K-Y Warming Jelly Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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K-Y Warming Jelly is a topical lubricant for reduced vaginal dryness and improved sexual contact. They say it can be used alongside latex condoms, and that it is non-greasy.

The company claims it is the #1 doctor recommended lubricant brand for the reduction of vaginal dryness. It also provides a warming sensation when contact is made to help alleviate discomfort and improve sexual performance for both partners. The warming effects are said to come gently and not in a burning type of way.

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The back of the label reveals the following ingredients:

Propylene Glycol PEG-8 Hydroxypropylcellulose Tocopherol

Propylene Glycol: A partially synthetic liquid that is used as a moisture absorber. This is found in chemicals and in particular antifreeze. This is also often used inside of cosmetics for its ability to work as a potent solvent.

It appears clear and similar to water except more syrupy. The FDA has approved its safety in regulated amounts by granting it GRAS, “generally recognized as safe” status.

The Agency for Toxic Substance & Disease Registry, a Federal US based group adds that this ingredient:

“Can sometimes irritate the skin”

They say that this can be an occurrence when it is often added to the skin repeatedly. It’s not known if there is an intended limit on application for this brand.

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PEG-8: A surfactant chemical used often in cosmetics as a way to make it easier for ingredients to come together and blend better. This is often added to ingredients which otherwise would have a difficult time binding.

Hydroxypropylcellulose: Water soluble thickener and binder that is often used as an inactive additive. This is also often added as a way to help produce artificial tears.

Tocopherol: Synthetic form of vitamin E that is used to help promote antioxidant effects and also to help condition the skin. It is generally well-tolerated and has a 1 out of 10 rating in terms of safety by the EWG.com, which helps score the safety of cosmetic ingredients.

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The majority of known active ingredients in this are often used in cosmetic ingredients as stabilizers and moisture absorbers. This is strange as it does not appear that any of these additives have any actual lubricating effects.

These ingredients are generally-well tolerated, but as far as reducing vaginal dryness and supporting sexual function, it’s not quite clear which of the ingredients are intended to have an effect.

Because of this lack of information it’s difficult to truly know what can be expected. These 4 active ingredients are cheap to produce as well, and it’s not known whether or not they can actually have a warming effect.

Furthermore, the company claims it is doctor recommended but they fail to actually list any real information on which doctors have advocated its use. There is a lack of information which makes it impossible for any concerned customers to do research on.  Even as our review team tries to review the ingredients, it’s not clear at all how this is meant to provide all the claimed benefits of reduced dryness, more intimacy, and a warming effect.

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A 5 oz. tube on the official website currently sells for $9.99. It’s not revealed by the company as to how many uses there is per container.

Even though this seems cheap in price, the ingredients are also commonly added as base inactive ingredients in many cosmetics. Somehow the company has relied on these ingredients as actual active additives. It’s confusing and unknown why this is so since as mentioned before, none of these ingredients have any actual use as lubricants but instead they control moisture.

Sometimes companies will have hidden ingredients which are described as other additives or which are not mentioned at all. However, it’s unknown if this is the case with this brand since information about it is very limited.

Because of their use of ingredients even at this price point it’s a very poor brand. There are still many answered questions about how it provides the claimed effects with the stated additives.

It’s also important to note that on the back of the bottle it does mention that if irritation or discomfort were to occur, that one should immediately stop using it.

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BUSINESS OF K-Y Warming Jelly

They go by the name of Pharmapacks, LLC and to contact them they offer the following:

Phone Number: (844) 213-7573

Address: 1516 Motor Pkwy

Islandia, New York 11749

Email: [email protected]

The company has a grand total of 27 complaints and 8 negative reviews about their business practices on the Better Business Bureau page. Often people said they were greatly dissatisfied with the customer service, long shipping times, selling of items which were not as described, and that the customer service people lied about shipping and returns.

People said the following about the company:

“They did a bait and switch, sold me a sample version instead of the real thing”

“It’s been about 2 weeks and they have not sent me what I paid for”

“Paid for a pack of 4 but they have me a lot less”

They only offer returns on products which are unopened and unused in any way. This is explained on their official website under the Returns & Refunds section. They also say that there is a 15% restocking fee for items which are returned. If more than $500 is spent, this is bumped up to a 50% restocking fee.

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Listed here are some online reviews:

“If you are sensitive in any way I do not advise you use it. It made me burn and it was too warm for me”

“My poor vagina is so sore… pure lava”

“SO bad I wish I would have read reviews this is just pre pain and discomfort”

“If you are an older couple you need this”

Some people had a terrible time using this as it caused really bad side effects. People had to deal with stinging, burning, and general pain. There were others who said that it was not greasy and functional however.

There was a lot of disappointment for some who felt that it did absolutely nothing. Some partners had a burning sensation that would not stop until they washed it off.  There were also mixed feelings on people who said that they did not feel any warming sensation, and those that did find it did have warming effects but felt not much else.

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A major issue with this brand is that the ingredients don’t reveal much about what it is meant to do. They use only often added inactive ingredients which are intended as a way to help stabilize other ingredients, and to lock in moisture. This makes it hard to understand how it has a warming effect, and what it can do for providing lubrication.  Even at a cheap price it raises questions about how this would be better than any other generic formula. Some customers have also experience serious side effects, and unfortunately the company does not offer a money back return policy. The company has also been criticized heavily for many serious allegations.

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Anonymous says:

It burned my vagina. Do not use.

Anonymous says:

It burned mine as well, my husband thought I was nuts! Sorry it happened to you, but thanks for commenting!!

Kathy says:

It burned mine as well! Felt like hot sauce burning inside me! will not use again. Thanks for commenting, because my husband thinks I’m nuts!

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