NEW Emanuel’s Elixirs Women’s Sensual Tonic Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Emanuel’s Elixirs Women’s Sensual Tonic is a liquid herbal tonic for women intended primarily to treat hormone imbalances and increase sexual desire by assisting proper reproductive system function. It can also lead to better moods and can help counteract the effects of stress.

Emanuel’s Elixirs Women’s Sensual Tonic contains a mixture of different natural herbs that can promote increased blood flow to women’s intimate areas, and increase sensitivity for a better experience during sex. It also claims to be able to balance hormone production for more regulated mood, and to help relieve the pain of menstruation. Other ingredients in it are supposed to be able to support the body’s natural detoxification process for greater overall health.

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Emanuel’s Elixirs Women’s Sensual Tonic INGREDIENTS AND SIDE EFFECTS

Emanuel’s Elixirs Women’s Sensual Tonic has a sizable list of herbal ingredients:

Ginkgo Leaf Avena Sativa Hawthorne Berry Chaste Tree Berry Burdock Root
Shatavari Schizandra Ginger Root Fenugreek Seed Licorice

Ginkgo Leaf: Made from the leaves of the ginkgo biloba tree, found in parts of east Asia, this extract is said to be able to treat different problems like weak sexual performance, and can increase blood flow as well as treat some problems in the nervous system.

Avena Sativa: Also called “oat straw,” this seed’s extract is marketed for its supposed effects on production of hormones. It’s also said to be able to fight inflammation and to improve heart health.

Hawthorne Berry: A berry that can be made into a medicine, known to be prescribed for heart problems including poor circulation and low blood pressure. It is also used to treat menstrual pain. There are some side effects associated with its use in some people:

  • Fatigue, dizziness, insomnia
  • Headaches, nausea, and upset stomach

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Shatavari: An Ayurvedic Indian remedy prescribed as an aphrodisiac, for infertility, and as a method of improving overall reproductive health. However, according to WebMD, we do not know enough about the plant to know if it is safe for regular consumption.

Schizandra: A plant used largely in traditional Asian medicine for increasing energy, stamina, and endurance. It is also supposed to have properties that can treat a weak immune system and normalize blood sugar levels. Some side effects could include:

  • Rash, itching, allergic reactions
  • Stomach pain, decrease in appetite, heartburn

Ginger Root: Not just for flavoring food, this root is also used for its medicinal qualities and has been used to treat stomach aches and as a pain reliever.

Fenugreek: A clover-like plant native to the Mediterranean, used as both a food and as an herbal remedy. It is claimed to be able to treat inflammation and as a sexual stimulant.

Licorice Root: A natural herb that is said to be able to stimulate hormone production and to reduce swelling.

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Emanuel’s Elixirs Women’s Sensual Tonic QUALITY OF INGREDIENTS

Emanuel’s Elixirs Women’s Sensual Tonic contains several different ingredients which are used in a variety of traditional and naturopathic medicines for their supposed effects. Unfortunately, there are several issues with some of these ingredients.

One problem is that many of these ingredients have not been tested in clinical trials, and so the only evidence we have to go on as far as their efficacy is concerned are the promises of alternative healers – and for many women, this is simply not enough. Herbs like shatavari do not have much in terms of scientific evidence to back them up, and so it is not known whether their supposed effects are due to the ingredients working, or if the claims of their effects are largely circumstantial. In the end, several of these ingredients might just work as often as a placebo.

Another problem is the side effects some of these ingredients are supposed to have. Women who want to increase their sex drive and have a more satisfying sexual life are unlikely to want to deal with uncomfortable effects like stomach aches and rashes. These physical ailments aren’t likely to make women feel sexier, which is supposed to be the point of taking such supplements.

The bottle itself contains a warning, saying that it should not be used by women who are pregnant, lactating, have hypoglycemia, or heart problems. While this warning on the label shows responsibility, it is unfortunate that this company would include ingredients in the first place that bar certain women from using it safely.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.

THE PRICE AND QUALITY OF Emanuel’s Elixirs Women’s Sensual Tonic

Emanuel’s Elixirs Women’s Sensual Tonic seems to only be available to purchase from one or two online health supplement retailers, and has not been restocked elsewhere. The price we’ve seen is $28, which gets you one bottle of the tonic.

Each bottle contains 60ml, and the suggested dosage is one or two half droppers of the liquid per day on the tongue. The product says people will not feel the effects for a few days, and that they should take days off between some doses. Since we do not get to see how many milliliters are in each dropper, we do not know how long each bottle is supposed to last per month.

Taking into account the ingredients and the warnings that come with some of them, the fact that many women will not be able to use this product safely, and the fact that we do not know exactly how long each bottle will last, we cannot say with any degree of certainty whether this product is a good value for the price.

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BUSINESS OF Emanuel’s Elixirs Women’s Sensual Tonic

Emanuel’s Elixirs Women’s Sensual Tonic is made by Emanuel’s Elixirs, a natural herbal supplement company in California. The information provided on their company website is:

Phone Number: (707) 939-5058

Address: 1336 Calistoga Ave, Napa, CA 94599

Email: [email protected]

Emanuel’s Elixirs has a stricter return policy than others we’ve seen. Returns must be initiated within 7 days for a refund, andmust be unused. There’s also a 15% restocking fee. After 7 days a product can only be exchanged for other items or for store credit.

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This return policy leaves a lot to be desired, especially considering the instructions included with the Sensual Tonic. If a person has to spend several days taking the product in order to see any results, it increases the likelihood that the person will not be able to get a refund for the product if it doesn’t work. In essence, it seems like the policy was almost set up in order to make it impossible for a customer to get their money back.

If a product doesn’t work, a customer should get their money back. That is something that we expect here. If a person only has 7 days to return a product expected to take a week or more to see results, they don’t really have time to see whether it even works in the first place. Without overwhelming claims from customers that the product works, the new buyer would not know whether they were getting a quality product. Which brings us to the next point:

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CUSTOMER OPINIONS OF Emanuel’s Elixirs Women’s Sensual Tonic

There are almost no reviews of Emanuel’s Elixirs Women’s Sensual Tonic to be found anywhere. The only one we could find was on the main product page on the Emanuel’s Elixirs site:

“After hearing about this from a friend I decided to try this product, and after the first week I still didn’t feel any effects … but after a week and a half I started feeling better!”

Unfortunately, it is hard to make any observations about a product’s reception based on only one review. We do not know whether it is representative of everyone’s experience, as more are needed to establish overall if the product works or not.

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CONCLUSION – DOES Emanuel’s Elixirs Women’s Sensual Tonic WORK?

Emanuel’s Elixirs Women’s Sensual Tonic is a tough sell. With some questionable ingredients, a strict return policy, and almost no customer reviews supporting its efficacy, the truth is that people are taking a gamble on this product and are unlikely to get their money back even if they find out that it doesn’t work at all.

One supplement that we can recommend for addressing the issues facing women with sexual imbalances is a natural herbal pill called Libitrinex. Made in a facility that exceeds industry quality standards, and made of 100% natural ingredients, this pill can work with the female body to invigorate and rekindle the sex drive, regulating and normalizing hormones for better sexual performance. That, and it has lots of satisfied customers that can attest to its effects.

We’ve looked at lots of women’s sex supplements, and Libitrinex continues to stand out in terms of the quality of its ingredients and its history of customer satisfaction. For our review of Libitrinex, check out this link.

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