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Excite Woman Fly is a female libido topical spray applied directly on the clitoris for enhanced sexual pleasure. It increase lubrication, makes it easier and more satisfying to achieve orgasm, and is intended for multiple orgasms.

They recommend applying in on the clitoris and massaging it in for effect. Effects are said to come for 15 to even 30 minute durations. Faint results leading to enhanced libido can be experienced for 5 to 8 hours, according to the marketing. Plant based extracts made in a biotechnical lab are also touted.

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Natural Plant Extracts

Natural Plant Extracts: This can come from many different sources and it may serve different functions. No dosage strength is provided, and it’s unknown what else is added. Since this is a spray there has to be a propellant and additional ingredients like oil, thickener, or some sort of binding additive to keep all the ingredients within a spray consistency.

There also has to be information about what specific plants are used since even natural ingredients can lead to irritation, rash, burning, or other related side effects.

One Amazon.com says that this contains:

“Pure Natural Herbal Essence”

This is said to be the main ingredients, but this too is not sufficient enough in explaining exactly what it can do, and what it is.

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There is no way to determine the overall quality when even the official website has zero information as to what is added, how much is added, and what it can offer.

On the official website it does state that there are no oils and that it leaves no trace, but there is no way to verify these claims. They also provide 2 labels which say it is:

  • Mineral oil & Parabens FREE
  • Not Tested On Animals

Both are great and a testament to at the very least being free of unnecessary additions and practices. The issue still lies however in the basic fundamental unanswered question, what’s in it?

There’s no reason to trust at all that this would be effective and safe. Little is known about this brand that there is no way to justify trying it. Ingredients should be one of the major displayed aspects of a brand; otherwise there is no way to know if it’s safe and suitable for your needs.

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No sales are offered on the official website and though bottles are offered in a 30 ml serving size, it’s unknown how many applications are offered by this amount.

Only 3rd party websites sell it and currently sites like EBay and Amazon sell it. One bottle sells for $34.71 on Amazon.

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What’s most strange about this brand is the fact that the official website does not explain much of what’s possible, and they only give a short one sentence description as to its function. Many of the claims about how much to apply, how long it will take for effect, what it can do, and much more is presented by 3rd party websites.

One website says this is made with:

“top biotechnology research and development”

“safe… no side effects”


“entry into fairyland”

The last claim doesn’t make sense and the first three are not backed by any real proof. Nowhere can you read about what is added so determining if it’s worth the cost is yet to be determined. Taking a supplement like this without knowing the ingredients can be potentially dangerous and no justification is given as to why it would be a suitable female libido aid.

Most of the 3rd party websites also use really bad English to describe the product, and others are based out of different Asian or European countries where they don’t use English to describe Excite Woman Fly.

The standards for marketing in different countries can vary, and this may lead to more grand claims made without any real evidence. This may be the reason why it sounds impressive when you read about Excite Woman Fly, but they fail to back it up with any real evidence. The very specific claims made about how long it lasts also sounds great but no clinical studies are published, nor does the official website state that clinical studies have been performed.

Typically in the case of studies the companies who make a brand will publish it because it only serves to make it appear like a great brand. It makes no sense that they would fail to publish the fact studies were performed unless the marketing by 3rd parties was false.

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The company responsible for this is Diet Esthetic S.A and they do offer their contact details:

Phone Number: 00 34 93 3373297

Address: Miguel Romeu, 123 08907 Hospitalet de Llobregat

Barcelona, Spain

Email: Contact form is provided.

No returns are offered from the official website, nor do they offer any direct sales. The company is based out of Spain and they have been around since 1985. For unknown reasons almost all of the 3rd party websites which sell Excite Woman Fly are marketed in either Taiwanese, or they are sold by a Taiwan based company. All of the claims made about Excite Woman Fly are made without evidence either, so it’s impossible to know what can be truly expected.

The only information provided by the manufacturers are how to massage it in, that it won’t leave a residue, the bottle should be shaken before use, and that it can lead to more and longer lasting sexual satisfaction. They also fail to back up any of the claimed benefits by providing evidence.

They are based out of Europe and do not have any business locations in the US or North America.

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We couldn’t find any online reviews on any seller’s website, the official website, or any other review site. This continues the trend this brand has of not offering anything in the form of proof to help customers know what can be expected.

It’s unknown how long this product has been around, but it speaks volumes as to whether or not it is reliable with the lack of reviews. You aren’t able to know for certain if this can be relied upon and what others have experienced.

There may be a great benefit to this but you wouldn’t know if it is safe and reliable long-term without consumer experiences.

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The lack of consumer reviews, ingredient information, science behind how it works, and evidence of its use and safety make it impossible to know if this can be safely relied upon. There are a lot of claimed benefits but without any evidence there is no way to know for certain if results ae possible. Without much more real details about it, there is no way to know if it can be relied upon. The lack of quality information makes it impossible to rely on it, and there is also no money back return policy. Taking a topical aid like this and applying it to the sexual organs can be very dangerous if the ingredients used aren’t wholesome, added in the right amounts, and without any harsh additives.

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