NEW Vivid Virility for Her Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Vivid Virility for Her is an herbal sensual enhancement supplement for women, which is designed to increase not only the activity of the sex drive, but also to heighten the pleasure felt during sex and even increase the likelihood of having multiple orgasms.

The product claims to help to affect women’s reproductive systems by directing important nutrients and compounds that will work on the biology to awaken a weak libido, making them more sexually active and vibrant. Some ingredients in the pills are intended to increase sensitivity of the genitalia, which can enhance the overall satisfaction women get from sex as well as increase the likelihood of having rolling or multiple orgasms. This supplement is promoted as being the one used by contract adult film performers for Vivid Entertainment, and promises effects that rival the ones claimed to be achieved by those actresses.

Women who have a low sex drive may have it for different reasons, such as stress, perimenopause, or even PMS. There are lots of options for treatment, but the best one we’ve seen so far is a supplement called Libitrinex. Containing a mixture of natural ingredients known for their ability to balance hormones and lead to better overall sexual energy, it also has high marks for customer satisfaction. Click here read our review of Libitrinex, and learn more about what we found about is benefits.


Vivid Virility for Her contains an assortment of herbal extracts that are said to benefit women’s sexual health. Here are some of the main ingredients:

L-Arginine Horny Goat Weed Siberian Ginseng Guarana Sarsaparilla
Astralagus Dong Quai Maca Black Cohosh Damiana
Gotu Kola Wild Yam Muira Puama Korean Ginseng Avena Sativa

L-Arginine: A nutrient found naturally in many foods such as fish, poultry, and wheat, it is known for its benefits on the cardiovascular system. It’s also prescribed for its effects on balanced hormones, and can help the kidneys clean the blood of waste and toxins.

Horny Goat Weed: Also known as epimedium, this plant is generally used in traditional Asian medicine for improving blood flow to male erectile tissue (hence the name). It is also said to treat the symptoms of high blood pressure, joint pain, and osteoporosis.

Siberian ginseng: This root is said to have performance-enhancing qualities, in addition to the ability to help the body cope with stress. It has been used by bodybuilders and athletes to get themselves into top shape, and to help the cool-down process and recovery after workouts.

Guarana: A plant from the Amazon, its seeds were used in tribal medicine as a method of increasing energy and enhancing sexual potency. One of its main components is caffeine, which adds to its stimulating properties. There are some possible side effects in higher-doses and also when taken long-term, which include:

  • Delirium, tremors, insomnia
  • Stomach cramps, anxiety, and vomiting 

Here are our recommendations for sex drive-boosting supplements for women.

Sarsaparilla: A plant whose root is used as a medicine to promote increased stamina in athletes. It can also fight inflammation and has been said to work as an anti-bacterial when taken orally.

Dong Quai: The root of this plant is used in Chinese medicine to treat menopause, as well as anemia and infertility. However, there are possible side effects when using it, including extra sensitivity to the sun, and WebMD notes that it contains chemicals that have been associated with causing cancer, but more evidence is needed.

Damiana: A plant found in Central America, used in folk medicine as a sexual enhancer for both men and women. It is also prescribed for headaches, diarrhea, and depression.

Wild Yam: A plant which contains diosgenin (an element used in synthesis of steroids in laboratories) it’s been marketed as an alternative to conventional estrogen replacement therapy. It has a number of claimed affects, such as the ability to treat vaginal dryness, to prevent menstrual cramps, and to increase breast size.

Gotu Kola: An herb used in traditional Chinese as well as Indian medicine, supposed to have positive effects in boosting women’s sex drives. Unfortunately, not enough research has been done on its safety when taken, and so has not been vetted by the medical community.

For improving women’s reproductive health and sexual appetite, these supplements can help.


Vivid Virility for Her contains several different herbal ingredients that are said to have beneficial effects on the female reproductive system, but several of these ingredients have unproven benefits, and could even be harmful.

Guarana and kola nut both contain extremely-high amounts of caffeine. In certain people this can lead to restlessness, anxiety, and heart palpitations. Worse, women who take products with these ingredients at night – a common time for sexual activity – might even end up being kept up all night by the caffeine coursing through their blood.

Other ingredients like dong quai have not had their safety tested satisfactorily in clinical trials, and being associated with causing cancer is not a high compliment in the world of nutrition. Not only are its benefits not clearly demonstrated – only promised by traditional healers – but it could even harm you. We do not consider this a risk worth taking.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.

THE PRICE AND QUALITY OF Vivid Virility for Her

Vivid Virility for Her is sold by a variety of online retailers. The price for a bottle of 30 tablets has sold for $28.95, and a bottle of 60 tablets has gone on sale at other places for as little as $29.95 (down from the usual price of $39.95). It is not clear, however, how stable those prices are and when those sales will end.

Some places offer discounts when buying more than one bottle, but the savings are negligible (about $2 off per bottle).

With a suggested dosage of 2 tablets per day, a 60-tablet bottle will last for about a month. With a regular price of about $40, though, this climbs into being one of the higher-priced supplements we’ve come across.

Overall when you consider the amount of pills you get for the price, it is not a great deal. $40 is not cheap for a lot of people, and to have to spend that much every month to get the effects means a lot of people will have empty wallets trying to use this product.

This one easy list contains the top-rated women’s sexual health enhancers.

BUSINESS OF Vivid Virility for Her

Vivid Virility for Her is made by Herbal Groups, Inc. Their information is here:

Phone Number: (800) 434-7129

Address: 9045 Corbin Ave, Suite B-1, Northridge, CA 91324

Email: [email protected]

This business has a 60-day full-refund policy for their products, but this does not include shipping and handling costs.

With the claims of being “the leading supplier of herbal supplements,” there is very little back up this claim. With a lackluster website that contains multiple blank or unfinished pages, few products being sold, and no testimonials section for customers who have dealt with the company, it is hard to tell how trustworthy and legitimate this business is. Customers who want to buy supplements for their health will want to buy them from professionals, and so far, we cannot say this company looks or acts very professional.

To boost women’s sex drives, we recommend these options.

CUSTOMER OPINIONS OF Vivid Virility for Her

Vivid Virility for Her has only one review that we were able to find:

“It gave me lots of energy. It worked!”

There are two things to take away. One is that only one review, whether good or bad, cannot be taken as being representative of every customer’s experience with a product. Two, is that even though this was a positive review, it had no mention of whether it increased the woman’s sex drive or helped her achieve better sexual experiences.

Our picks for the Top Ten best women’s sex drive supplements.

CONCLUSION – DOES Vivid Virility for Her WORK?

Vivid Virility for Her contains some ingredients that could cause dangerous side effects in many women, is pretty costly, and has only one review – worse, a review that has nothing to say about its claimed sexual benefits. Women who are in the market for a supplement that will make their reproductive systems healthier and their sex lives better will likely want a product that is trustworthy, well-reviewed, and has ingredients that won’t make them sick or worse. For those women, this product can not be recommended.

The best alternative we can suggest for improving overall reproductive health in women is a product called Libitrinex. After our review we found that, with its natural ingredients that are specially-formulated to improve the libido and to increase energy, and with its high-quality manufacturing process, it just blows by the competition. Better yet, it comes highly-recommended from lots of satisfied customers.

We look a lots of feminine sexual health supplements, and out of all the ones we’ve reviewed, it’s Libitrinex that comes out on top as the healthiest and most effective female sexual supplement on the market. Click here to read more about the ingredients and benefits of Libitrinex, and see how it compares to the competition.

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