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Liquid V is a stimulating gel that is meant for women of all ages who want to improve their pleasure in the bedroom. They add how it is concentrated and can increase blood flow, increase the sensation of climax, and all while increasing the sensation of a warming feel.

Many different amounts are offered depending on the bottle, and it is said to be free of latex. They advise to use it only as directed, and to avoid adding more than 2 different applications for every 12 hours.  It can be used alongside adult toys and even condoms, and each bottle comes in a small container for easy transportation.

The well-reviewed supplement for overall female libido was Libitrinex according to our review experts. The reason it was rated so highly is due to its well-rounded formula which can support all aspects of female sexuality. For a closer inspection on Libitrinex and to see what it can offer, click on this link.


Their full ingredients include:

Purified Water Propylene Glycol L-Arginine Menthol
Cellulose Thickener Methylparaben Propylparaben

Propylene Glycol: Synthetic additive that is an alcohol molecule used to help with the retention of water. The Environment CANADA Domestic Substance List refers to this as being:

“expected to be toxic or harmful”

This is commonly found within many other similar brands as it can help act as a sort of lubricant. Health Report.UK has also stated this this ingredient may lead to:

“liver damage and heart damage… damage to the central nervous system”

Our top 10 list has a highlight of which brands were considered to be the very best at supporting female libido.

L-Arginine: This can be found in protein rich foods as it’s an amino acid. It is used by the body so support cardiovascular health, and it can be found in things like seeds, nuts, meat, fish, and grains. This helps relax the arteries and it can be used for the overall improvement of blood flow.

This is commonly added to libido enhancing brands as it can help stimulate the sexual organs, leading to an enhanced sensation.

Menthol: Most commonly used to treat pains and aches in the muscle sand joints, this is known to cool the skin followed by a warming sensation.  This will either be found synthetically, or it can be extracted direct from mint oil.

Cellulose: Organically found ingredient which is found within the cell walls of things like bark, plants, or leaves. This acts as a form of non-digestible fiber and it can be used to make things like paper and cardboard.  It will often be used as filler when added to supplements.

Thickener: This can be composed of several different things, including natural and artificial additives. It simply served to help provide a certain consistency to the formula, so it’s easier o apply and not so liquid like. There are also edible forms of this as well as non-edible versions.

Methyparaben: Preservative most commonly found within things like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.  There is a lot of controversy over the use of this additive due to concerns that it can accumulate and potentially cause toxic effects.

The European Commission on Endocrine Disruption for example has said that there is strong evidence for this being a:

“Human endocrine disruptor”

The same has been expressed by many other 3rd party studies.

Propylparaben: Found naturally within plants and insects, this is also used synthetically as a preservative for topical aids. This is often added to water based blends due to its ability to have lasting effects.

The has rated this 7 of 10, stating it has a high risk for potential unwanted side effects. There are concerns that this can have damaging effects on the body which are long lasting.

After much review our experts were able to determine which female libido brands were the best at delivering effects.


They rely on 2 preservatives, a binder, menthol for tingling and warmth, the amino acid L-Arginine to support blood flow, and propylene glycol as a way to retain moisture. It’s a fairly standard formula that you’ll find in the run of the mill female stimulating aid. Because of its fairly generic formula, there isn’t much you can expect from this.

It can likely help retain moisture thereby working as a lubricant however. It’s important to note that on 3 of this ingredient can have a direct impact on sexual activity, as the added purified water is meant more as a base. They add 2 kinds of potentially harsh preservatives which man regulatory agencies have deemed to be of serious concern.

One must be careful to watch out for any symptoms, and on the package of each Liquid V container it mentions that if one were to experience any side effects such as discomfort, that use should be stopped.

After examining many supplements for female libido, the one’s which were customer favorited and with the best formulas have been outlined here.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Prices can vary depending on the specific amount selected:

  • 3 pack box with .067 oz. each for $12.99.
  • 0.5 oz. for $25.95
  • 0.34 oz. for $19.95.

They price their formula for a slightly higher price than similar brands. This is too heavy on additives which can be sourced elsewhere for cheaper. The only active ingredients which can have a direct effect on sexual stimulation are far too common to consider it a well-rounded enough formula.

There is also concern over the use of 2 preservatives which studies how can be potentially harsh. Because of this there are concerns about the use of this as a regular formula.

The creators also do not offer a money back return for any opened bottles.

For a list detailing the best female libido supplements of this year, click on this link.


Their official company name is Body Action Products and their offered contain details are:

Phone Number: (813) 949-5061

Address: 13253 Byrd Drive

Odessa, FL 33556

Email: [email protected]

As mentioned returns are only offered for unopened and unused bottles and must be done so within 30 days of the order shipment. There is also a 25% restocking fee, and one must pay for shipping and handling while returning the product. They can also decide if one has fit their protocols, so returns can still be denied.

For a breakdown of the best female libido brand which can assist in overall sexual satisfaction click on this link.


The following are online reviews that further explain this supplement:

“not sure if what they are selling just doesn’t work but I would not recommend it”

“really disappointed with the lack of effects it just didn’t work for me”

“Helped increase my stimulation and made sex better for my partner”

“Don’t use it this is a waste of your money it has a slight cooling effect but that’s all”

The majority of reviews found online were negative, as many said it did not help stimulate their sex lives. Some said while it did have a cooling effect, that it was minimal and that it failed to do anything else.

Those that did enjoy it said that it helped increase their satisfaction, but this was a minority and didn’t represented thought users experiences.

Some also complained that it had alternating effects, with some bottles having an effect and others failing to provide any changes at all. It’s unknown if this is an issue with manufacturing or if it’s simply some user’s experiences.

Review the top 10 list to find out what supplements can best support female libido using natural ingredients.


There are some ingredients in this which can deliver effects, but the majority of additives are meant more to stabilize the formula. There are far too many generic additives found in this which can be sourced elsewhere for a fraction of the cost. The company also does not have a return policy for opened container, and even unused bottles come with a restocking fee. Most users failed to notice any improvement in their sex lives, and the most people got out of it was often just a warming sensation. Overall many were unimpressed and people felt it was not worth the cost.

In analyzing many female libido brands each year our review experts have noted that the best brand of the year is Libitrinex. It contains many active ingredients which have long been heralded as natural aphrodisiacs. The company also provides user testimonials from greatly satisfied women who noticed an improvement in their overall libido.

They add a blend of natural ingredients including maca, panax ginseng, saw palmetto, horny goat weed, and much more. Each ingredient can help stimulate sexual function in many notable ways. Review Libitrinex and its natural formula as well as user reviews on their official website here.

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