NEW Libigirl Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Libigirl is a women’s libido enhancing supplement that is claimed to be celebrity endorsed and already used by millions. They also add how it is the safest and most effective supplement of its kind.

The specific details about this are limited since the official website only makes marketing claims. 3rd party sites do claim that it can be used to increase arousal, energy, sexual satisfaction, pleasure, and even a healthy pH in the vagina. After reviewing this supplement it became clear why there was limited information, as the FDA released a warning about it being contaminated.

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Cranberry Fruit Extract Damiana Leaf Extract Muira Puama Extract Pomegranate Extract Cordyceps Sinensis
Evening Primrose Vitamin A Vitamin B2 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12
Red #3 Red #40 Blue #1    

Damiana Leaf Extract: A commonly used wild shrub aphrodisiac that is useful for improving both the brain and nervous system. This is used to help treat many common sexual symptoms. A study by Herb found that its aphrodisiacs effects are:

“Currently not known”

Web MD has also stated that there is a serious risk for:

“Convulsions and other symptoms”

These other potential side effects may include strychnine poisoning or rabies like issues.

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Pomegranate Extract: A nutrient rich fruit that contains healthy antioxidants which can improve cellular health.  This has also been used to help improve blood circulation and blood vessels. There is a possibility of an allergic reaction and Web MD does add that the root and stems are


Some symptoms that can occur are:

  • Swelling, difficulty breathing, and itching.

Cordyceps Sinensis: A type of fungus that is used for improving cardiovascular function, immune function, and overall longevity. It has long been used in Asian medicine as a general wellness aid. dos say that these claims have:

“Not yet been looked at”

They go on to say human studies are lacking, making it difficult to know for certain what it can do.

Evening Primrose: The oils of this plant are used to help reduce chronic fatigue and PMS symptoms. This is rich in fatty acids which can be used for general health as well.

Vitamin B2: Known as Riboflavin, this important vitamin is found naturally in eggs, nuts, green vegetables, and milk. This can help improve the immune system, increase energy, and support proper body functions.  High amounts can lead to symptoms including:

  • Diarrhea, increased urine, and change of urine color.

In one capsule they provide the equivalent of 588% of the daily value. The likely reason why so much is added is because this is water soluble and most of it will likely not be absorbed.

Vitamin B6: Common to many foods, this vitamin is known as Pyridoxine. It’s useful for many purposes including decreasing PMS symptoms, supporting proper menstruation, and allowing for macronutrients to be properly broken down. A total of 500% of the daily advised value is added per serving in Libigirl.

Vitamin B12: An important vitamin that is rich in protein rich foods, vegans will often be deficient in this. A total of 830% is added per serving of Libigirl. This high amount may be potentially hazardous as it may lead to:

  • Diarrhea, nausea, and high blood pressure.
  • Facial flushing, low potassium, and uric acid buildup.

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This has some unique ingredients you won’t often find in female libido supplements. The added pomegranate and cordyceps in particular are very rarely seen. Unfortunately, neither of these ingredients affect libido.

Vitamins A and B are included which can be healthy, but at this excess amount it may lead to some unwanted side effects.

The only real aphrodisiacs are Damiana and Muira Puama. Damiana is a questionable ingredient since studies show it can be potentially dangerous. This leaves Muira Puama which is good, but it’s placed alongside a proprietary lend of 5 other ingredients with only 460 mg blended together. This is unlikely to have sufficient amounts of it to have a noticeable effect. The other issue is the 3 kinds of food coloring added. These artificial ingredients are not needed and they have the potential for serious side effects when taken in excess.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


The official website sells a bottle for $19.99. Slight discounts are offered on multiple bottles. They also sell packets of 3 pulls for $5.99.

This is about average for a brand like this, but determining the extent to the quality is hard to do with the lack of reviews. They do use cheap food coloring and overall most of this does not have any aphrodisiac benefits. Mostly general wellness aids are added including cordyceps mushroom.

Another issue is the fact that many other supplements use all the potentially useful ingredients in this but alongside other aphrodisiacs. This limits the overall use of this and raises questions of its effectiveness. There’s no reason to buy this particular supplement when the official website does not mention at all what kind of use this can provide.

There is also a fear of side effects apart from the food coloring; this may be hazardous due to the excess amounts of vitamins. A 830% supply of vitamin B12 is especially notable, and there is no explanation as to why a person would need that much in one serving.

Most of the suggestions are basic marketing claims and they do not specify how it’s intended to work.

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They do not publish their official company name and the only contact information provided is an address:

Address: 5560 E 61st Street

Commerce, CA 90040

The FDA has said they are:

“advising consumers not to purchase or use Libigirl”

In their study they found that it contained a prescription drug known as sildenafil. This may be potentially hazardous and it may lead to heart conditions, high cholesterol, and heart attack.

The Australian Department of Health has also said that it may be:

“serious risk to your health”

They also say that this is illegal, and that it may be very dangerous to use.  It is not known if necessary actions have been taken to ensure that they no longer contaminate their supplements.

Their official website states that returns are allowed from 14 days of the purchase date but only on unused and untampered with goods.

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They claim that it’s the best and that women all over the world have used it as well as celebrities like Brittney Spears, yet there wasn’t one single review found online.

This likely means that the company is lying, since if it were true celebrities have used it, thy would publish proof. All they cite is a magazine which claims that she used it, but they never actually endorsed it.  They are likely also lying about the claim that many women have used it, there’s no evidence that it is at all popular.

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The formula is mostly unique for a female libido supplement, but overall it’s not likely to have an effect. No review is available and there is no description provided by the official website on what kind of an effect is likely. They also do not allow for returns on any opened bottles. The company was also called out by the FDA for adding a banned prescription ingredient and this may be the reason why the company has limited details about how they function. You aren’t able to contact anyone from the company through an email or phone number either, making this a potentially risky purchase.

The most highly reviewed supplement for female libido enhancement was Libitrinex. This all-natural pill is useful for supporting mood, energy, sexual vigor, sexual satisfaction, and overall libido. Customers have left great reviews on their official website stating that it improved their vitality.

The makers produce this in a FDA certified facility to ensure that the quality is consistent, and they also provide a detailed description. All the ingredients are certified in a FDA approved facility, and they make sure to only use natural, stimulant free ingredients. Our review of Libitrinex helps breakdown why it was our top pick for female libido enhancement; check it out by clicking here.

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