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Prostenda is a female libido supplement meant to greatly improve the quality of one’s sex life through enhanced desire and pleasure. Natural herbs are added which are meant to improve all aspects of one’s sexual abilities.

This is meant to assist in supporting stamina, energy, and all with a formula which is made in a FDA approved facility. There’s very little information other than the above listed details. Much of what is available is from 3rd party retailer sites, though they do offer their supplements facts for full review.

Countless brands were examined and our top pick for female libido enhancement was Libitrinex. This is due to its high dosage formula of natural ingredients that all have unique sexual enhancement benefits. Read about this formula and examine user testimonials which are offered on the Libitrinex website featured here.


The full ingredients are as follows:

Horny Goat Weed Extract Maca Root Powder Tongkat Ali Root Powder Saw Palmetto Berry Powder Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract
Polypodium Vulgare Root Powder Muira Puama Root Powder L-Arginine HCI Panax Ginseng Root Powder Gelatin (bovine)
Rice Flour Vegetable Magnesium Stearate

Horny Goat Weed Extract: Common aphrodisiac which has a historical usage in ancient Chinese medicine. This has a compound in it known as Icariin which is said to improve arousal. This can potentially help reduce bone loss in postmenopausal women and also effect blood flow and overall sexual function.

We’ve researched many female libido supplements and by doing so have been able to determine which were the best.

Maca Root Powder:  An aphrodisiac vegetable that has within it a mixture of fatty acids, trace minerals, and amino acids. It has a long tradition of use as a way to improve the prostate, cognitive health, brain function, and energy.

This is often supplemented with to help support libido.

Polypodium Vulgare Root Powder: A hybrid fern that has antioxidants within it. Not much research has been performed however on its long term effects. Because of this Web MD adds how it’s not known what the:

“possible side effects are”

Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract: A legume that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to help deliver multiple benefits. This is often added to help support brain function and to stimulate blood flow.

L-Arginine HCI: A specially formulated version of the amino acid L-Arginine which is important for the production of nitric oxide. By helping deliver this effect it can make blood flow easier, making the process of becoming consistently aroused much easier. This is found within many foods  and is considered to be well-tolerated in supplement form. It’s often used within both male and female libido supplements due to its reliable effects.

Muira Puama Root Powder: Aphrodisiac made from a Brazilian native plant that is intended to improve sexual desire. This is also used to help deal with menstrual related issues.

We’ve listed our carefully selected selections for brand which were deemed to be the best overall for female libido support.


Many potentially potent aphrodisiacs are added to this and the only concern is that as you’ll see in the “Business of Prostenda” section, it’s unclear if the company that makes it is legitimate.

It appears that the formula is made in a FDA approved facility, but there is no evidence of this anywhere. This is an important aspect that can help determine if a supplement truly is created in a 3rd party reviewed facility. As it stands there are concerns about whether or not the dosing is actually accurate, and if there are routine inspections done to determine the quality.

Until these questions are unanswered there is no way to determine for certain what one can expect from this supplement.

For more information about what brands were top rate for female libido support, simply follow this link.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Only 3rd party website sells this and a month long supply sells on for $28.45. It’s unknown if this is a consistent price so it may fluctuate. There has to be further proof for users to help determine if it is truly made in a facility which is inspected.

Without being able to determine a lot of key aspects of this supplement, it remains to be seen what is one can expect from this.

They do add a wide array of potentially beneficial additives but you can’t know for certain if they regulate it and consistently add it in meaningful amounts.

This top 10 list goes into detail to highlight which supplements were determined to be the best for female libido.


One major red flag exists due to the lack of information about who creates this. One 3rd party website on makes it appear as if it is being run by the company, which if so, means they go by the name of HealthWise Solutions.   Unfortunately when you try and research this name there are no details about their company, and this includes whether or not they can be trusted.

They said that there is a 120 day money back guarantee with no questions asked, but they fail to mention the details of this and whether or not it can be done on unopened or multiple bottles.

When typing in the claimed company name there is no information cited on any websites. It appears they do not have a website for Prostenda which is quite odd for a supplement. Typically companies will at least offer basic contact details so potential uses can ask questions. There is no way to reach anyone at the company to try and learn more, and to see if it fits one’s requirements for a supplement.

There has to be further information for potential customers to know that what they are buying from a legitimate company. Promises are made about this being made in a FDA approved facility but there is no ways to fact check this and know for certain.

After analyzing many female libido brands our experts were able to compile a full list highlighting the best ones of this year.


The following are some user reviews that were listed online:

“Tried using it before sex and for a long period and nothing happened at all”

“This has to be a placebo because there’s no way other people have benefited from this”

“I wanted to like it I truly did but after a week it failed to do anything at all”

“The wife liked it I think it’s good but you have to take it as directed an hour before being intimate”

There is a split between bad and good reviews on their page. Many said they did not notice any changes at all even when they made sure to use it repeatedly and as directed before intimacy.

Some did say they felt changes, but it’s important to add that some of these users were given the supplement to try and use for a review. This often leads to biased reviews as people may want to give it a favorable comment in order to either get more, or because of feeling good natured in a free product. Because of this serious concern there is no way to determine if the positive reviews are legitimate.

The majority of negative reviews had to do with a complete lack of benefits.

No better brands exist for female libido support than the ones in this top 10 list.


Judging from user reviews it does not appear that this brand was particularly effective. There’s also the major issue of not knowing who makes it, and of not being able to learn about how they make this formula. Details are very scarce and there isn’t much to go on, so one has to trust that what  the company claims is true. It’s not advised to blindly take a supplement without being able to know if the creators are honest in their claims. You can’t even call someone at the company to ask questions about this product, and its unknown who makes it. With no official website there is no way to file a claim in case of any side effects or lack of effects. All these concerns make it impossible to have much faith in it.

The best female libido enhancing brand reviewed by our experts this year was Libitrinex. It’s natural; formula has a blend of high dosage ingredients that can work to help maximize sexual function. It’s made specially to help improve wellness, sexual drive, energy, and overall sexual pleasure.

Customers who tried it often stated how they were able to notice great changes in their overall libido and sexual satisfaction. All the ingredients have also been made in a facility which is inspected by 3rd parties for quality assurance. To learn about Libitrinex and to see what’s inside of it and what people had to say about it, click this link.

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