NEW Herbal Quiver Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Herbal Quiver is an herbal sexual supplement for women that promises to increase the quality and pleasure of orgasms, as well as the overall sex drive. It is intended for daily use, and comes in pill form.

When used properly, Herbal Quiver claims to be able to take a woman’s sexual experience to the next level, making her climaxes stronger, more powerful, and more satisfying. It contains a number of herbs that are supposed to support a more intense sexual response, and to help assist in stimulation of the genitalia alongside natural stimulation during intimacy. By doing so, the product promises to improve women’s sex lives overall and make their intimate relationships deeper and more satisfying.

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Herbal Quiver contains a mixture of different herbal ingredients and other elements mainly derived from natural sources. Here are some of the main active ingredients:

Royal Jelly Wheat Grass Guarana Gotu Kola Kola Nut

Royal Jelly: A secretion made by worker bees in hives, it is used to nurture the development of queen bees and is supposed to have medicinal applications such as treating the symptoms of menopause and insomnia. However, it does come with some possible side effects, including:

  • Asthma, breathing problems, respiratory symptoms
  • Swelling of the throat, suffocation

Wheat Grass: Considered a highly-concentrated source of nutrients, this grass is prescribed in naturopathic medicine for a number of symptoms, including water retention, inflammation, and high blood pressure. While there are no serious side effects  associated with this plant, but there is no definitive scientific consensus on its supposed medicinal properties.

Guarana: A plant from the Amazon, its seeds were used in tribal medicine as a method of increasing energy and enhancing sexual potency. One of its main components is caffeine, which adds to its stimulating properties. There are potential side effects in certain doses, and when taken long-term, including:

  • Delirium, tremors, insomnia
  • Stomach cramps, anxiety, and vomiting

Gotu Kola: Used in ancient Indian and Chinese naturopathic medicines to treat a variety of symptoms, this herb is said to be able to treat low libido in women, as well as other reproductive issues like preventing pregnancy and to regulate periods. There is, however, not a lot of scientific consensus on whether or not it does what it is claimed to.

Kola Nut: Also written “cola nut,” this seed contains caffeine and has been used in traditional West African cultures to treat things like depression, fatigue, and migraines. The large amount of caffeine contained in it, however, makes it likely to give some people headaches or irregular heartbeat.

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Herbal Quiver has the claim of containing only natural ingredients, and many people reading that claim may take it to mean that the product is 100% safe. However, just because something is natural does not mean it is safe, and the side effects of some of these ingredients just support that claim.

Royal jelly’s origins may seem harmless enough – after all, bees make honey, and that’s good for you – but there are people who could suffer serious allergic reactions to it. The fact that it could cause some people’s throats to swell, and even to cause possible suffocation and death is definitely cause for concern. Whatever its positive effects may be, the fact that many women may have life-threatening reactions to taking this product is a reason to approach this product with caution.

The same likewise goes for guarana and kola nut, both significant sources of caffeine. Not only can excess caffeine cause jitteriness and heartbeat irregularity, but it also may have a negative effect on the customer’s ability to sleep. If a woman were to take it at night, a common time for lovemaking, it is possible that she could end up being up all night. The threat of losing a night of sleep does not make this product seem very desirable.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Herbal Quiver is available at certain retailers for around $14.99 for a single bottle. Some retailers have deals where you can buy more bottles at a time and see a reduction in cost, but it only brings the price down by about a dollar a bottle, which is not significant.

Each bottle contains 30 capsules, but this is where the catch comes in. The suggested dosage is 3 pills a day. Some simple math tells us that that means each bottle will only last for about 10 days, meaning that for a supply that lasts one month a woman would have to buy three bottles or more, driving the costs up.

Given the lackluster scientific basis of some of the products included here, the dangers some of them pose to certain women, and the volume of product someone would have to buy in order to see regular benefits in their life, the customer is in for a disappointment. The value is just not there.

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BUSINESS OF Herbal Quiver

Herbal Quiver is made by Herbal Groups, Inc., a company based in California. To contact them, here is the information to use:

Phone Number: (800) 434-7129

Address: 9045 Corbin Ave, Suite B-1, Northridge, CA 91324

Email: [email protected]

The company offers a 60 day full refund policy for any of their products, minus shipping and handling costs.

There seems to be some confusion as to where exactly the business is located. On one web page the primary business address is listed as being in Northridge, but elsewhere in their “Terms and Conditions” page they list their address as being in Van Nuys. And that isn’t all. The Better Business Bureau lists their address as being in Chatsworth.

The overall effect is confusing, and may lead some customers to be mistaken about where they should turn, and may not have their business handled effectively. Their letters could end up going to the wrong people by accident, or return packages could be mistakenly sent to a potentially defunct location. Herbal Groups, Inc. would do well to clear up this confusion and improve the clarity of their online business listing.

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This business claims to be “the leading supplier of herbal supplements,” but there is very little to suggest that this is true. The company seems to make very few products, actually, and their website appears to contain mostly articles with suggestions for how people can improve their health. Not only that, but their website is in need of a serious overhaul, with an outdated interface and several pages being blank except for some text insisting that they are “updating” the site.

Overall, this does not appear to be the sort of company that can legitimately claim the be an industry leader, as a quick perusal can suggest.

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There are no customer reviews of Herbal Quiver that we could see on any of the product pages that advertise the supplement. There are few reviews of the business at all, and some of it is mixed or outright negative:

“Rude customer services reps, and the fine print roped me into paying for things I didn’t want to. I don’t advise anyone to order from them!”

“There was a problem with their billing and collections department, and as far as I’m concerned, they still haven’t solved the problem.”

Health supplements are so many and so varied, and thus customer reviews are crucial for telling new and potential consumers about their experiences and to give everyone else some sign of the product working. The lack of any mention of the product – either good or bad – is disappointing. Not only is there no sign that anyone has had a good experience with the product, it could very well be that no one has even purchased it in the first place.

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Herbal Quiver claims to be able to change a woman’s sex life for the better, by increasing her sexual drive and her sensitivity, but the problem is that not only do the products have significant and possibly life-threatening side effects, but the product could get expensive if taken regularly. Not only that, but there are no testimonials from customers to prove that it has ever worked for anyone.

We can recommend a better alternative, one which can address the issues which affect women’s sex lives, and that is an herbal supplement called Libitrinex. It uses a powerful mix of natural ingredients, is made in the USA, and has customers raving about how it’s improved their sexual energy. The resulting product is one that can regulate  hormones effectively, make arousal even easier, and even promote better sensitivity for a more intense experience during intimacy.

We’ve found that Libitrinex stands out from all those other products out there that promise to give women stronger sexual health and a more satisfying love life. For our review of Libitrinex, and to see all the benefits it can provie, check out this link.

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