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Balance Complex is a natural female balancing supplement used to help support healthy vaginal flora, pH, freshness, and all with a daily solution. In it is a blend of natural additives such as herbs, healthy bacteria, and more.

Their facts section adds how this formula can help regulate vaginal health to prevent any “embarrassing female problems”. They also add it supports freshness and gives one what their body might be lacking. They provide the full ingredients list, user reviews, and direct sales.

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Oregano Extract Caprylic Acid L. Acidophilus Protease Cellulase
Aloe Vera Arabinogalactan Anise Seed Black Walnut Hulls Wormwood
Reishi Mushroom Gelatin Rice Flour Vegetable Magnesium Stearate Silicon Dioxide

Oregano Extract: Plant extract used as a spice and preservative. It has been used medicinally to help improve digestion and reduces pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. It does have the potential for allergies in some.

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Caprylic Acid: Saturate fatty acids found in things like milk, coconut oil, and palm kernel oil. When supplemented this has been used for fat burning and the reduction of blood pressure. Certain people may not be able to process this, which in turn can lead to a coma. This can also potentially cause symptoms:

  • Nausea, diarrhea, and indigestion.

Acidophilus: A bacteria often used to help convert sugar into lactic acid, and which is supplemented to help increase gastrointestinal health. It is commonly added to yogurt.

This is found within the flora of the vagina, and it can help prevent yeast infections.  This potentially results in side effects:

  • Tingling, gas, and fever.
  • Immune system issues, allergies, and rash.

Protease: Enzyme which helps the body breaks down protein. It is found naturally within the body.

Arabinogalactan: Found within plants, this makes up a common thickener known as gum Arabic. It can stabilize and sweeten food. This helps to increase beneficial bacteria and it can enhance the immune system.

When used as a supplement it may lead to:

  • Gas, bloating, and immune system issues.

Anise Seed: A spice which has chemicals within it that have been sued to help increase sex drive, support reduced pain during childbirth, and much more.  When this is supplemented in amounts which are more than what is in foods, Web MD says:

“isn’t enough information… to know if anise is safe to take”

They also say this can lead to:

“Hormone-sensitive condition such as breast cancer”

Black Walnut Hulls: This plant extract has a high amount of tannins which is used to help with the reduction of welling, pain, and also to help dry up mucus. It has also been used to prevent parasitic worms from infecting the body.

Long-term potential effects are not known according to Web MD. It can also lead to laxative like effects, it’s unknown if this is added in sufficient amounts where a bowel movement is possible.

Wormwood: Used as an ornamental plant, this has been used as an ingredient within alcoholic beverages as well.  Its active chemical known as Thujne can stimulate he central nervous system, though Web MD does say this can lead to:

“seizures and other adverse effects”

It can potentially lead to other issues such as:

  • Breakdown of muscles, sleep issues, and paralysis.
  • Kidney failure, thirst, and death.

Reishi Mushroom: Species of fungus most commonly used to improve the immune system.  With more than a month of use Web MD does say side effects are possible:

  • Dryness of the mouth, itching, and nosebleed.
  • Bloody stools, upset stomach, and nasal issues.

Blood clotting issues and reduced blood pressure can also be a potential side effect.

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There are some potentially beneficial ingredients which can increase healthy bacteria, but when overused, these additives can lead to side effects. There are also some questionable additives in this which can lead to dangerous and potentially fatal effects for certain people. This may require one to reach out to a healthcare professional to help determine if one dos not have any potential issues.

There have also been studies by groups like Web MD who say that the long-term effects of some of these additives are not known. Because of this risk and the need for daily supplementation, it’s yet to be seen what is truly possible.

Another concern is that many of the ingredients can multiply in their potential damaging effects when they are blended together.

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A 60 count bottle sells for $39.95 when purchased direct from the Balance Complex official website. Tis also comes with a $3.95 shipping fee for orders which are less than $50, and which are shipped in the US.

There are still many unanswered questions about the safety of this formula as there is a lack of clinical studies for some of the additives long term use. Certain additives in this formula can actually lead to an overgrowth of bacteria, which is why it’s often suggested to take key additives within this with caution.

The official website does say that it’s voted the best product, but it’s unknown what they are comparing it to. There is no proof that it was actually favorited over any other similar supplements.

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InstantBrands is their official name and their contact information is as follows:

Phone Number: (800) 928-4197

Email: A contact form is offered.

They say that they  offer a 500 day money back return from the date of shipment, but they fail to really give much information about their policies. You can’t determine where they are located, as they only offer a contact form and a phone number.

Little is known about them from any 3rd party websites either. They do say however that they do not run any auto shipment program, and their products are made in the USA. Their manufacturing facility is also GMP certified; meaning that where they make it is thoroughly reviewed to ensure that it would be clean and checked up on.

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The following is a sample of user reviews:

“Helped get rid of some of my odor but not all of it”

“Appears to have worked and I’ve used antibiotics before without any benefits”

“Used it for a month and it’s just decent, there still is bit of smell down there though”

“Really bad after taste after an hour of it I can still taste it in my mouth. DO not suggest taking it I need to drink a lot of water after supplementing”

There was a mixture of man positive and negative experiences. Some said it was beneficial for the reduction of odor, while others said it only had a slight benefit. Some also said that they did not notice any real substantial changes, and that they also made sure to take a full month long supply as directed.

People who had issues with discharge and repeat odor issues did say they benefit however. This means that the wide array of results often depended on the user taking it.

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While this supplement doe contain some ingredients which can benefit healthy vaginal flora, it’s important to make sure one is getting it in controlled amounts. This has ingredients which can overflow bacteria thereby causing issues if one is not careful. Some additives in this also have not been thoroughly tested to ensure that they would be safe to use with repeat long-term use. There have been multiple users who said that this brand failed to really deliver any notable benefits, and some said it mildly reduced unwanted vaginal smells.

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