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SST Glow is a female thermogenic which supports fat loss, healthy skin, and even mental focus. They add how women who want to look and feel their best can benefit from this brand.

It works in 4 distinct phases, each one helping work within the body to help maximize its mental and physical potential. By stimulating fat loss via thermogenics, it can also support mental energy. They add that this formula also works to help convert fat into energy as a quick a reliable fuel source.

The top ranked female libido and overall wellness supplement was found to be Libitrinex. Our review experts examined user reviews, its potent dosage formula, and the wide array of potential benefits that the ingredients can offer. To read about the benefits Libitrinex can have for energy, mood, and sex drive click here.


The full ingredients include:

Cholecalciferol Nicotinic Acid Methylcobalamin Caffeine Anhydrous Ashwagandha
Advantra Z Synephrine HCI Huperzine A Yohimbine HCI Mucuna Pruriens
Bioperine Medium Chain Triglycerides Lipowheat Phytoceramides Glycosylceramides
Safflower Extract Conjugated Linoleic Acid Evening Primrose Oil Gelatin Sucrose
Starch Silica Povidone Titanium Dioxide Magnesium Stearate

Caffeine Anhydrous: Dehydrated caffeine added in the amount of 170 mg per 2 capsule serving, which is a full daily serving of SST Glow.  Caffeine can help increase mental focus, support metabolism, and increase energy levels.

It’s advised by the Mayo Clinic and many other health groups to limit intake to a maximum 400 mg a day, which is equivalent to roughly 4 cups of coffee. Therefore this supplement has about the same caffeine in a full serving as 2 cups of coffee.

One must be careful as this can potentially lead to:

  • Trouble sleeping, jitters, and rapid heart rate.

This form of caffeine is standardized in a way to make it more readily digested by the body.

We’ve compiled our best of list to help users know what the best supplements are for female libido.

Advantra Z: Patented version of a plant known as bitter orange, this has been shown to raise blood pressure, increase heartrate, and it can affect blood vessels. It has been combined with caffeine in order to help further improve metabolism, but this mixture can lead to a rapid rise in blood pressure.

Web MD notes that this can lead to:

  • Headache, incase sun sensitivity, heart attack.
  • Fainting, stroke, and difficulty relaxing.

Synephrine HCI: A standardized version of bitter orange which is used also for fat burning. This also has similar potential side effects. Web MD adds that this has a raised risk for side effects when taken:

“with stimulants such as caffeine”

They add how this can even potentially lead to stroke and death. This is not advised for people who have any cardiovascular issues, as it can be particularly damaging to the heart.

Huperzine A: Found within the Chinese club moss, this ingredient is often used in supplement form by being extracted from its processed form. Notable potential side effects can include:

  • Loss of appetite, twitching, and vomiting.
  • Slurred speech, restlessness, and blurred vision.

Yohimbine HCI: Extracted from a tree native to Africa, this has been used for the improvement of blood flow, stimulation of nerve impulses, and the improvement of metabolism. It can be potentially unsafe causing symptoms such as:

  • Tremor, anxiety, and vomiting.
  • Tremors, nausea, and heart issues.

When this is blended alongside other stimulants it further raises the potential risk for damaging side effects. Yet another concern is that says that the dosing is often inaccurate:

“often does not match the actual dose”

This can mean one might receive much more than what is claimed, which can be potentially harmful.

Lipowheat: Patented ingredient which is meant to work deep in the body to help support skin hydration. Clinical studies have ben performed which showed that 95% of users saw benefits.

Sucrose: Simple sugar carbohydrate which is often extracted from things like sugar beet, sugar cane, and much more. This takes away the vitamins and minerals which are found, and it is used as a cheap additive to help provide flavor. As this is an inactive ingredient, this is used more as filler.

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Many kinds of stimulant ingredients are added to this formula, and because of this mixture thee is a possibility for damaging side effects. While this can help raise metabolism, for users who are particularly sensitive to stimulants there is a risk factor.

When using stimulants like this one must be careful as to how much one ingest, and it’s also not advised to take it too late in the day as this can lead to sleep related issues.

It does have some potentially helpful fatty acids which can help with skin hydration and energy levels. Extracts from Primrose Oil for example have fatty acids that the body can use efficiently.

Discover what brands were top rated for their ability to reduce fatigue, improve wellness, and aid sex drive.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


The official website redirects to a 3rd party which offers this supplement at $64.99. This lasts a total of 30 days when used at the full dosage strength.

This is particularly pricy for a thermogenic blend, as many of the stimulants like ingredients are cheap to source. These additives due to come with a potential for side effects, which is why the company advised one take a half dose to start with in order to gauge whether or not one’s body can handle it safely.

While stimulants do have the potential for fat burning, this has a degree of potential side effects, and when used repeatedly the body creates a tolerance which can greatly diminish its intended benefits.

The top 10 list features our favorited female libido brands which were highly touted by users.


Performix, LLC owns this brand and they only provide a contact form as well as contact information for people sending an infringement compliant:

Phone Number: (866) 686-1337

Address: 221 South Cherokee St.

Denver, CO

Email: [email protected]

No sales are offered on the official website and therefore they fail to honor a money bac return policy. No issues were mentioned by any 3rd party websites, nor have they had any recalls.

The link here will take you to our experts top 10 list of the most beneficial female libido supplements.


Reviews have been very mixed, here are user opinions found online:

“expected a lot but it didn’t help my skin it actually caused breakouts. Wouldn’t try it again I had more craving for foods as well”

“not effective for when I work out, had better results with other brands”

“Worked for my needs but this was too expensive”

“Raised my energy levels but it didn’t do anything for weight loss”

The main repeat positive effects users had been that it increased their energy, and that they were able to put more effort into activities. As far as negative experiences people often said it failed to produce any weight loss, and that it made them feel uncomfortable. Side effects were a repeat issue and some said it made it impossible to relax or to go to bed at night comfortably.

Some also added how it gave them really bad jitters, and that it took some time to wear off for them to return back to normal. This is a common side effect when mixing many stimulants, and unfortunately users saw this even when using the recommended half dosage strength to test it out.

After much review our experts have determined what supplements were top ranked for female libido enhancement.


Judging from use reviews there is going to be a notable change, but this varied so much that it makes it difficult to know for certain what may result. The formula is heavily reliant on stimulants that have a potential for some serious side effects, and some these side effects have been experienced by users. No money back return is offered either from the official website, so you aren’t guaranteed a refund in case of any issues or lack of effects.  This is also very expensive for what is offered, as the main active ingredients can be sourced elsewhere for a reduced cost.

The number 1 rated female libido supplement which had the best user reviews and the overall best formula is Libitrinex. Its ingredients can help increase blood flow, reduce fatigue, improve mood, and support overall wellness. Users who have taken it have said it gave them some notable changes.

Added to this blend are many aphrodisiacs, all of which are natural and shown in 3rd party studies to have notable benefits. The entire formula is produced in a facility that is GMP approved to help ensure routine quality. To learn about what Libitrinex can do for overall wellness and libido, click here.

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michele bishop says:

I love proformance sst glow. It actually changed my pores in my face. My dermatology doctor saw me before I started to take. After he asked why I was doing different. My pores closed and my skin was in much better condition. Why can’t I get this anymore. Please bring back.

michele bishop says:

I need proformance sst glow. It helps my skin. I feel amazing. Everyone is different. Please bring back.

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