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Herbal Erotica is a women-focused herbal pill for increasing sex drive naturally. It claims to have been developed to be safe, effective, and to work gently with a woman’s body.

This supplement consists mostly of herbs, roots, and other natural extracts used in Western and Eastern homeopathic medicine traditions. It promises to be able to increase blood flow to intimate areas, increasing responsiveness and sensitivity. As women can feel less desiring of sex, this product also promises to stimulate arousal and overall interest in being sexual. Other ingredients focus on energy and stamina, making women ready not just for sex, but for daily life in general.

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Herbal Erotica has an extensive list of ingredients, listed here:

Damiana Muira Puama Epimedium Tribulis Terrestris Deer Velvet
Motherwort Asparagus Lycium Dendrobium Poria Bark
Licorice Root Rehmannia Pippali Clove Flower Citrus Peel

Damiana: A plant growing mainly in several parts of Central America, including Mexico. Its extract is used in traditional herbal medicine as a way to increase sexual desire in women and men.

Tribulus Terrestris: A Mediterranean plant that’s touted by medical healers as a way to to treat imbalances in hormonal output. Not only that, but it’s also used to help athletes  improve their performance, as well as to treat issues with the heart and circulatory health.

Muira Puama: An herbal plant used as a natural aphrodisiac for both women and men, it is notable for its ability to help with erectile dysfunction and low sex drive in women.

Epimedium: Also referred to as “horny goat weed,” this is a plant commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine (and Western medicine, now) as a natural aphrodisiac. It is also useful as an antioxidant, and it’s supposed to be good for relieving fatigue.

Dendrobium: A type of orchid that grows in parts of Asia, it is supposed to increase physical performance, but according to WebMD, there isn’t enough evidence to prove that it’s safe to take for longer periods. There’s also not enough proof that it actually helps with physical performance at all.

Deer Antler Velvet: Just as its name claims, it is the velvet harvested from the antler of  a species of young deer found in Asia. It is often used in traditional Chinese medicine as a way to promote sexual arousal, supposedly by increasing testosterone production. But according to WebMD, there isn’t enough proof that it has any effect on arousal in humans, despite its ability to improve athletic performance.

Lycium: Another word for goji berries, which are found growing mainly in Asia. They have traditionally been used as a natural treatment for a number of symptoms, including sexual dysfunction and high blood pressure, but there isn’t enough evidence that it works for these purposes in people.

Rehmannia: A plant used in traditional Chinese medicine to help treat anemia (low blood cell count leading to fatigue). It’s not clear why it was included in this supplement, which is supposed to focus on the sex drive. Not only that, but there’s not yet enough evidence that it has any medicinal effect on humans.

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Herbal Erotica has a large list of ingredients that are supposed to all contribute to more robust sexual health, and several of them are actually quite common in women’s libido supplements – mainly epimedium, damiana, and muira puama. However, not all of the ingredients in this supplement have much use,and this is where this supplement gets into a little bit of trouble.

Some of the ingredients have very little science backing them, including several the ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine – dendrobium, deer antler, lycium, rehmannia – and this makes the supplement’s effectiveness seem more doubtful. Cramming a pill with a lot of different herbs may seem like a good idea, perhaps with the thought being that throwing everything at a problem means that one thing is bound to solve it, but it can also harm the efficacy of the supplement. With unproven ingredients with nothing but tradition to back up their uses filling the product, it could weaken the action of the other herbs which might be more useful. Having fewer (but better) ingredients in this supplement may have helped its case.

In addition, we should add that we could find no information about where the ingredients are sourced from, nor the facility in which they are made. We can’t tell therefore if the ingredients are likely to be pure and high-quality, or whether they’re poor and possibly open to contamination, as can happen with supplements. It would be better for the company to be more open about their manufacturing processes.

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Herbal Erotica is available on a few different natural supplement websites, for prices that vary between $34.95 and $59.99. Some of these price variations are due to different vendors having sales or discounts. We should also note that some of the cheaper options are out of stock, so people might be stuck with the higher-priced ones.

As far as we could tell, there’s no main company website where the product is sold, and there don’t appear to be any discounts for multiple bottles.

Since each bottle only lasts about a month, and is fairly expensive (with no deals or discounts for purchasing in bulk), this product seems likely to be a large investment for the majority of people buying it, something which becomes more worrisome when you realize that most people won’t know if the product works until they’ve already spent the money, which isn’t a small amount.

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BUSINESS OF Herbal Erotica

Herbal Erotica is produced by Healing Light, Inc, a company based in West Virginia. This company is a bit of a mystery, as we couldn’t find a main website for them.

Phone Number: Unknown.

Address: P.O. Box 613, Germantown, NY 12526

Email: No email available.

Since there’s almost no information about the company that we could find, there’s no return policy that we can associate with the product at the moment. Returns are likely up to the individual vendor selling the product, and their policies can vary.

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This company has the ultimate image problem: they have no image. With no website, no prominent mentions, no email address, and not even a profile on any of the vendors pages that we looked at, there is just no information about these people. There is a profile on the Better Business Bureau, but it has an “NR” for “Not Rated,” meaning there isn’t enough information about them to know what sort of rating they can be given for customer service.

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Herbal Erotica has no reviews that we could find on the sites where it’s sold. This is another major problem, as many people make decisions on risking their money on products based on their impressions from other peoples’ experiences with the product. With this supplement, it looks like consumers will have to jump in blind, with no guarantees from other customers as to whether or not the product will work.

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Herbal Erotica has a large number of ingredients, many of which are associated with increased sexual arousal, but in the end the supplement must be trustworthy, with a history of customer satisfaction, and promises of high-quality ingredients made in good manufacturing conditions. Unfortunately, Herbal Erotica fails on all these counts. We have no company website, no company reviews, no customer reviews, and no indications of product quality. Combine that with a high price tag, and you have a product just doesn’t seem worth the risk.

The product we do recommend that promises a guarantee of quality and an effective treatment of sexual dysfunction in women is Libitrinex. This supplement is formulated with quality, all-natural ingredients and is made in a GMP-certified facility that passes inspections for workplace safety and hygiene. It has large numbers of customer reviews that attest to its ability to increase sexual desire, make arousal easier to achieve, and to increase overall energy in women who are lacking in all of these areas.

With all of these things going for it, we wholeheartedly recommend Libitrinex as the best and the most effective option available to women. Click here to read more about the benefits of Libitrinex, and to take a look at how it measures up against the competition.

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