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Gold Max Pink is a female sexual enhancement supplement that is meant to increase libido via the use of natural ingredients. It’s meant to improve orgasms intensity and overall sexual stamina.

They advise to use it 45 minutes before any sexual contact. Other benefits include the use of natural ingredients which can stimulate sexual health both physically and mentally. Results are intended to come quickly with effects being experienced within 30 to 45 minutes.

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Gold Max Pink lists their full ingredients and strength:

Panax Ginseng Radix Angelicae Sinensis Cistanche Deserticola Fructus Lycii Labisia Pumila
Radix Astralagi Rhodiola and Rosea

Radix Angelicae Sinensis: Referred to as the female version of ginseng, this pant is used commonly in Asia as a way to help reduce menstrual cramps and symptoms related to menopause. This is also intended to improve overall health for women.

Web MD does say that when it is used for a long period that it can potentially be unsafe as it has:

“cancer-causing carcinogens”

They also advise for those looking to become pregnant to not use it as it can be unsafe for the baby. They add it can cause birth defects and that it can affect the”

“muscles of the uterus”

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Cistanche Deserticola: Desert herbal ingredient that is found in parts of China. This is used in traditional Chinese medicine as a safe to take additive that can nourish overall wellness. This is intended to come on without a harsh strength, but actual scientific studies are limited. It’s unclear if this will be truly effective and safe.

Fructus Lycii: This is most commonly known as goji berry and it is an antioxidant rich super fruit. It has been used to help improve circulation and prevent erectile dysfunction.  Notable potential side effects include:

  • Vomiting and nausea.

Labisia Pumila: A Malaysian herb meant to increase tightness in the vagina as well as support childbirth and help improve the menstrual cycle. This is used by woman as an alternative to other male sexual enhancement aids, as it is meant to benefit women instead.

Radix Astralagi: Chinese herbal ingredient that is used to stimulate the immune system, improve blood flow, and reduce the risk for disease.

Rhodiola and Rosea: This plant has been used to improve energy output, mental health, and to support he bran during times of stress. This also has been used to help improve heart rate and speed up the learning process. Web MD does note however that the safety is yet to be determined:

“long-term use is not known”

They also go on to say that it’s not known what the side effects may be overall.

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They rely on a lot of traditionally used aphrodisiac and overall wellness support herbs which are lacking much scientific evidence. It’s unclear if these additives can be relied on, and what if any effect is possible.

There are some ingredients which are well-regarded, but far too many ingredients are lacking sufficient evidence.  On the official website there is mention that results are meant to come quickly, and that it is free of:

“unwanted side effects”

Still, they fail to publish any findings on how they discovered this was safe, and what kinds of studies went into ensuring results would come quickly and with ease. Without there being any evidence cited there is no way to determine if this is true. When researching many of these ingredients it’s clear that 3rd party studies are lacking on some of these additives.

There are ingredients provided which have been used in traditional Chinese medicine, but there is a lack of information about whether or not this can be trusted in the current age. The lack of clinical studies makes it impossible to determine if the claimed effects are anything more than a placebo effect.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Direct sales are offered on their official website and they sell it for $49.95 per 20 capsule serving. They also offer different serving sizes such as a 10, 6, and 2 servings.  Their shipping fee is $3.90 unless one buys over $50 worth of product, which in that case would be free. This is pricy for the amount you get, and due to the fact that there is a lack of clinical studies cited. No consumer testimonials are offered either, so it’s unclear how well-regarded this is, if at all.

There is no mention of a return policy, so it’s more than likely they offer no money back guarantee.

Customers may be concerned about the lack of information on the safety and long-term effects of some of these additives. It’s unknown if all of the ingredients would truly be safe and effective even when used in directed. It would have been useful had the official website provided clinical studies or any sort of proof to help back up their claims of this formula being fast acting and safe.

Our review experts were unable to find sufficient studies for many of these ingredients. Because of this there are doubts about what is possible.

Many kinds of brands were reviewed and our review experts were able to determine what the best female libido brands are.


Gold Max Pink is the companies name and their contact details are:

Phone Number: (315) 215-1055

Email: [email protected]

The company has limited information online, though they do say they’ve been around for 7 years and that they make their products in a GMP certified facility.

They also say that all packages will come in a discreet box so as to not make it obvious what is inside. Other than these 2 mentioned facts there is not much known about how the company that makes this operates.

Some who ordered this online said they never received a confirmation number or any notification that their order was processed. They also said on their credit card that the name of a pornography company appeared. So it’s unknown who exactly makes this. They provide contact details for UK based consumers, and it’s unknown where they are based out of since no address is given.

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There is little known about this from consumer reviews, but here are some of the few reviews found online:

“wasn’t as strong as I wanted it to be, my body didn’t really react”

“my mind mi willing but o changes in the body”

“worked for me. Made me more sensual and wanting to have sex”

“Disappointed I did get wet but it did not improve my desire.. not a single tingle or sensation”

There were also a few people who said they were concerned about the lack of noticeable changes. Overall the majority of users were unimpressed and said they didn’t find it useful.

Some said it made them more “wet”, but other than that, it didn’t give the few vocal customers any sexual enhancement benefits.

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Because there is a lack of actual facts about many of these ingredients and the company policies, it’s difficult to determine if it this is a reliable and useful supplement. Even user reviews reveal how lacking the formula was, as people didn’t notice an improvement in their libido. Users often added how they felt mentally stimulated, but that their bodies would not cooperate. There is also no money back return policy which likely makes all sales final. Without more information about the company policies, it’s difficult to determine if they are trustworthy.

Many brands have been rated but the one which was determined to be the best for female libido is the supplement called Libitrinex. Our review experts favored it due to its natural formula, ingredient strength, rave customer reviews, great company history, and overall effectiveness of the ingredients.

Each ingredient has the ability to support female sexuality whether it be via blood flow, sex drive, the reduction of fatigue, or the improvement of mood. It allows for spontaneous sex and unlike other brands, does not have to be used before sexual activity.

Review Libitrinex for yourself and look at user reviews on their official website which we link here.

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I use gold max pink once in a while and the product does exactly what it say so no complaints.

tanio says:

Good night I bought the gold max pink from a site that I bought in the barsil and they will send me a product that is so herbal formula food supplement gmx 0736 this is either you or I have been deceived.

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