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Germany Sex Drops is a female libido liquid formula containing only natural ingredients. They market it as being a “savior to marriage”.

This is meant to increase peak arousal, support the intensity of orgasms, and make it easier for one to have a wetter vagina. Effects are said to come within minutes with just 5 to 8 drops within a beverage. They say it is a side effect free solution to help improve overall sexual satisfaction.

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They mention that the following are used:

Water Fructose Melatonin Canitis

Fructose: A simple fruit sugar that has no female libido enhancing effects, but is likely used solely to provide a sweet taste. This is found naturally within fruits and honey. In its pure form it is known to have a risk for causing issues such as:

  • Cardiovascular issues, tooth decay, and increased risk for obesity.

However it’s not known exactly how much of this is added, if it’s in small amounts which don’t contribute to any significant sugar content, then it’s unlikely to cause any side effects.

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Melatonin: Found in the pineal gland, this helps regulate the sleep and wake cycles. This is activated more during night time naturally and when taken as a supplement it is used to help the body have restful sleep. This is particularly used for those who have either sleep issues or jetlag.

It has also been used to help stimulate heathy mood, improve brain health, and to protect against certain forms of cancer.

As far as sexual enhancement it has been used to prevent infertility, support prostate health, and support mood. As far as it affecting libido there is insufficient studies.

Canitis: Described as being the key ingredient in this formula, this is intended to support blood flow in the genitals, thereby increasing sensation and overall sexual satisfaction.

Only one website mentions where this comes from and they say it is an exact from Spanish Fly, or as it’s known scientifically, the blister beetle. There are many species of this insect and it is known to be potentially toxic. It can lead to side effects including:

  • Bleeding, blistering, and discomfort.
  • Irritation, gastrointestinal issues, and organ failure.
  • Renal dysfunction, death, and poisoning.

There have been a few known cases of being seriously poisoning by taking aphrodisiacs with this additive. This is why in certain parts of the world this is banned.  It’s unknown why this additive is included.

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2 of the 4 ingredients are inactive, water and fructose are not going to support female libido. This leaves melatonin which is used as a sleep aid, and the Spanish Fly extract which is the only aphrodisiac added to this mixture.

This beetle extract is known to be potentially fatal, and in fact there have been many cases where people were accidentally poisoned from even small amounts of this ingredient. Worse yet the company fails to mention how they extract this, and what kind of safety measures are in place to ensure that people won’t potentially be poisoned from it.

Because of this lack of safety assurance it makes it impossible to know what can be expected from it.  They describe it as Canitis which is only mentioned on a few websites; unfortunately these websites make it appear as if it’s a safe and natural ingredient. They fail to cite any studies. On further researching what the actually scientific name is, there are multiple mentioned historical cases of people dying from it.

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Their official website redirects to 2 other websites which sell this supplement.  One site sells it for $49.90 with $7.90 shipping and handling. While they make it sound impressive by adding how it’s natural, safe to use, and quickly activated, there is no studies published online to prove this.

Each bottle is said to last only 3 applications as well, which makes this a very expensive liquid supplement.

Because of the potential for dangerous side effects from the sole active aphrodisiac ingredient, there are doubts about whether or not this can be trusted. There needs to be actual proof to show whether or not this is actually going to be safe and effective.

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They do have an official website which says that the company abused by:

“laws of England & Wales”

But they do not list any contact information whether it be email, phone number, or address.  They don’t give any details about how they function or what kinds of safety protocols they follow.

This website is poorly delivered and it fails to give any insights into how the company works, and whether or not they offer a money back return policy.

These other websites which sell it offer more contact details and they mention how shipments will be sent in a discreet package.  They have questionable claims on their website as they add a very unprofessional mention that if one is too sexually stimulated and does not have a partner:

“I am always available for you”

Its unknown why they would make such a claim and it makes it seem as if the website if the co many is operated by just one sol person.

Because there is no way to truly know how this company works, whether or not they test fit for safety, and what kinds of studies have been performed, it’s not possible to verify whether this would be a safe supplement.

This is especially concerning when you factor in the issue with the key aphrodisiac ingredient which according to many sources is potentially fatal.

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A few reviews can be found on their page, here is what users had to say:

“they won’t accept a retune even though it had no effect on me”

“Did what was explained but it ended up give me side effects and it did not work”

“I was sent a broken container not sure what the deal is”

“A novelty item that does not work as directed. Avoid this one it’s not worth it”

21 of the 29 reviews on were negative, and the most repeated issue was that tit failed to deliver any effects. People said it felt like it was only a novelty, and that perhaps it’s not actually meant to work as described.

A few users had side effects but they failed to mention exactly what they experienced. There were also repeat issues with the shipping and handling of this brand, as people were sent broken bottles and leaky packages that spilled out once they opened it.

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There are far too many potential concerns with this supplement to consider it a top ranking brand. Users were mostly disappointed, its unknown who makes it, one of the ingredients is potentially dangerous, and only one additive in this is meant to increase female libido. Still, this claimed aphrodisiac is also known to be potentially dangerous Since you can’t determine any real facts about the company there is no way to determine if they formula it in a way that makes it safe to take. There are many concerns and not enough support provided by the creators to ensure that this would be truly safe and effective.

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