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FemStim Max is a female libido enhancing supplement said to provide effects with its scientifically developed blend of ingredients. It’s intended to help with the improvement of mood, energy, sexual health, and also libido.

Improved orgasms and overall arousal are stated within 2 hours of supplementation. They add how these ingredients offer a cost effective alternative to other pricy prescriptions. Their dedicated research performed was said to include various dosing strengths of each ingredient.

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The full ingredients in this brand include:

Dong Quai Shatavari Maca Root Extract Epimedium
Panax Ginseng Ginger Root Gelatin Rice Flour
Magnesium Stearate

Dong Quai: Commonly referred to as the female ginseng, this herb is native to parts of Asia and it has held a long tradition of use in these cultures.  When used for sexual enhancement it is meant to help reduce the risk for infertility and support overall women’s sexual health.

Web MD notes that the following side effects can result from use:

  • increase sun sensitivity.
  • Damage to the muscles of the uterus, damage to the baby during pregnancy, and raised risk for birth defects.

They also add that this has chemicals which:

“are considered to be cancer-causing”

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Shatavari: Used within Ayurvedic medicine practices as a way to help support the female reproductive system, This is meant especially for women in their middle elderly ears as a way to help them during menopause.

As far as safety Web MD notes due to lacking research it’s not known if:

“asparagus racemosus is safe”

Until more is published about this ingredient, it’s impossible to know if it can be safely used in the amount added to FemStim Max.

Maca Root Extract: A vegetable that is used as an aphrodisiac that can stimulate libido, reduce the risk for fatigue, and it also provides amino and fatty acids.  This is often added to libido enhancing supplements due to its range of potential benefits.

There’s even female specific versions of this vegetable which are further intended to target female libido.

Panax Ginseng: A well-researched form of ginseng that is native to parts of Asia. This is often used to improve brain function, as well as prevent the risk for early orgasms. This can also aid physical stamina and improve overall endurance.

Ginger Root: Herbal ingredient that is used for many purposes including improving digestive health, resisting nausea, and reducing pain. This can also be used to reduce inflammation and provide diuretic benefits. Higher amounts of this are known to potentially lead to side effects:

  • Increased menstrual bleeding, stomach pain, and heartburn.

Epimedium: Plant available in many species that is commonly referred to as Horny Goat Weed when added to libido supplements. This is meant for the improvement of blood flow and the overall enhancement of sexual desire. It has been also used for postmenopausal women who are looking to reduce their risk for bone loss.

The list provided goes over what supplements for female libido were top rated for their positive user reviews and comprehensive formulas.


It’s good that they only add natural ingredients, but there are some additives within this which are lacking sufficient research. Groups like Web MD have confirmed that these additives ae not yet well-researched and those they have a potential for unwanted side effects if one is not careful.

The official website states that they ran studies on the formula to determine what would be the optimal dose. However, since they fail to publish these findings, it’s unknown how much this can be relied upon. It’s strange that they would not publish the clinical studies as it would surely help prove this supplements worth, Without any actual proof it’s impossible to know if the entire formula can be relied upon safely.

There is also concern from the mixed reviews as you’ll see in the “Customer Opinions” section. This further raised doubts about what kinds of changes this can have when introduced in the body.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


A 30 day supply is offered on the official website and it sells for $27.99.  They advise to take 2 pills a day in the early afternoon and morning, with 12 ounces of water. Each bottle sells for $27.99.

This is priced somewhat decently and it does have potent aphrodisiacs such as maca root extract, Epimedium, and panax ginseng. Unfortunately they also introduce questionable additives which have shown the potential for side effects, as well as shatavari which is lacking sufficient research to determine what it can truly do.

Without much more details there is a possibility for this brand to either cause symptoms, or not be as strong as it’s claimed. They also use a proprietary formula, further limiting the research one can take into account on the not well-researched additives. There has to be further evidence cited to help understand if what is claimed about this is truly possible.

Many kinds of brands were reviewed but only the best were selected in our experts top 10 list for female libido.


VH Nutrition LLC is their company name and their contact details and hours of operation are provided:

Phone Number: (805) 439-1302

Address: 51 Zaca Ln Suite 90

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Email: [email protected]

There isn’t much information about them from outside 3rd party websites. It does not appear they offer a money back return policy.

On Dirty Scam.com there was just one negative review from a customer who said they felt scammed since they were never told side effects were a possibility. This was a concern as the official website makes it appear as if the company makes natural formulas which are well-studied and they say it comes:

“without the harmful side effects of many prescription drugs”

This one customer complained they thought it would be a far better brand.

Other than this one complaint however, there doesn’t seem to be any other issues with the company.

The only concern is that the company claims that they did perform studies on the formula to determine what the optimal dosing would be. They fail to cite these findings so it raises doubts about how high quality this research truly is.

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Reviews are fairly mixed online; the following are a few quotes:

“Had no effect for me but it did lead to headaches”

“Felt like my stress was reduced but not entirely sure if it actually had any sex enhancement benefits”

“Been having a really low sexdrive and I was hoping this would change it. It didn’t. Do benefits at all”

“This has to be in your head because all the people who said it was good have to be exaggerating. Did nothing for me”

Currently on Amazon.com there is a split between negative and positive reviews. There are a total of 56 complaints and 56 positive claims. Those that didn’t enjoy it often said it failed to have any benefits, and that side effects were an issue.

The top 10 brands for female libido are ranked and explained in easy to understand detail; click here to review.


While FemStim Max does have many ingredients which are regarded as natural aphrodisiacs. They also add some ingredients in this which have either shown the possibility for side effects, or they are lacking sufficient studies to determine what they can truly do. Because of this concern it makes sense as to why there were many mixed reviews. Many users added that it failed to give benefits, and some also complained of side effects such as headaches and nausea. Because of these mixed reviews it’s difficult to determine if this can truly be relied upon.

Libitrinex was considered to be the best female libido supplement due to its high dosage, natural ingredients and use of well-regarded aphrodisiacs. The user reviews for this were highly positive as people had a notable improvement in their sex drive and overall sexual pleasure. Each ingredient in this has been studied by 3rd parties, it and shows how effective it can be.

Further support comes from satisfied users who said they were able to benefit greatly from it. Their formula is made in a certified facility which is considered GMP approved. Review what Libitrinex has to offer for female libido by going through their official website cited here.

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