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ON Natural Arousal Oil is a female topical aid meant to improve arousal by supporting blood flow. They add how it can lead to a “buzzing sensation” which is not only unique, but able to give one a feeling of deeper sexual sensation.

They add that when there is physical stimulation that overall awareness of touch will be enhanced. This can then support orgasms which came with ease. Whether it be someone going through changes in hormones or those taking medications, it’s meant to support all kinds of women.

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There is an ultra, original, and mild formula provided. They say their ultra is 25% less intense than their original formula, and that their light version is 50% less intense than the original. It’s not known if there is a difference in ingredients, nor is there any mention of any ingredients on their official website.

3rd party websites say that the following are included:

Sweet Almond Oil Cinnamo-mum Zeylanicum Natural Tocopherols Silica
Natural Flavors Rosemary Oil Extract

Sweet Almond Oil: A moisturizing extract made from compressed oil which can be easily absorbed and is unlikely to clog pores. This is meant to give skin a healthy look, and support even sensitive skin types. While this can be healthy for skin, it does not have any sexual enhancement benefits other than resisting dryness.

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Cinnamo-mum Zeylanicum: Evergreen tree that is found in Sri Lanka and it is used to make the spice cinnamon. When ingested it can help regulate blood sugar levels.  However this is unlikely to have this effect when it is used topically.

As a topical aid it can lead to a tingling sensation. It has a long tradition of use as an embalming, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial ingredient.  This can also have pain killing effects.

This form of cinnamon is known to have a sweeter taste, more of a flavor profile, and it provides a different aroma than standard cinnamon.

Natural Tocopherols: An organic compound which is a form of  vitamin E, an antioxidant that can reduce the breakdown of healthy cells. This is useful for protecting the skin, and it is often found in many natural foods including almond oil, peanuts, wheat germ, and more.

This is often found within food as it provides an easy to ingest form of vitamin E.

Silica: This often found mineral that is found in many things including soil and rock. This is potentially hazardous when the dust is inhaled. It is a common inactive ingredient found within supplement as a way to retain moisture, as well as allow ingredients to flow freely.

Natural Flavors: This can be extracted from many things, it is a combination of different compounds which can help provide a flavor to food. It can be unique and it is added to help provide a consistent taste.  It’s unknown if this is added within ON Natural Arousal Oil as a way to help make it edible. Though it is unlikely to be concluded for any other benefit than to be ingested.  There is also no information about whether or not all these ingredients would be safe to taste.

Rosemary Oil Extract: Cooking oil made from an evergreen shrub that is also used for improved digestion and organ function. This has also been used to reduce nerve tension and to prevent fatigue. It has a distinct smell to it and help stimulate energy by stimulating the senses.

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It’s unknown if there are different ingredients added to the 3 versions of this topical aid. It could be that the same additives are used, but at a different strength.

Overall they do use only natural ingredients, but its active ingredients are meant more for moisturizing and stimulating a slight tingling sensation. While this can be good for the skin, it’s not any more impressive than a standard moisturizing formula.

The tingling effect provided by the cinnamon extract can give the impression that something is happening internally, but it’s not actually going to stimulate blood flow. This can lead to a better sensation in the bedroom but it does not actually support libido or mood.

There needs to be more added to ensure reliable effects. Their formula is very basic and while it is good for skin, it’s not going to improve libido.

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Each 1.7 fl. oz. bottle sells for $24.95. Results are meant to last for 45 minutes per every 1 to 2 drops. It’s unknown how long each bottle can last however. It’s important to try and figure out how long lasting it will be.

The ingredients are natural but the majority of additives are meant more for moisturizing as opposed to it having an improvement in sexual desire or intimacy. While lubrication can help make it easier to have sex, it seems unlikely that this will increase blood flow or libido.

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Valencia Naturals, Inc. is their official name and their contact information is provided:

Phone Number: (877) 470-7578

Address: 23890 Copperhill Drive Suite 218

Valencia, CA 91354

Email: [email protected]

To schedule a refund one must call the company within 21 days of receipt of shipment, and the item must be still with original label and seals.

Not much information exists about the company from many 3rd parties. It does not appear they have had any controversies however such as recalls or contaminations.

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There are many reviews found on their Amazon.com page which includes:

“helped a bit but to be honest I was hoping for a lot more”

“heated me up a bit but overall it didn’t help improve my sexual health. Not bad but just not for me”

“It will either create pleasure or it will burn. Did not work for my lady”

“Ok but  really not what it said it was going to be”

There were 79 positive reviews and 50 negative ones one Amazon.com. Those that enjoyed it said it helped provide noticeable lubricating effects, and that it made it easier to have sex without there being a drying effect.

However, as far as It actually stimulating libido or blood flow, people often said it failed to deliver. Some said it had a warming effect and a slight tingle, but there were users who said it was uncomfortable. In fact, the majority of negative reviews have to do with the unwanted effect which made it harder to perform in the bedroom. For some it was too distracting and it made sex a chore for some.

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The company does not provide much evidence to prove that this will affect orgasm quality, nor do they mention exactly how it will provide a vibrating or buzzing sensation. Many reviews were examined and it was consistently only favored for its moisturizing effects. There needs to be more provided by this as its formula is meant more to improve skin health. There is nothing it in which can actually increase libido or overall sex drive. They add several ingredients which are not actually supportive of any sexual enhancement change. The company also failed to list the ingredients which makes it impossible to know what the dosage strength is for the 3 different versions.

After looking at many female libido supplements our review experts noted that Libitrinex satisfied many important factors. Users praised its effects for stimulating libido and improving mood which made it easier to perform in the bedroom. Woman left glowing testimonials on the company’s official website to highlight how effective it was.

They use a blend of natural ingredients which are well-studied including the aphrodisiacs maca, muira puama, tongkat ali, and many other additives. The formula is made within factory that is GMP approved, which means there are routine quality control inspections. Find out about what you can gain from this supplement by examining the official Libitrinex website which is linked here.

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