NEW FemElle Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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FemElle is a dietary supplement that’s supposed to boost sex drive and improve sexual pleasure in women who have a lower sex drive than normal. It also promises to make women have more powerful and stronger orgasms.

The product comes with a unique blend of herbal extracts that are supposed to work with a woman’s body to stimulate arousal and improve a woman’s physical experience of sex. It increases sensitivity as well, which is supposed to be a sure way to make women have better climaxes, as well as longer-lasting ones. This supplement also comes with vitamins included, ones that are associated with improved female sexual health, as well as to help offset any deficiencies that may be leading to women having difficulties enjoying themselves in the bedroom.

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FemElle has several active ingredients. The main blend of herbs and extracts includes the following:

Cnidium Monnier Epimedium Maca Muira Puama
L-Arginine GABA Yohimbe Tribulis Terrestris

Cnidium Monnier: A plant used in traditional Chinese medicine to increase sexual arousal in men and women, it is also supposed to be able to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It has also been used as a topical anti-itch remedy. However, according to WebMD, not enough research has been done on it to tell whether this plant is safe for general use.

Epimedium: This plant (also known as horny goat weed) is often prescribed in traditional Chinese medicine to enhance and improve sexual desire in women and men.

Muira Puama: This plant is a natural aphrodisiac, used both orally and topically. Both it and its extract are used to treat erectile dysfunction and boost the libido.

Maca: A plant that originates in the mountains of Peru, and is used in homeopathic medicine for its benefits to women’s menstrual and hormonal health. It can also treat anemia and increase energy.

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L-Arginine: A common chemical found naturally in many types of foods. As a supplement it is prescribed for its ability to widen the arteries for increased blood flow. It’s also renowned for its benefits to cardiovascular health.

GABA: A shortened version of “Gamma aminobutyric acid,” which is a natural chemical that’s also produced in the body. It is generally prescribed as a way to reduce anxiety, as well as improve the mood.

Yohimbe: An extract that comes from the bark of the yohimbe tree, found in parts of Africa. It has been prescribed in traditional medicine to stimulate the overall sex drive in both sexes, and can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately it does come with some side effects, and these can include:

  • Vomiting, bloating, stomach pain
  • Kidney failure, cardiac arrest

The pills also contain a Vitamin E supplement, which is good for clearing the blood of free radicals, and maintaining eye and heart health.

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FemElle is composed of all-natural ingredients, both herbal and non-herbal, and while many women might find this to be compelling, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. The truth is that some products, despite being natural, can actually be ineffectual or sometimes even dangerous.

While some ingredients like maca and epimedium are actually quite common in sex drive supplements, other ingredients leave something to be desired. Cnidium monnier does not have any scientific trials backing it up, which for that matter can be said about most of the remedies used in traditional Chinese medicine. Its benefits are proclaimed by herbologists and naturopaths, not scientists. For some women that’s fine, but for others, it’s a disappointment.

The addition of yohimbe also leaves us feeling that the product is a little disappointing, due to the fact that this ingredient comes with some pretty awful side effects, which include kidney failure and heart attack. There are other ingredients out there which have similar effects to yohimbe, but which don’t have the same sorts of drastic side effects, and so it is a shame that this company didn’t decide to play it safe and go with one of these other alternatives instead.

These products can not only increase sexual desire, but can improve energy as well.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


FemElle comes in bottles of 60 capsules, and at a suggested dosage of two capsules a day, each bottle should last a month, which is common in the nutritional supplement industry. The prices seem to fluctuate: we’ve seen it cost anywhere from $23.70 to $39.95 per bottle. While this isn’t the most expensive we’ve seen, there’s no option to get a discount through purchasing multiple bottles, which is common in the industry. This company, however, doesn’t seem to have offered such a thing.

The product is available via a few different vendors, such as NutraStore and Amazon.

Given the presence of questionable ingredients in this product which could potentially water down its effectiveness, as well as the dangerous side effects associated with at least on of its active ingredients, the price does not seem to be justified.

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FemElle seems to be made by a company of the same name, based on the information we gathered on some of the websites where the product is sold. But aside from that, not much is known about it.

Phone Number: None.

Address: None.

Email: None.

Since we couldn’t find out anything about the company that makes the product, there are no signs of a refund policy from the business itself. The customer is relegated only to the refund policies of the vendors selling the supplement, which can vary and are not necessarily all likewise guaranteed.

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The nutritional supplement industry is not generally regulated by the FDA except when it comes to advertising, so the safety and efficacy of nutritional products tend to lean on the claims of the businesses that sell them. It is important therefore for these companies to put a professional foot forward, demonstrating trustworthiness and polish, so that customers will trust that the supplements they buy from them will not only not be dangerous, but will actually do what they’re supposed to do.

That’s why it’s unfortunate that there’s so little information about FemElle. With no presence, no Better Business Bureau registration, not even a business address, customers have no assurances that the company they’re buying from is legitimate.

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Not only could we find no business information about FemElle, but we could find no customer reviews of the product either. Both of the main places where this product has been offered for sale include sections for customers to post their experiences with the product, but as far as we’ve seen, no one has come forward to do that.

This is another drawback to the product: not only do we not know anything about the company that makes it, but we don’t even know if it has worked for anyone. Customers who’ve never used a product will often look to the testimonials of others to determine whether that product is likely to work for them, and whether the reviews are good or bad, at least the customer knows what they’re getting into.

With FemElle, no one know what they’re getting into. They’re jumping into the deep end on a product that very well could not work.

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FemElle has a lot of things riding against it – some ingredients are either unproven (cnidium monnier) or could be outright dangerous (yohimbe), making the ingredients subject to some caution. The company that makes the product has no real presence, no profile, no contact information, and no guarantee of quality. On top of that, the price is medium-to-high, especially when taking into account the fact that there are no discount deals available for multiple purchases (except for a small reduction for auto-shipping on Amazon). Even worse, there are no customer reviews to speak of, meaning that anyone buying this product has no frame of reference for whether the product can be expected to work for them or not. All in all, this product makes a poor case, and we don’t see a reason to choose it over the alternatives.

Our top pick for the best women’s libido-enhancing product, one that can revitalize a woman’s sexual health, is a natural supplement called Libitrinex. It contains a proprietary formula of natural ingredients designed specifically to improve women’s reproductive health, boost the sex drive, and promote a sense of overall well-being.

There are lots of supplements on the market that claim to help women achieve their dream sex life, but Libitrinex remains the best option for those looking for a natural, safe female libido supplement that works. Click here to read more information about Libitrinex, as well as to read what customers have to say about it.

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