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LexaFem is a female sexual desire enhancing supplement marketed as a way to treat Female Sexual Dysfunction or FSD. They describe this as a process which creates anxiety and creates a loop where loss of sexual desire makes one more likely to continue losing interest in sex.

They say this supplement can combat those effects by increasing vaginal moisture, libido, orgasms, and all made possible with a blend of natural ingredients. A few user testimonials are offered from women who claim to have seen a great improvement in their sex lives via multiple ways. Sensations are said to come immediately with “maximum sexual fulfillment” being a possibility.

With several options available, our review experts have been able to determine that Libitrinex was the number 1 for female libido. This supplement has a formula of only natural 3rd party reviewed ingredients that can support a health sex life in multiple ways. Read more on the potential benefits and examine user testimonials of Libitrinex by clicking this link.


No supplement facts list is provided so it’s unknown what the dosage is, or if there is more added, but they do mention the following are included:

Tribulus Terrestris Choline L-Tyrosine Dimethylglycine Panax Ginseng
L-Histidine NADH Maca Root Ashwagandha Root Bioperine Complex

Tribulus Terrestris: Plant used for the improvement of libido and overall sexual wellbeing.

Choline: Necessary B vitamin like ingredient that is found in many foods. This is used to help support the nervous system and it can help decrease inflammation.

Dimethylglycine: Amino acid used for the improvement of the immune system, and also to help improve oxygen circulation.

L-Histidine: Conditional amino acid that is not required in additional amounts, but which is useful for supporting metabolic functions in the body.

Panax Ginseng: A plant extract which has been used in Asia for many remedies, this is used to promote circulation and to prevent early orgasm, and it can also promote many general wellness benefits.

NADH: Naturally found within all cells, this chemical is used to help produce energy in the body. This is also used to improve nerve function. Because of a lack of studies Web MD has stated:

“isn’t enough information… how or if these supplements work”

Maca Root: A vegetable root which has been historically used as a natural aphrodisiac that can prevent fatigue, boost libido, and support mood. It has an array of amino acids, fatty acids, and minerals.

Ashwagandha Root: An herb that has adaptogen effects and which is used in Ayurvedic medicine. This is made to help during moments of stress, so as to not wear down the mind and body. It has been used for those suffer from insomnia, mood swings, anxiety, and other similar issues.

Large amounts of it have a possibility for side effects according to Web MD:

  • Vomiting, upset stomach, and diarrhea.

The top 10 list helps explain what the best supplements are for improved female libido.


The major issue with the formula is that they fail to mention at all as to what the full dosage strength is, and whether or not they add anything else in it.

Some of these additives can support female libido, but whether or not they add certain ingredients in the right amounts makes a significant difference. At too low of a level it won’t have an effect, and if too high it may lead to potential side effects.

With so many brands to review, our experts have simplified the search for the best female libido supplements by crafting this top 10 list.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


The official website sells a month long supply for $49.95. They claim that ta 100% money back guarantee is offered, but they fail to list any details about this guarantee, and it’s unknown for how long it’s offered for.

They also do not mention whether or not there is a restocking fee, whether or not the bottles can be opened, or if one has to return the used bottles.

The formula itself does contain many potentially beneficial ingredients which are well-regarded in 3rd party reviews. The issue is that since you can’t see the supplements facts, it’s unknown if they add it insufficient amounts, and whether or not there are additional ingredients. There has to be some inactive ingredients but they fail to list any information about this. It’s impossible to give a full review of this supplement without being able to know the full ingredients.

On paper the formula seems possibly good, but without more details you can’t make a good judgement for or against. They also advise to take this for up to 4 months consistently for:

“optimum Growth and Power”

It’s not understood what they mean by this, and this can be pricy and potentially slow acting if maximum results take almost half a year to experience. They also say it’s got the value of a $100 supplement, but they fail to list any evidence to prove this claim.

Gain access to the top 10 list for supplements which can improve female sexual desire, satisfaction, and overall sexual stamina.


Nowhere on the official website is there any contact information, nor do they give any information on their manufacturing process. Instead what is offered is a contact form for those interested to leave questions, but it’s unknown if they are responsive or what their window for replying back is.

Within their Privacy Policy they add how their name is Nathans Natual, LLC. It’s unknown if this is a typo, since in their “Common Questions” section they say that billing statements will appear with “Nathans Natural”.

This is strange however as there is another Nathans Natural, LLC, company that does have an official website with some contact details, but they claim to only make 2 supplements, one for the cardiovascular system and another for skin health.

There have been a few negative reviews for this company and they have an F rating on their Better Business Bureau page due to issues with the lack of a money back guarantee, and of unrequested charges to customer’s credit cards. However, it’s not known if this is an all affiliated with the same company.

The makers of LexaFem have no email, phone number, address, or any mention at all as to what standards they uphold.  It’s highly questionable as to why a company would fail to give any sort of relevant details about how to reach them or how they operate. It makes it impossible to learn more about this supplement, or to talk to someone in case of additional support or side effects.

The link here offers our experts selection for the top 10 female libido supplements seen this year.


Not many reviews can be found online but Amazon.com does have a handful of user opinions:

“Disappointed, they sent me an expired product and I wasn’t going to use it like that”

“Made me enjoy sex more after having years of not enjoying it”

“Maybe it’s just not for me but I tried it and I didn’t notice anything at all. Waste of money”

“What a letdown I was hoping it would work and I was excited to try it. It just didn’t help”

The majority of reviews were negative, all because it didn’t promote any notable changes in users. There were complaints that users were looking forward to using it, but that it just didn’t deliver results.

People also complained that it was far too expensive. One customer was sent an expired product, but it’s unknown if this was a result of the creators, or it could be the seller on Amazon.com who may not be affiliated with the company.

Our experts picks for the top 10 female libido supplements has been meticulously crafted.


One glaring issue with this supplement is that the company has made it impossible to research them, nor do they offer any details about how they operate. You can’t contact anyone in the company, and it’s unknown if they truly honor their money back return policy, or what the specifics are of this claimed guarantee. They claim that this brand is side effect free but they do not cite any evidence. Reviews for this were also often negative, as it had no effect for some. You also don’t know what the dosage strength is of the ingredients, so it’s unknown if it is truly potent.

After examining many kinds of female libido supplements, our review experts determined that overall Libitrinex was the best brand. Inside of it are only natural, stimulant free aphrodisiacs that can assist female sexuality in numerous ways. Not only were there many greatly positive reviews, but each ingredient has been fully reviewed by 3rd party studies.

The makers of Libitrinex make it in a facility which is 3rd party reviewed and approved by the FDA. To read more about the benefits Libitrinex can offer, check out their official website.

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