Wet Wow Max O Female Arousal Gel Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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Wet Wow Max O Female Arousal Gel is a clitoral arousal water based gel brand meant to provide an exciting tingling sensation. This is also said to help increase blood flow which can aid both intimacy and sexual pleasure.

Only a small amount is advised around  the clitoral hood which is said to produce a tingling sensation experienced within a few minutes, and a total duration up to 20 minutes for their original formula. There are no hormones or parabens added, and they offer it in a .5 oz. bottle.

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Within this are the following ingredients:

Glycerin Deionized Water (Aqua) Dimethiconol Sodium Polyacrylate
Dimethicone Cyclopentasiloxane Trideceth-6 PEG/PPG – Dimethicone
Pentylene Glycol Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Methyl Nicotinate Vanillyl Butyl Ether

Glycerin: Common cosmetic ingredient in the appearance of thick and colorless liquid which can help with the retention of moisture, this is easily dissolved with alcohol and water. It can also trap surrounding moisture in the air, further improving the moisturizing effects. When used on the skin this can make it feel softer. Because of its ability to hold onto water, it is often used as a staple ingredient in lubricants.

Dimethiconol: Silicone based ingredient used to prevent foaming, condition hair and skin, and make it easier to apply to surrounding ingredients. This can help fill in fine lines and wrinkles, thereby supporting the appearance of younger looking skin.

Sodium Polyacrylate: Sodium salt which is synthetic and added to cosmetics for its moisture absorbing properties. This is used to thicken surrounding ingredients and increase viscosity, stabilization, and to emulsify.

The FDA has considered it Generally Recognized as Safe, essentially saying that when used as directed it is likely to be safe.

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Dimethicone: A very often used cosmetic ingredient which can prevent water loss, make other ingredients easier to spread, prevents foaming, and it can condition skin.

Cyclopentasiloxane: This additive is a silicone which has multiple purposes, it can help other ingredients be better absorbed, lubricate, condition, and it acts as a solvent. This gives skin a slippery and silk like texture and it is often used to fight against the appearance of fine lines.

Pentylene Glycol: Synthetic solvent, preservative, and skin conditioner which can mix water and oils together.

Mentha Piperita (Peppermint): Extracted from a plant, this has been used to provide a fragrance and to give a mint like flavor. This is also used on the skin to deliver a cooling like effect. Results on what kind of potential effects have been mixed, with some adding that it could lead to some unwanted side effects such as:

  • Respiratory issues, heartburn, and nausea.

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Much of the ingredients help absorb moisture, make it easier for other ingredients to be absorbed, and make the formula easier to apply. There are few ingredients within this which are intended to help increase blood flow, and the added peppermint and vanillyl butyl ether are added to give the sensation of tingling.

Most of the ingredients have not been shown to be potentially harmful, but what is included is so common to cosmetics that it’s difficult to see what kind of aphrodisiac enhancing effects it can truly have. The formula can potentially help lubricate, but this alone does not affect one’s libido.

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The official website lists several online retailers, but they themselves do not offer direct purchases. One website sells a 75 application bottle for $9.99 and $10.99. Each price affecting whether or not one chooses the standard or extra strength formula. Both have the same ingredients, but the extra strength appears to have more of a sensation according to the creators.

Overall this has many standard ingredients which are so common to cosmetics, that it raises questions about what kind of sexual enhancement benefits this can truly have. While it can lead to more moisture retention, as far as it improving sexual desire or leading to more intimacy, this remains to be seen. It does not appear that this would be a likely benefit.

They also claim this can help increase blood flow, which is likely to be due to the one niacin containing ingredient. This can be sourced from many different and cheaper sources however. For the ingredients provided it’s a fairly standard formula with very little unique in it.

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Their company name is Trigg Laboratories Inc. /Wet International, their featured contact information is:

Phone Number: (702) 957-4400

Address: 4220 W Windmill Lane, Suite 140

Las Vegas, Nevada 89139

Email: [email protected]

Other than a publicized move by the company there is little known about how they operate, and their customer service team. It is important to note that the company does not do any direct sales, therefore whether or not one can benefit from a money back return policy is unknown. Any issues with the product or if one is not satisfied, there is no guarantee that one will get their money back.

Any and all issues are to be handled from the 3rd party website which offers this brand.

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The following are some user reviews found online:

“Liked using it but you do have to use before you add lubricant”

“Not much happened, it gave me a cooling effect but not much else”

“I enjoyed it but those who don’t like having a tingling or burning feel may not enjoy it as much”

“So short lasting not sure what to make of it. The tingling sensation was either on or off, sometimes it just wouldn’t work”

Reviews are often mixed and while some said they enjoyed how it made them feel, there were concerns from unsatisfied users that it really didn’t deliver much. The most common effects mentioned was that it gave them a warming and tingling feel. Those who expected a more rewarding sex life were often disappointed, as they said this was a mostly superficial feel that didn’t change their attitudes for wanting to have sex.

Some also added that they only had effects which were only experienced for a maximum of 15 minutes, and that after wearing off they had to once again reapply it. So while each tube is said o have 75 applications, this may mean one would have to reapply within 15 minutes.

Often those who enjoyed it only said they liked how it produced a tingling effect, but this comes from the added mint and vanillyl which is easy to source elsewhere.

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After examining this brand it became clear that while it does have some moisturizing ingredients, it’s lacking in libido boosting additives. The tingling effects don[t have a direct effect on one’s mood towards sex, and the blood flow enhancing additive is from a niacin containing additive which can be sources for much cheaper. The majority of the formula is often added to moisturizers and this cheapens the overall blend. There is also the issue with this brand not being supported by a money back return policy. This can mean one may not be able to get their money retuned in the case of issues.

Our selection for the best female libido supplement of the year was Libitrinex, this was due in part because of rave reviews, its wholesome formula, and the use of only natural ingredients. Users often stated how they were able to notice great improvements in the quality of their sex lives, and how it helped improve their overall wellness.

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