NEW Maxine’s Intima Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Maxine’s Intima is a women’s sexual health supplement that is supposed to enhance the libido and stimulate desire. By doing so, it promises to give women a more active, responsive sex drive for more intimacy and a better sex life.

Maxine’s Intima is made of what they say is “the first nutritional formula of its kind,” and it blends together a number of herbal extracts that are supposed to stimulate the genitalia and make it more responsive, leading to quicker arousal. It claims to provide balance to a woman’s sensuality, as opposed to a Viagra-style hyper-intense sexual drive that some other women’s supplements have. It is intended for regular use, and its benefits are claimed to improve the longer one uses it.

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Maxine’s Intima has a short list of active ingredients:

Calcium L-Arginine Cocoa Bean Rose Extract
Shatavari Ashwagandha Mucuna Pruriens Extract

Calcium: An essential mineral that builds bones and teeth, it is also a necessary part of the functioning of the heart and nerves. It has been prescribed for dealing with premenstrual syndrome and high blood pressure, among many other symptoms.

L-Arginine: An important nutrient that promotes good cardiovascular flow throughout the body by turning into nitric oxide, which widens the arteries. It also stimulates the production of hormones and insulin.

Cocoa Bean: A plant from which the popular treat is made, it is also used for medicinal purposes such as the treatment of bronchitis, asthma, and diarrhea. It also is supposed to be able to reduce blood pressure.

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Rose Extract: Made from the common rose flower, it is used in traditional homeopathic medicine as a treatment for bad moods, including sadness and depression.

Shatavari: From the Sanskrit word for “woman with a hundred husbands,” this plant (also called wild asparagus) has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for its supposed effects on vaginal and uterine health, and is supposed to relieve the symptoms of menopause as well. However, claims about its efficacy have not been vetted by scientific trials.

Ashwagandha: This is another plant from traditional Ayurvedic medicine, whose root is used to treat menstrual problems in women, in addition to arthritis and insomnia. In certain doses, there can be potential side effects, including:

  • Stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting
  • Spotting from the vagina, vaginal bleeding
  • Miscarriage in pregnant women

Mucuna Pruriens Extract: Also known as cowhage or velvet bean, this is a plant found in Asia and Africa that has been prescribed for its ability to reduce anxiety and to treat Parkinson’s. It is also said to work as a fever reducer and a natural pain reliever.

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Maxine’s Intima contains a comparatively small number of ingredients, and one thing that stands out is that some of the ingredients included do not seem to have anything to do with the effects promised.

Calcium, for example, while it is a very important part of overall health, does not have any direct correlation with an increased sex drive, none at least that we have seen. While it may be beneficial, its presence here does not seem to be warranted, unless its use is supposed to be for its supposed positive effects on reducing the painful symptoms of PMS, but that does not necessarily have to do with making women more sexually active.

Other products like rose and cocoa are pleasant additions, but they do not seem to have much science to back up the medicinal effects they’re supposed to have. In the end, rose flowers are not considered in the medical community to have much use (rose hips are another thing entirely, being chock-full of vitamin C), and cocoa’s only observable health effects are in lowering blood pressure – but to what extent it is powerful, the medical community has not commented on.

And in spite of popular belief, cocoa is not an aphrodisiac. In addition, the high amount of caffeine in cocoa could make women who take this supplement jittery, and possibly ruin their sleep at night.

Ashwagandha is another problem. Not only is one of its side effects that of inducing a miscarriage – a potentially disastrous consequence –, it has also not had its use properly proven in clinical trials. All women have to go on are the promises of traditional Indian herbalists, which may not be enough for some.

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Maxine’s Intima can be purchased online, where the price seems to average around $17.99, which gets you a bottle containing 60 pills. At a dose of 2 pills per day, this means that the bottle should last the average woman around a month.

The price is not the highest we’ve ever seen, but there are a few drawbacks despite the price. One is that it is outright stated that continuous use is necessary to see optimum benefits, potentially meaning that women could be expected to use the pills for more than a month, meaning they would have to buy two or more of these bottles to get the best effect.

The second is that, due to the weakness of some of the ingredients, it does not seem like the customer is getting a very high quality product for the price. Customers buying this may be spending less, but they are still getting a less-than-satisfactory product.

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BUSINESS OF Maxine’s Intima

Maxine’s Intima is sold by Country Life, an herbal nutrition company. Their contact information is here:

Phone Number: (800) 645-5768

Address: None listed.

Email: [email protected]

There is no return policy clearly listed on their website. This seems to have to do with the fact that they do not sell their products director to consumers, preferring instead to stock local health stores, and so the return policy for their products are likely at the discretion of the retailer selling them.

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Country Life appears to be a health and environment-conscious business, proudly stating that their products are organic, non-GMO, etc. That said, the fact that the company does not have their own guarantee for customer satisfaction, with a money-back policy for dissatisfied customers, is a little troubling. Other health supplement companies are quick to talk up their return policy, knowing that it will make customers more likely to buy from them, but Country Life for some reason has decided not to offer this.

Customers who are trying a product for the first time are likely to at least want the company that makes it to give them some sort of satisfaction if the product does not work. In this situation, it seems, the customer will be disappointed.

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Maxine’s Intima has only one posted review that we were able to find, on a nutritional supplement vendor’s website:

“This had an effect on me so strong that my husband wondered what had come over me. I hadn’t been this sensual in years!”

In spite of this, the reviewer only gave the product three stars out of five. If the product is supposed to work, it is strange that it would have only one review, and an uneven one at that. On the product’s Amazon page, there are no customer reviews at all.

Without a strong number of customer testimonials, it is extremely difficult to form an opinion about whether the product is worth trying or not. After all, if the product worked as well as it claims to, more people would be trying it, but based on the lack of responses from customers, this does not seem to be the case.

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Maxine’s Intima does not have a very strong showing, as we see it. It contains mostly ingredients that either have no medically-backed effects or have little to do with women’s sex drives, there is no guarantee of satisfaction or money back from the company that makes it, and almost no customers have left any reviews anywhere to tell the world if it worked or not.

When you buy nutritional supplements, it is advisable to take precautions and only go with products that have a positive response (and from more than only one person). Given these facts, we do not recommend people take a chance on Maxine’s Intima.

Another supplement that we can recommend, one that that contains ingredients that can naturally improve sexual energy and desire, is Libitrinex. With its proprietary blend of time-tested ingredients made in an facility that is GMP-certified to meet or exceed quality standards, this is the most trustworthy choice for any woman who wants to invigorate their libido, get her hormones on track, and have a more explosive and powerful sex life.

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