingredients free of any stimulants. Read our Libitrinex review where we help breakdown what it can do.



Dong Quai Brazilian Puira Puama Ginger Wild Yam Damiana
L-Arginine L-Histidine Ginkgo Biloba Leaf DHEA Microcrystalline Cellulose
Di-calcium phosphate Stearic Acid Magnesium Stearate Silica Nicotinic Acid

Dong Quai: This is used as a medicinal plant has been used to treat PMS symptoms, prevent anemia, increase estrogen, and prevent infertility.

Web MD has stated that when applied to the skin it can increase sun sensitivity. They also add that the chemicals in this are:

“cancer-causing (carcinogens)”

Our goal was to find what the best supplements were for natural women’s libido enhancement; see our results by clicking the link.

Brazilian Puira Puama: A potent aphrodisiac that I used to help enhance nerve function and boost overall vigor. It is native to the Amazons where it is used as a way to boost virility.

Ginger: Used as a spice, the chemicals in this are often intended to help prevent gas, constipation, and stomach cramps. It can also be used as a natural inflammation and nausea reducing ingredient.

Large amounts or for those that are allergic there may be a potential for side effects outlined by Web MD as:

  • Heartburn, low blood sugar, and incased menstrual bleeding.

Wild Yam: A North American native plant that is used to treat menopause symptoms as well as boost estrogen in women.

Damiana: A plant aphrodisiac extract that is rich in many natural chemicals. This also has fatty acids and caffeine in certain species. It is intended specially to help regulate the nervous system and brain. This has been used in Mayan times but it’s known that it can potentially cause serious side effects.

Web MD has stated this may lead to:

“symptoms similar to rabies or strychnine poisoning”

They also say it may lead to dangerously low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, convulsions, and it may not be suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women.

L-Histidine: An essential amino acid that is found naturally in foods, this is important for regulating many functions in the human body such has metabolism.

DHEA: A hormone created by the body which was once used in supplement to help regulate many bodily functions. Web MD has mentioned that there is a control with the quality control and that supplements often have:

“no DHEA at all… (or) more than the labeled amount”

The FDA has since banned this ingredient and they declare it should not be:

“legally…marketed as dietary supplements”

 Many major side effects may result according to Web MD including:

  • High blood pressure, hair loss, acne.
  • Changes in the menstrual cycle, deeper voice, and higher risk for certain forms of cancer.

Check out the top 10 list to get an idea for what makes a great supplement for female libido support.


Though you can read the full supplements facts, most of the claims about its quality are made by 3rd party websites. There is no official website for this, and some sites claim this is now discontinued though it still is sold on other sites.

Because all the claimed benefits of this brand are second hand from their websites, it’s impossible to know for certain if the intended benefits are accurate to what the manufacturer intended.

Some common ingredients are used which can enhance libido such as ginkgo biloba, amino acids for enhanced blood flow, Muira Puama and Damiana. While this can be effective for enhancing libido, the added DHEA is questionable since it is a hormone derivative. This is a banned ingredient which the FDA does not allow in supplements. This may be the reason why it is not featured on any official website, and why it is discontinued.

Click here to see what brands our review experts considered to be the utmost best for female sexual enhancement.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Each bottle has a 60 capsule bottle and it lasts a total of 30 days when taken as directed. Only 2 tablets are advised daily.

The biggest issue which makes it impossible to determine the overall quality is that it is now discontinued. You won’t be able to get this fresh anymore and any websites which sell this will not be liable for any side effects. The banned DHEA is also not allowed in supplements due to serious safety concerns. Using this may be very dangerous and it’s impossible to know what kind of side effects may result unit it’s too late.

Using any supplement that is no longer sponsored by the original creator is not advised as it’s clear they want nothing to do with it any longer. After much review our experts were able to determine for certain what the best female sexual enhancement aids is.


They are known as the Natural Organics Laboratories, Inc. and to contact them they can be reached at the following:

Phone Number: (631) 293-0030

Address: 9500 New Horizons Blvd

Amityville, New York 11701

The Better Business Bureau has released a warning that as of 2024 they have failed to provide proof for a total of 6 marketing claims. They had issue with the following claims:

“100% Consumer Satisfaction”

“Most Trusted Supplier”

“100% Satisfaction Guaranteed”

“Most Trusted Manufacturer”

All these great sounding claims were not supported by evidence according to the Better Business Bureau, so it raises questions about whether or not the company can be trusted.

One customer also said that their label was misleading, and that it was not as effective or good as the supplement in question claimed it was.

Yet another issue is the fact that the official Nature’s Plus website does not feature Natural Passion Woman’s Libido Supplement. Because they fail to add any information, there is no way to determine if the 3rd party websites which sell this are getting fresh batches. Some 3rd party websites do not sell it but have a page dedicated to it where they mention it is discontinued. If this is true, then it could be possible that any batches of this are nearing expiration, or may already be expired.

The only websites that still sell it do not mention a money back return policy, so this means all sales are likely final

Provided within this link is a full breakdown of the highest rated supplements for female libido support.


Very few reviews were available online, here’s what was found online:

“Gave me a nice warm sensation I’ll be re=ordering”

“This really works as it’s described”

“Made a big difference in my sex life”

“I’d recommend it”

It’s good that there were only positive reviews but all this came from just one website, and it’s unknown of this is truly unbiased. This formula does have some ingredients which can boost libido, but the fat it’s discontinued makes it a potentially dangerous purchase.

Here’s a great explanation into what the top ranking supplements are for natural women’s sexual enhancement.


Some of these ingredients are potentially helpful though they’re common to so many other similar brands. The main issue with this product is that it’s discontinued and it contains a banned substance which can be potentially dangerous. You have no safety guarantee nor are there a money back return policy offered. You may not be receiving a product that is fresh or even still unexpired. There are far too many issues with this [product to recommend it over other brands which have the same basic formula.

By reviewing so many brands our review experts determined that overall Libitrinex was the best supplement for women’s libido. This offer a great blend of natural and studied ingredients which can help maximize overall sexual health. The blend uses only natural stimulant free ingredients which can help support mood, energy, vigor, and sensual pleasure.

Customers left positive feedback through testimonials on the official website, and many said it helped reinvigorate their sex lives. The formula uses ingredients which all have been reviewed in clinical review as well. Follow this link to learn about what’s inside of Libitrinex and understand what made it the year’s best female libido enhancer.

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