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V-Tight Gel is a vagina tightening topical aid made with natural ingredients that is meant to help one stay rejuvenated and youthful. This is intended to support lubrication, and they add it can actually reshape the vaginal walls.

The firming and tightening effects also lead to suppleness, and they say this is made  possible with a long used active ingredient in this blend. This is said to help women who have experienced childbirth, hormonal changes, and even those who have aged. They add this can make sex more satisfying and intense.

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Their full ingredients include:

Water Propylene Glycol Quercus Infectoria Fruit Extract Arginine Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Extract
Carbomer Sodium PCA Triethanolamine Citric Acid Sodium Benzoate
Potassium Sorbate

Propylene Glycol: Synthetic moisture absorbing substance that is easy to metabolize and considered likely non-toxic. The FDA has granted it GRAS status, which essentially means it is likely to be safe. It can even be ingested without causing potential side effects.

Quercus Infectoria Fruit Extract: A certain species of oak which has been used in ancient Asian medical practices. This is used to help prevent both gingivitis and toothaches. It’s also been supplemented with to help reduce inflammation and relieve diarrhea.

Potentially damaging side effects are possible according to Web MD:

  • Intestinal issues, kidney damage, and liver damage.

They also add that when this is applied to the skin for a 2 to 3 week period that it can be:


We’ve fully researched many female libido brands and with this knowledge compiled a top 10 list.

Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Extract: Know more commonly as  the astringent witch hazel, this natural plant extract has been used to treat inflammation and swelling. When added to skin it can help get rid of bacteria and repair broken skin.

It does have the ability cause mild irritation , and if it is mixed with alcohol it can dry out skin.

Carbomer: Thickening ingredient used in cosmetics as it can help oils and liquid maintain hold. Truth in Aging.com has said that according to reviews, this is likely to be safe.

Sodium PCA: A derivative of amino acids which is used to condition skin via the absorption of water.

Triethanolamine: Created by the reaction of ammonia and another potential toxin. This is used to provide a fragrance, to buffer ingredients and to mask certain smells.

Organic Consumers.org has found that his can be allergic and it may lead to:

  • Dryness of the hair and skin, eye issues, and hives.

Sodium Benzoate: Food preservative which is known to potentially cause symptoms including:

  • ADHD symptoms, as that issues, and increased blood pressure.

There have also been issues with its safety due to concerns that it  can lead to DNA damage.  Truth in Aging adds how studies have shown this can lead to:

“neurodegenerative diseases.. can damage the aging process”

Potassium Sorbate: Preservative with the only purpose to help prevent spoilage. This is regulated as high amounts can be potentially dangerous.

A study by Toxicology in Vitro found that this lead to:

“DNA damage”

This can lead to harmful effects in the blood.

Figure out for your own as to what supplement is best for your needs in the improvement of female libido.


The official website makes a lot of claims about this being able to reshape the walls of the vagina and that it can promote tightening. While this sounds impressive, the ingredients added to this at best can only reduce swelling, but they are also cheap to replace.

Witch hazel for example can lead to contacted cells. But there are no studies to show whether or not it would be safe to insert vaginally.

They also add many potentially toxic ingredients including 2 preservatives which can be harsh when ingested.  Because of additives like this it really reduced the overall quality of this supplement.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


A single bottle sells for $79.90, and they say this is a month long supply. They say this is a risk free purchase, but it’s important to note that they do not offer returns on any opened bottles. There is also a $10 restocking fee and shipping and handling charges for unopened bottles which are sent back within 90 days.

Many bold claims are offered but the fail to back it up with any real studies. There are some clinical reviews online however which show that certain additives in this have a potential for unwanted side effects.

So far there has not been any natural ingredient which showed any evidence for the improvement of vaginal tightness. The makers of V-Tight Gel also fail to reassure from their added formula, as many of  these ingredients have not been tested for what effects are possible when placed inside of the vagina. There are in act some additives in  this which have to be taken with caution, as they are known to potentially lead to rash and skin related issues.

It’s unknown what kind’s effects are possible when one places these additives inside of the vagina, which has flora which may be altered in negative ways with certain ingredients. More information is needed to help determine what this can truly do.

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No company name is offered but they do provide the following US based contact details:

Phone Number: (818) 303-9260

Email: [email protected]

A 90 day return window is offered from date of purchased but only for both untampered with and unopened bottles. They also have an auto shipment policy which one must cancel in doer to stop automatic billing.

On their term and conditions they even add that if one’s credit card is declined, that

“collection of the unpaid funds… using… third party collection efforts”

This even includes attorney fees and fees to pay the collection agency.  Yet another red flag is that they state that purchases made on their official website gives up arbitration:


In these terms and conditions they also add how those with certain disorders should not use certain ingredients.  Some additives they even say should be used under the care of a healthcare practitioner.

In all this they fail to actually give a company name and instead refer to themselves as “Company”. This is highly irregular and all these kinds of tactics are often only used by non-reputable businesses that look to lock people into automatic contacts while making it difficult to get out of their plans.

This top 10 list analyzes the best female libido supplements of the year.


Listed here are a few available use reviews:

“Worked for what I wanted”

“Not really sure if this made a difference even with 2 weeks of use and some Kegel exercises”

“Wow this really does not work at all waste of time and money”

“Well it works as a lubricant so it has that going for it”

Most of the opinions of this brand were negative as many failed to see any differences in their libido. The few reviews that were positive had more to do with its abilities to help lubricate rather than to assist in supporting sex drive.

Our review experts have made it easy to see what supplements are best for the improvement of female libido.


Though this sounds like an impressive supplement, there are many concerns which take away from its potential. One major issue is the lack of company knowledge. They also do not offer return on opened bottle, and they have a controversial auto shipment plan which will legally bind one to pay the full amount with legal action if one does not pay. Many of the ingredients are also potentially dangerous, as they add many cheap preservatives which have been shown to potentially lead to DNA damage and other symptoms. The vast majority of reviews were negative as many failed to see any changes in their libido.

From all aspects out selection for the best supplement which can support female libido in multiple ways was Libitrinex. It has a blend of well-regarded and studied ingredients which are all-natural and shown to help support overall energy, levels, mood, libido, and sexual pleasure.

There’s several posit experiences by uses who were able to notice many changes to their libido. The creators are also reputable and make their formula in a GMP certified facility. Read more on what made Libitrinex the year’s very best female libido supplement bi visit their official website featured here.

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