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Spanish Fly Pro Drops is a female libido enhancement supplement available in a liquid aphrodisiac formula. It combines herbal ingredients that are intended to support women of any age to enjoy multiple orgasms, heightened sexual pleasure, and overall improved pleasure.

Additionally it is also meant to prevent any sexual related issues which can disrupt ones love life. Their formula has even been revamped and said to be stronger than the previous version.  Results are said to come within 5 minutes with just 5 to 7 drops needed for full effect.

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Added to this formula is the following:

Water Fructose Melatonin Canitis

Fructose: The second ingredient in Spanish Fly Drops which is a simple fruit sugar that is rapidly absorbed by the body. This is only added to give the formula a sweet taste, and it has no aphrodisiac like effects.

It is often found within processed foods since it is sweeter than other forms of sweeteners, and it is cheap to produce. Many studies have shown that this is a potentially dangerous ingredient which in high amounts can lead to:

  • Tooth decay, metabolic disorders, and obesity.
  • Addiction, headaches, and mood swings.

A study by Louisiana State University concluded:

“may have detrimental effects… of cardiovascular disease”

This study revealed it could lead to unwanted symptoms in the form of raised bad cholesterol, and reduced nitric oxide levels.

Melatonin: Naturally produced by the pineal gland, this is used to initiate the sleep and awakened state. This is often supplemented with to help treat sleep related issues which can occur from insomnia or jet lag.

Some potential symptoms which can arise include:

  • Drowsiness, nausea, and headache.
  • Grogginess, irritability, and increased risk for disease.

It’s unclear what kind of intended aphrodisiac benefit this is meant to have, but it has been used to help those with prostate and menopause symptoms.

Canitis: Extract from the blister beetle, this is the key ingredient which gives the name of the product in the form of Spanish fly. This is intended to help support blood flow to make it easier for one to stay aroused.

It is released by the blister beetle and is known to be potentially poisonous to humans when it is ingested. In the US this is heavily regulated and considered a:

“extremely hazardous substance”

So dangerous in fact that any companies making it have to report in detail as to how they are processing it and why.

It is often used to help prevent viral skin infections and for the removal of warts. It’s known to be potentially damaging to the skin, and possibly much worse when swallowed. Live adds that this ingredient is:

“highly toxic… should only be applied by a health care practitioner”

This was once used in past times as an aphrodisiac, but now due to its potential for toxicity it is only available in many counties via prescription.  It is known to potentially lead to what is known as Priapism, or an erection or which lasts a long time without one being aroused.  When this occurs one may need to medically reduced blood flow in the penis by draining it.

Side effects can include:

  • Permanent renal failure, damage to the urinary tract, and death.

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Most of the formula is not made to really have an aphrodisiac benefit. Fructose is a simple sugar, there’s water, and the added Melatonin is used most commonly for sleep.

The added canitis is very controversial as it is known to have a high risk for being toxic, and it must be taken carefully if one is to use it, as it can be permanently damaging and even fatal. It’s not known how this is added within a supplement, as even dermatologists are forced to handle it with care.

The entire process of extracting this ingredient is heavily regulated in the US as it can be damaging to the skin as well. Using an ingredient like this for libido is also not recommended by many healthcare groups, as it can lead to sustained blood flow even when one is not aroused. This can be potentially damaging and is typically medically treated.

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It’s impossible to know where to get this brand due to the fact that many websites claim to offer the real version of this. There are currently 4 different websites which all appear to be operated by different companies.

The average price for a 2 week supply is $52.95 on one website and $58.95 on another. Without knowing where the actual source is for the original version of this, it leaves doubts about who to trust.

In either case 2 of the 4 websites mention the exact same formula and if this is accurate, then there is major concern over the main active ingredient as it is not supposed to be sold via supplements. The only websites which sell it are in Europe so for those outside of it, there is an increased cost for shipping and handling.

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Spanish Fly Pro Drops is sold on many different websites, each one claiming to offer the real version. Though they all offer their basic contact information, it’s unclear which to trust.

2 of the 4 websites operate out of Austria, and the other 2 from different regions. Some websites seem more up to date than others, and they all use very similar packaging, further confusing the search for the real manufacturers.

It’s possible that because the main active ingredient is only allowed in prescription form not as an aphrodisiac brand, but as a dermatological tool.  While it has a historical use as an aphrodisiac, new science has shown that it can be fatal and damaging to the internal organs. Because of this there is a major risk in trying this brand, and especially from companies which claim to offer this in supplement form. This is not legal in the US due to safety concerns.

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Here are some online reviews:

“Not what I wanted”

“Really lackluster and not at all what it was marketed as”

“Did not do anything positive for me no effect none”

“Found a lot of hype for this and was excited to try it but nothing came of it. very disappointed to say the least”

It’s unknown if users were commented on the exact same brand but if so, the majority of users said that it failed to produce any benefits. Users often exclaimed how disappointed they were, and that they would not recommend others use it. Some even upped their dosage in the hopes of it having maximized effects but it did not satisfy user’s demands.

Some thought that perhaps their formula was diluted due to the complete lack of benefits.

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Because there are many websites which sell this and all of them have different contact details, it’s not possible to verify where to actually get the official version of this. There are major safety concerns for the key active ingredient since it is heavily regulated in its production in the US, not as an aphrodisiac but as a dermatology tool. With new studies available it has been shown that this substance can potentially lead to some long- term damaging effects, and this even includes the possibility for death. Yet another issue is the fact that overwhelmingly users said they failed to notice any changes even with increased amounts.

The best female libido supplement containing an all-natural formula was found to be Libitrinex, according to our review experts. Users were able to notice improvements in their overall libido and sexual function, and the official website lists these testimonials.

The formula relies on only stimulant free, wholesome aphrodisiacs and blood flow enhancing ingredients which can deliver a wide array of notable benefits. The creators make it in a facility that is approved by the FDA and which is also reviewed by 3rd parties. Find out more on what Libitrinex can offer by examining their official website linked here.

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