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Zestra is a female topical supplement blend used to enhance sexual satisfaction, arousal, and desire. Within it is a blend of oils and botanical extracts which is to be applied directly to the clitoris and labia.

Results are said to come within 3 to 5 minutes and it’s meant to last upwards of 45 minutes. It’s free of any paraben preservatives or hormones. Single dose packages are offered and it can even be used alongside a lubricant as long as it is applied first.  They describe it as a scientific breakthrough that is backed by healthcare practitioners.

With so many brands out our experts made it their mission to discover the best female libido supplement which they found to be Libitrinex. It was favorited due to rave user review, the high potency formula, and its ability to support female sexuality in many important ways. Learn about what some of those ways are and read testimonials offered on the official Libitrinex website.


The full ingredients in Zestra are:

Borage Seed Oil Evening Primrose Oil Angelica Extract Coleus Forskohlii Extract
Theobromine Ascorbic Palmitate Tocopherol Flavor

Borage Seed Oil: Extract from the starflower plant, this has the fatty acid known as GLA with it which can provide antioxidant benefits to help reduce inflammation. Where it is sourced from is very important as it can contain what is known as pyrrolizidine alkaloids. This is known to potentially lead to side effect according to Web MD:

“can damage the liver or cause cancer”

Therefore they advise to only use this if it known to be PA-free, which this brand fails to mention.

Evening Primrose Oil: This oil has within it fatty acids that can be used to help reduce fatigue and reduce inflammation. This is also often used to treat menopause related symptoms and to promote labor. Some noted potential side effects may include:

  • Diarrhea, headache, and upset stomach.

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Angelica Extract: A plant that is intended to combat viral and bacterial infections. This is not advised for  those who are pregnant according to Web MD.

Coleus Forskohlii Extract: A chemical within it known as Forskolin has been used for the support of heart health via the reduction of blood pressure, widening of blood vessels and the production of a stronger heart rate. Research is still ongoing but Examine.com says that it:

“is promising”

Theobromine: This alkaloid is found within cacao a certain other stimulant additives like kola or tea. It is intended to provide stimulant effects which are slightly less strong than caffeine.

This can help stimulate the heart and widen blood vessels. It’s important to watch out for intake as higher amounts can develop poisoning. Potential side effects which can result includes:

  • Difficulty sleeping ,anxiety, and increased urine production.
  • Vomiting, loss of appetite, and tremors.

Flavor: Often processed artificially, this helps give distinct kind of taste to Zestra. This is off however as it’s not intended to be eaten, though they do say that if ingested it would be safe. It could be that they flavor it so as to reduce the perhaps unwanted taste of it without this additive.

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Some of the ingredients in this can help stimulate libido and sexual function. There are some other ingredients however including theobromine, evening primrose, and others which have the potential for some damaging side effects.

There’s also the questionable flavor added which has no benefit and can be sourced from artificial means.

One noted issue was that the smell of this was pungent, and it’s unclear which of the ingredients could lead to such as smell. It’s also difficult to  try and gauge that kinds of effects are possible as they don’t use many of the proven effective female libido ingredients.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Their official website is only selling a bottle of this at $49.99. For unknown reasons they do not offer their single serving size packets. They do make bold claims about its ability to work quickly and that it’s clinically proven, but one of the studies was only performed on 20 women. Some also suffered from genital burning from this, which was an issue see by certain customers.

This is really pricy when you factor in the kinds of ingredients used, many of which are only intended to have light effects. Some additives in this are used to stimulate the body, but this can also lead to some side effects.

There’s also the use of fatty acids which have the possibility for unwanted symptoms.  The formula is really lacking in any notable additives which can lead to aphrodisiac like benefits. For unknown reason they partially made this heavy with blood flow enhancers, instead of any additives which can help stimulate sexual desire.

While blood flow is important to help keep the sexual organs sensitive, it does not directly incase overall sexual drive. Most of the formula is meant more to help the body prepare itself for sexual encounters, which may not be reliable.

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Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. owns this brand and they offer the following for direct questions:

Phone Number: (800) 748-6119

Address: 9171 Towne Centre Drive, Ste 440

San Diego, CA 92122

Any returns must be sending back within 30 days with a $10 restocking fee, and one also has to pay for the shipping and handling back.

They have a few issues mentioned on their Better Business Bureau listing, and total of 8 complaints against their practices. 2 notices were mentioned for claims that he company made about one of their sexual enhancement aids, and another supplement. The Better Business Bureau added that there needs to be evidence as they make very specific health claims and they fail to cite any evidence.

Customers also complied about there being billing, warranty, and overall sales issues. There was one user in particular who said they were only given a partial refund and they tied to contact the company to resolve this issue.

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Compiled underneath are some  telling user experiences:

“This is so hard to apply it got all over my hands and it has a weird smell”

“My wife and I enjoyed using it, it worked for our needs”

“This was really uncomfortable to use and I don’t see the need to try it again. They give such little portions as well”

“Jeez I can’t see how anyone could use this without being overwhelmed by the smell. So over rated save your money”

On Amazon there is a current 190 negative and 176 positive reviews. For those that enjoyed it people did say that it helped improve their sex lives by enhancing pleasure.

A common issue that both the people who enjoyed it and those who didn’t have was that it was often seen as difficult to apply, the odor was unpleasant, and that most of it gets lost on one’s hands. This was such as repeat issue that customers ended up not being able to use it effectively. It was particularly frustrating for those who used the single use packages, as apparently the formula would not apply itself correctly no matter the angle one used.

As far as complaints the most stated issue was a lack of effects. For some it simply didn’t deliver any changes at all. Because of this occurrence some said it was not worth the price tag.

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While the website makes impressive claims, the bad reviews and the lacking ingredients makes it difficult to see any real benefits from this. Many of the additives are meant more to stimulate blood flow, which may mean it’s not particular effective at enhancing libido. Many said it was not pleasant to use due to the smell and difficulty in applying. There was also the repeat issue of it not having any effects at all. The company has bene outed by the Better Business Bureau as well for making heath claims without providing any real evidence. It’s unknown if this issue extends also to Zestra, as they to make many bold claims about its application time without any proof.

With so many brands examined our review experts found that overwhelmingly Libitrinex was the best for female libido enhancement. This supplement has an array of natural ingredients, all of which have a unique benefit to support overall sexual function. It also does not contain any cheap or harsh stimulants or unwanted artificial additives of any kind.

This formula relies on a blend of natural aphrodisiacs which 3rd party reviews individually showcase how potent it can be when blended. Users have given their feedback via testimonials on the official website, highlighting its ease of use and notable results. Review Libitrinex for yourself to help determine what it’s capable of in terms of female libido enhancement; click here for more information.

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My husband bought me the bottle, but it is no way the same formula as the small packets that worked very well. May as well save your money and buy K-Y lubricant! BIG RIP-OFF!

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