NEW Ocean Sensuals G Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Ocean Sensuals G is a female sexual enhancement lubricant that is made with natural ingredients and said to be easy to apply. This can also be used with a latex condom, and is said to be recommended by women’s health professionals.

The benefits include stronger orgasm, more overall sexual pleasure ,and overall libido enhancement. The pump is also specially sealed and made to provide proper amounts. Just one pump is needed which it’s massaged directly on to the genitals until sensation is felt.

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No supplements facts list is cited but one website did say the following is used:

Water Propanediol Carrageenan L-Arginine Niacin
Evening Primrose Oil Menthol Citric Acid Sodium Benzoate Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate

Propanediol: Synthetically produced ingredient that appears as a colorless liquid. Repeat use or large amounts can be potentially irritating. This helps to condition skin and it can increase the viscosity of a liquid formula.

Some users are allergic to this and even small amounts can lead to a rash.

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Carrageenan: A common thickening ingredient taken from seaweed, this can make the formula easier to apply to skin.  There is fear that this can lead to some unwanted digestive issues.  A study by the University of Iowa said that it can lead to:

“cancer-promoting effects”

This is a cheap controversial thickener which has shown the possibility for causing cancer in lab rats. Because of this very serious potential side effect, there is doubt as to why it is a common binder when better thickeners exist.

L-Arginine:  This amino acid is often used in libido enhancing supplements because it can increase nitric oxide production, which can result in more blood flow to the genitals.  This is naturally found in foods that have protein.  No dosage strength is offered to determine if it’s included in a useful enough amounts.

Niacin: Vitamin B-3 in an important nutrient naturally found in foods which turns carbohydrates into useful energy, can improve mood, and is useful for cardiovascular health.

Evening Primrose Oil: Fatty acid rich oil extract taken from a species of plant native to North America. This is often supplemented by women to help treat breast pain. This can also be used to help treat PMS symptoms, high blood pressure, and fatigue.

Menthol: Naturally found in mint, this can also be made synthetically. It provides a fragrance and is often used to lubricants as a way to promote a tingling sensation. It can help have a slight sensation but it does not directly affect libido in any way. This is commonly added to lubricants in order to provide a warming sensation, this often does not last however.

Citric Acid:  Organic acid found in citrus fruits which is added to formulas like this in order to preserve the formula. It can also be used to for flavoring or to help make water more soluble.

Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate: Preservative taken from the amino acid lysine. This is most often used in skincare products, and it can help protect against yeast and mold.

Because it can release formaldehyde, the has rated it 6 out of 10, stating it has a potential for major side effects.

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Finding information about the ingredients is easy, but determining what the company intends to offer with this brand is hard since there are different claims made depending on the website which sells it.

Overall the formula in this is very basic and you’ll often find it added to similar products for female sexual enhancement. There’s no doubt that the added L-Arginine, niacin ,and evening primrose oil can be healthy, but overall the formula is far too simple. Some ingredients in this do have the potential for side effects and there isn’t anything in this which can directly affect libido. No aphrodisiacs of any kind are included, which is important and often added in similar products.

It’s hard to see much use in this with the use of potential harmful ingredients and other additives often used in other products. The brands here were considered to be the best for natural female libido enhancement.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Prices vary depending where it’s purchased from. sells a 1.7 oz. container for $17.99 currently. It’s difficult to know how long this will last since it is directed to use as desired, and this may require extra application for certain people. Another website says that it works within 3 to 5 minutes, and that it will last a total of 45 minutes. You can also continuously add it, which means less of it will be made available.

The official website states that this has 50 applications but as mentioned this may vary wildly depending on the person and how much they need.

There’s no way to know if this is long lasting but in terms of lubricants, it’s far too common to see these kinds of additives.  Lubricants typically have the same serving size but at a fraction of the cost. When you factor in how easy it is to source most of the potentially helpful ingredients in this formula against the cost, it reveals how overpriced this is.

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DreamBrands Inc., is the company name and  their contact details are:

Phone Number: (888) 300-9181

Address: 11645 North Cave Creek Road

Phoenix, Arizona 85020

Email: [email protected]

The company has been around for 12 years and don’t appear to have any issues with the BBB, FDA, or FTC. They offer an interactive map where you can find the nearest store that sells it. On the official website there is limited details about this brand, their About page only has a brief 4 sentence explanation, with the rest of it being a consumer review.

This isn’t enough to help understand whether or not the company did dedicated research to develop this formula. They make it appear very common and not at all different than a standard lubricant. They do say it can help increase sexual vigor but they fail to give any proof stating how this is so.

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Here are a few online reviews:

“didn’t notice a change at all very disappointing to say the least”

“waste of cash all you get is a slight warming sensation”

“easy to use and it helps lubricate for some time”

“not the worst but honestly for the price I would not recommend it”

A total of 748 customers had only negative things to say, which is significant. The most common issue was the lack of effects.  Even those who enjoyed it often commented solely on its ability to increase moisture, an enhancement of libido were rarely if ever mentioned.

Because there were so many unsatisfied customers it raises questions on whether or not this would be a practical solution for sexual enhancement.

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Some of the ingredients in this can be useful at helping improve wellness, energy, and blood flow, but there’s nothing in this which isn’t already found in various other supplements. The company sells this at a higher cost than other similar lubricants, and some of the additives are cheap and only used for consistency. Far too many consumers failed to notice any benefit, which is why so many were disappointed. Overall there isn’t anything impressive about this fairly standard blend of ingredients.

We looked at many female libido enhancement supplements and the top rated brand was Libitrinex. This has a unique blend of high dosage strength ingredients which can work to help maximize arousal, sexual vigor, and overall libido. Many customers left great testimonials showing how they too were able to see significant improvements.

This is made for women of all ages who need a boost in libido naturally. The formula is free of any cheap colors, stimulants, or unwanted artificial additives of any kind. They also make sure to produce this within a GMP certified facility, to help ensure the quality is controlled. Click here for a redirection to our full Libitrinex review; we break down what it can do and why it was top rated.

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