NEW Sexual Accelerator Gel Review 2024 [WARNING]: Does It Really Work?

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Sexual Accelerator Gel is a water-based topical gel for women that is supposed to stimulate arousal and heighten sensitivity in the clitoris. The company that makes it states that it is non-prescription, but clarifies that it’s for “novelty use” only.

This product is supposed to be an easy way for women to make themselves more desiring of sex, as it contains ingredients that can direct blood flow to the sexual organs, which is supposed to trigger more of a physical desire for sexual intimacy. By using the product, women are also supposed to have an easier time achieving orgasms, with some women even being able to achieve multiple orgasms. The business claims that at least one of the ingredients in this product has been tested in double-blind studies for its effectiveness in helping women achieve orgasms.

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Sexual Accelerator Gel‘s ingredients are not like other women’s libido products. The main ingredients we found are the following:

L-Arginine Menthol Propylene Glycol Methylparaben Phenoxyethanol

L-Arginine: A nutrient found commonly in different foods such as poultry, fish, and wheat. Technically an amino acid, it’s prescribed as a way to support good cardiovascular flow, which it does by widening arteries after converting to nicotenic acid. It also plays a role in hormone production, keeping it balanced and healthy, and can assist the kidneys in carrying out their cleaning functions.

Menthol: This common ingredient is made out of peppermint oil. It works by activating the receptors in the skin responsible for “cooling” sensations, creating the feeling of coolness without actually changing the temperature. Since it can also be used as an anesthetic, which specifically reduces nerve sensation, it doesn’t make much sense as to why it was included in this product.

Propylene Glycol: This liquid is a “synthetic organic compound” used in many sorts of applications, including in coffee drinks, soda, whipped cream, and as a component in vape products. As a topical ingredient there is a low risk associated with it, but there are people who are sensitive to it and could have negative reactions to it.

Methylparaben: A preservative used commonly in food and skin products to extend shelf life by acting as an antifungal agent and preservative. There’s some controversy over whether it’s considered “safe” or not, and it can possibly increase the skin’s sensitivity to UVB radiation from the sun.

Phenoxyethanol: Another preservative commonly used in cosmetics. Side effects from using too much of it could potentially include:

  • Skin irritation, lung irritation
  • Kidney toxicity, organ damage

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Sexual Accelerator Gel contains mostly synthetic ingredients, which is going to be disappointing to many women who are used to all-natural products, or who have a preference for products that don’t use artificial ingredients. The presence of preservatives like pheynoxyethanol and methylparaben may have certain benefits in giving the product a long shelf life, but they could also cause side effects in people who are especially sensitive (and considering the areas of the body we’re talking about, they could be even worse).

The only ingredient that really is supposed to have a direct effect on make women desire sex more is the arginine, which, despite being used commonly for increasing blood flow, is still just the only real active ingredient in this gel. Having more ingredients involved that could assist in stimulating the sex drive, such as an herbal aphrodisiac with effects that can be felt when applying it topically, could make this product more effective. As it stands now, however, it doesn’t look like the product is very powerful, considering that it only has one real arousing ingredient.

The presence of menthol is also a little confusing, as it could possibly work against the intended use of the product by inadvertently making women less sensitive, and make it therefore harder to get aroused. We can see why it would be included as a way to get a pleasant sensation, but it may end up backfiring and making women feel less, not more.

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THE PRICE AND QUALITY OF Sexual Accelerator Gel

Sexual Accelerator Gel is comparatively low-priced, and can be found on Amazon and Ebay for $7.47 and $8.89, respectively. It may be found on other internet vendors for higher or lower prices, but these are the standards we’ve seen so far.

There do not seem to be any deals for women who want to buy more than one bottle at a time, which is a standard practice in this industry that helps people get the best value for their money. As of now, this product doesn’t seem to have it.

As there is no exact number of applications per bottle, since it can depend on the needs of the person and how often they use it, we can’t determine how long each bottle will last – therefore, we can’t tell whether people will get a lot of use out of each container that they buy.

On the face of it, considering the lack of effective active ingredients, we can’t give this product much of a rating.

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BUSINESS OF Sexual Accelerator Gel

Sexual Accelerator Gel is made by California Exotic Novelties. Their contact information is:

Phone Number: (909) 606-1950

Address: PO Box 50400, Ontario, CA 91761

Email: No email address provided, only a customer contact form.

The company has a 60-day return policy, although it should be noted that all products will be subject to a restocking fee of 10%.

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California Exotic Novelties claims to have won some awards for their products, and their company has an ok-quality main website, especially in comparison to similar products. They have several ways to get in touch with them, which again is an improvement over some other sexual supplement companies we’ve looked at, many of which don’t even bother to supply a business address.

The company claims that many of their products are to be looked at as novelties only, which, though it’s likely due to some legal disclaimer that they’re obligated to make, doesn’t make us very confident that their products are effective.

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CUSTOMER OPINIONS OF Sexual Accelerator Gel

There are a few reviews for this gel, mainly found on the product’s Amazon page. While some are positive, the rest are not so glowing:

“It doesn’t really stimulate my intimate area, but it does help a little with lubrication. At least it’s cheap.”

“This product really works!”

“Honestly, this gel is pretty weak. Didn’t work like I wanted it to.”

“It works better as a lubricant, since it doesn’t really help me with my sex drive.”

“Just awful. This gel actually burned my skin, which made my desire go away instantly. Please avoid this product.”

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CONCLUSION – DOES Sexual Accelerator Gel WORK?

Sexual Accelerator Gel does not really appear to do what it’s supposed to do. Given that it has a weak variety of ingredients, one of which can actually prevent sensation, one would expect that it wouldn’t be very effective. This is supported by the fact that many customers – even ones who gave the product several stars – admitted that the gel doesn’t really do anything to stimulate a woman’s desire in sex. Despite the quality or purity of ingredients, or the professional presentation of a company, in the end it comes down to whether the product works.

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Abbey Edwards says:

Wow I couldn’t believe the write up about this product we got some at a store in Florida? We have since relocated to another state and can not find it in any stores by us. I was thrilled to finally find it on line.
Then after reading your review I was Absolutley floored. Im rather leary to buy it now. I have tried several different products none worked as fast or as good for me as this gel did I beyond Loved it. As for using it as a lube Definitely not. PJUR LUBRICANTS are really Awesome lubes. Jmo Abbey and Mike Edwards

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